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Monday, June 22, 2015

Who Am I

Well folks, It's here. The final email home. Thank you everyone who has followed me on my journey across Sweden. It has been a wonderful 2 years in which I have been forever changed. I continue to work really hard and stay busy up until the day I leave. Happy Fathers day to all you great Dads. Sweden's father's day is in November so we didnt do anything for that here. Let me tell ya what happened this last week.

Mån: We visited the whole southern coast of Gotland. I've never noticed this before, but Gotland is a tiny version of Sweden- it looks like the shape of Sweden. Anywho, we saw lots of cool buildings, had some fun taking pictures, drove by a beautiful scenic route, everything you can imagine 2 missionaries would do on a Pday ha. I also said goodbye to some members because they are going out of town and I wouldnt see them again. So the goodbyes begin. I've never been good at saying goodbye. Like, it doesn't feel real to me. Maybe it's because I feel and sense that it never really is a hej då -goodbye. It's more of a vi ses- see you later. It's a happier thought:)
Tis: A great busy day! We got to read with E then we met up with the Beckstrands again because they had more family come for a visit and they wanted to show them Gotland. So naturally we got ice cream with them - tradition!  I texted J and told her that I was leaving soon and wanted to see her again (she had become anxious that things were going to fast and decided to hop off. She is still praying daily and reading a little bit here and there.) She felt bad about what had happened and thought we were upset with her, but with the visit, we answered a lot of her questions and concerns and it was a great positive experience. She still is so wonderful, and I know, without a shadow of a doubt that she will find the truth one day. I don't need to worry. God is taking care of her. We also had a fun experience meeting with an old investigator on our list. Gosh, those kind of meetings never get old!:)
Ons: We walked around the city looking for new people. We had a good meeting with a former investigator so I guess we'll see what happens with her in the future.
Tors: Last district meeting! Crazy. We played a missionary version of Jeopardy which was super fun. My comp and I took 2nd after having a rough start haha. We then got some much needed haircuts- I was a little upset at mine, but over time I have grown to like my haircut ha. We went to teach F. We had planned to give her the DO OR DIE message because things hadn't been going anywhere. Instead, and I am so grateful that we followed the spirit, she opened up and shared things with us. I love being able to put aside the things we plan for, so that the spirit -the true teacher- can do his thing.
Fre: Midsommars Afton! Major holiday here so the whole day was nonproselyting, and it was tons of fun. We went with the Hs to the Botanical Garden where they were celebrating Midsommar. There were about 1000 people there and it was great. I honestly felt soooooo awkward wearing "normal" clothes. Hahahaha, I have just grown so accustomed to the shirt tie! We got to lay out on the grass, enjoy good company, and dance around the Maypole. It was a blast. I love Midsommar!

We then went home and I did some packing. I kind of got a little panic attack when I first started packing "this isnt real" haha and I also got really tired. But, oh well. I am 99 percent done now and it feels good.
The Gothem Godzilla Burrito challenge - eat them in 20 minutes

Lör: So half of this day Midsommar Dag, was also non-proselyting. So we went up to Gothem where my comp tried to do the Gothem Godzilla Burrito challenge- 2 footlong burritos in 20 minutes. It was intense. He didn't make it hahaha. But I got to eat his leftovers for free!:) We found a new investigator on the street. We also did a little bit of planning for the next week for my comp. Transfer calls came and it felt weird to hear "you will be transferred...home" ha.

Sön: Busy, busy day. And I wouldn't have it any other way!:) It turned out to be "Missionary Sunday". We drove most of the people to and from church, took care of the sacrament, played and lead the music, I sang a solo, gave a talk, we held the lesson in the 2nd hour, haha. It was great. It was nice to feel so needed. The song I sang was my favorite, (and elder Baileys favorite) "Blott en dag, ett ögonblick i sänder". It meant a ton to me to be able to sing that for him. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating with several members and saying goodbye. That's still so weird for me.  The next couple of days are going to be totally nuts but I'm excited for it.
Here we are, the final stage.  I never thought I would be here, I never planned for "the end". But honestly, there are no real endings. Only everlasting beginnings. It's only the beginning of a whole new adventure where I can take all that I have learned with me. I have pondered the question "who am I?" over and over and over again these past couple of weeks. Honestly, I am not the same person I was 2 years ago. I am not even the same person I was a week ago. I am constantly changing, constantly improving and trying to become more and more like the person my Father in Heaven wants me to become.  So I guess, that is one constant. I am constantly improving to become more like the Savior. Thanks to His loving kindness, his Atoning sacrifice, and his enabling grace, I have the ability to change, to improve. Thanks to Him, I have been able to serve an honorable full time mission. I have come so close to Him because I have been in the very depths of humility. I have been to Gethsamane and back, several times. I know my Master. I know He lives. And because He lives, I will live again.
The answer that I have learned from the mission is this: "I am representative of the Lord Jesus Christ" Not just for 2 years, not just for this life, but always. His love is real. It has changed me so much and I am so grateful for that. My greatest desire is to be able to return to Him again. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I also work to help others return to Him. This has been my greatest joy these last 2 years. I can stand before you all today with a clear conscious and know who I am. I don't know everything, but I know He lives.
Jag vet att Gud lever. Jesus är kristus. Han är vår frälsare. Detta är hans verk. Det är sant.:)
I'm excited to see you all again. Take care and God be with you till we meet again.
Äldste N. Brock Johnson
Sweden stockholm mission
july 2013-june2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Agency: Good and Bad

