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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last two days in MTC

My plans for the travel is the same - leave Monday morning. We found out all of us including the other district got their visas!! It was a huge relief as you can imagine, because we have seen missionaries in our zone not get their visas and have to get reassigned. Friday we had our last class with our teachers. They both helped us with the language and then showed us some pictures they took of Sweden when they were there and told us lots of stories! Man it looks so beautiful, it doesn't seem real!! Like it really is the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, and I get to go there in less than 2 days!! 

Tuesday devotional: was from Richard G. Scott!!! Man that was the coolest thing ever having an apostle come speak to us. He gave us (all those who are learning a language) an apostolic blessing that we would all learn our language quickly and be able to use it effectively when we are out in the mission field. It was awesome! He talked to us about prayer, way detailed and way awesome. I love how softly he talks and just how close to the spirit he is whenever he talks. I love how he never fails to mention his wife (she has been dead for nearly 18 years) and share his feelings with us about her. He said her presence was in their with us and I felt the spirit so strong. As he was leaving, we all stood up, and he walked away and then stopped. He looked back at all of us there in the Marriot Center and put his hands together and shouted "Be good!" and then left! haha that was awesome!
With Elder Sam Tenney and Sister Hannah Andersen

Wednesday: Another hosting opportunity as traffic kings. Not as many missionaries this week so it was nice. I stopped Hannah Andersen's car and Paige, her mom, nearly died! Sam Tenney was close too because he was hosting and we all 3 got a picture together! I saw the Rhoton's drive by, Spencer is at the west campus so I haven't seen him again. It's so great to have my friends join me at the MTC!

Thursday: was the infield orientation where they had all of the outgoing missionaries meet together in a big room and go over broadly some topics and also did a skit of how to use members effectively which was hilarious but helpful. After each section we broke off into smaller groups and dug deeper into all of these principles and concepts. It was way cool and I learned a lot! This one elder taught us about faith, and cleared up the law of chastity incident that he butchered when he was serving, not explaining it to an investigator, super hilarious. 

Friday: Was a regular class day and all of that jazz. I got some coaching from Bro D that helped me talk about frustrations and concerns. He really listened to me and helped me out with things that I was feeling, especially the nervousness for Sweden and the language. We took some pictures and sang our favorite swedish hymn and said goodbye.
Elder Johnson's district: Off to Sweden on Monday!

Saturday: today: we started packing a little bit this morning and are heading back soon to do some more and clean our residence. Now we just have to make it through sunday and we are set on going to SVERIGE!!!! Vi ska till Sverige!

I'm really excited to get there and just start doing what I've been learning to do! These 6 weeks have been very crucial and beneficial for me, but I'm ready to get out. I am doing great, more excited than nervous, as per usual. Sleep is decent. I have not been homesick yet, so that's good. Don't take it personal. Well, I will send a new address or just email me. Bro B guesses that I will be in Stockholm for my first area, we will see soon enough! Keep on doing what you're doing.

Jag alskar er
Aldste Johnson

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