Hey all you wonderful people. I had a fun week. The weather is fantastic. I only wish it doesn't get hotter ha.

The Hs are so great!

Mån: We had a bit of a different pday. We spent most of the day proselyting. We went on a big adventure with the Hs visiting tons of different people doing such things as: singing in rest home for a member, working on getting a musical performance with some people as a way of variying our approach to find new investigators (though I will be gone for that), and eating some fika with some other members. Then we picked up the Västerhaninge elders at midnight for workovers. It was a long day but was rather fun.

Always time for ice cream for visitors

Tis: We got to show the VH elders around visby and went to Högklint. They loved it! We also got some good work done too! We taught about 8 street lessons together! We ate some good ol' kebab and of course the ice cream. It was really good time with these guys and we got a new view on the work here on Gotland. We got a couple of potential investigators (but none have answered since ha. Darn agency). We also got to visit with E for a little while. She loves meeting the new missionaries who come out here for workovers.

Lummelunda Caves
Ons: We took the VH boys to their boat early in the morning and replaced our pday free time to this day. So we actually went up to the Lummelunda caves- it was pretty cool. Though kind of short and expensive. However, there is an adventure hike there that gets you wet and you crawl in the cave. I'll have to do that when I'm not a missionary. We taught S after not meeting with him for about a month and ended up having a really good discussion. He has been taught everything, now it is just up to him to act and find out for himself. He's a really cool guy. We then ended up helping the Hs learn some technology hahaha. That was fun.

Tors: District meeting was on "inviting and helping" vs "inviting and hoping." The example of Peter in Acts 3:1-11 healing the palsy: He doesn't just invite him to stand, but he stretches forth his hand and helps him up. We invite people but we don't leave them helpless. They need help. And we are there for them. It's part of every member's baptismal commitment as well, to look after one another. That was followed by another great pea soup and pancake meal:) We had to re-evaluate our work to make sure have not just slipped into going thru the motions, but things are going in a good direction. The day ended by us teaching this woman at her house who we had stopped by several times but she finally had time for us. She was so awesome and needed the gospel! But apparently not now, darn agency ha. Though, i believe strongly that one day she and her family will find the truth.

Sporting the Harry Potter look.
Fre: Gotland is famous for their medieval festival which is at the beginning of August. However, for the first time ever, they had a special kickoff on friday. It was still cool to see the medeival stuff. They go hard here. I wanted to be a part of the show -it was awesome! Didn't get any pics, sorry. I got a cold and wasn't feeling good but managed to make it through the day. 

Lör: Again, we got double blåsted (darn agency. We meet these awesome people who feel the spirit and want to learn more, but then they tell someone about it and get negative feedback and end up ditching us and don't even tell us. They just don't show up. And to me, that is worse than saying "sorry I'm not interested.") But we spent time with E and that always makes me feel better ha! She is at the end of Alma -so cool! She is just doing wonderful in the gospel.

Sön: Last fast Sunday for me on the mission, so naturally I had to bear my testimony:) It felt super good. We had dinner with the Hs on their porch and it was glorious. Perfect weather, perfect food, perfect company. That's what heaven is going to be like:)

As stated in my title, Agency: Good and Bad. hahah it really is funny. But really though, agency can be the greatest thing in the whole world or it can really be so frustrating and discouraging. For the mission, when people reject feeling the Holy Ghost and blessing their lives, it is so sad! They know it will help them, but they are afraid and won't give it a chance. It's heartbreaking. But for those few, who accept and apply the gospel for themselves, and recognize that it is the greatest blessing in their lives, is undescribable. I guess i have a little bit of taste of what God goes through every day with me...;) It really does change one's perspective.

Jag är tacksam för handlingsfrihet som jag har; att Gud har givit det till mig. Jag är tacksam att jag får använda min handlingsfrihet på ett bra sätt, att tjäna Gud och hjälpa andra komma tillbaka till honom. Det är en stor välsignelse att vara en missionär. Det är otrolig att tiden kommer till slut här på missionsfältet. Men jag är så glad att jag är här i ett par dagar till. Det känns god. Jag vet att allt det här är sant. Gud är vår Fader. Jag ska prisa hans namn för evig.

I am thankful for the agency that I have; God has given it to me. I am grateful that I get to use my agency in a good way, to serve God and help others get back to him. It is a great blessing to be a missionary. It is incredible that the time will soon end here in the mission field. But I'm so glad I'm here for a few more days. It feels good. I know that all this is true. God is our Father. I will praise his name forever. Love you
Äldste Johnson

Monday, June 8, 2015

Choose This Day!

What a strange, exciting, peaceful week. Sounds great, right? Right! It's pretty fun having the sun set at 11.30 at night and rising at 3.30 the next morning haha. It's not strange to me any more, i am used to it. We had zone conference and we got ourselves a car. yup, just went out and bought one on our own... or the mission gave us one. I don't remember. Crazy that there are so many weddings going on and missionaries leaving and coming home. Life. Whew! Take a chill pill. Ha, but let me give a birthday shout out to my g-pa Butler who turned 85 yesterday- Hooray!

Good place for a nap?
Mån: So, we took care of all of the necessaries and peaced out into the wild! Haha, we went to the east coast to this place called Grogarnsberget. We had loads of fun just driving all over the place and taking pictures and then stopping to take a nap in the middle of nowhere. That's a pday:) We ventured down to a second hand store and boy, did we find the jackpot! I got some books in Swedish that I have been looking for forever, and a tie that is perfect for my new suit! haha -we made lots of friends at the second hand store, so that was really fun.

Tis: We got blåsted so we decided to talk to people all along the sea wall until time to go. We met up with the Ms to get on the boat to the mainland for zone conference the next day. The Ms have tons of funny stories so that's how we spent our 3 hours on the boat. Oh, and we got a hamburger on board -super good. We spent the night with the Elders in my old stomping grounds of Handen.

Saying goodbye to friends
They are both really tall!
Ons: Last zone conference of my mission!! Whooo! Crazy, I know. It was super good. I got to see a lot of friends for the last time. That was kind of sad. I wore my new Swedish suit and tie for the occasion ha. I was asked to help participate in the conference by answering some questions the assistants pulled out: What does it mean to you to be obedient, why are you obedient, what does it mean to represent the Lord Jesus Christ, and how has your mission changed you? All really good questions. My answers all focused around Love.  Love is the essence of the gospel, quite simply. Love is the reason I am obedient -love is the reason we have commandments to follow. I serve God and my fellow man because of the love I have for them. The purpose of the mission is to change hearts. Especially your own. If nothing else, as long as you have become converted on your mission, you have been successful. I have seen lots of missionaries come and go. I figured that when it was my turn to leave that I would be super nervous, anxious and scared. Not so. 
I have never felt more peace in all of my life and mission than I did standing at the pulpit giving my "dying testimony" in Swedish. It was one of the greatest experiences ever! To have a clear conscious that I have done everything that I could do on my mission, is incredible. I think those who feel nervous at the end feel the need to make up for lost time. I feel like I have done everything in my power, and it feels so good. 

We made the return trip back to Gotland on the midnight boat and got to keep the car. The office elders came with us because they were going to help the Ms move into their new place. So, yes, it was a rather long and tiresome night.

Tors: We helped the Ms unpack and set up the furniture and all that good jazz. Us 4 elders got to have the traditional Thursday lunch with the Hs- peasoup and swedish pancakes:) We then gave them a quick tour of Visby because they had a short time before heading back to the mainland. Plus, Sister Beckstrand ordered us to get ice cream. I can't argue with that:) We got to visit with E who is doing solid with the Book of Mormon and is growing stronger and stronger in her testimony. We came home and just crashed, I was so exhausted.

Fun train ride
Fre: We had a pretty successful run in the morning talking to people on the streets. We had a solid lesson with this one girl who knew what we had would change her life, but she still denied it. Gosh, those are always the worst. Having people feel the spirit and then turn away from it. Well, hopefully she finds the church again some day. We celebrated a birthday of a member in the branch by riding a very old-school train and having some fika [refreshments.] It was a bit of a hassle getting our dear sweet E on and off the train but it all worked out in the end. Det löste sig [it solved itself ] ha. We finally got in contact with A and R and they are still great. They want to be baptized but A is worried about her family back in Africa not supporting them. However, they are going forward!

Lör: Swedish national day! Yeah, nothing really happens, but everything is closed haha. We talked to lots of cool people this day, including a guy who must have stepped into a time machine, because he was straight out of the 70s! It was so goooooood haha. Since we had a car we went on a drive to swing by some people who don't live in Visby. We saw some cool places while traveling. Sadly, no one was interested, Rats.

Sön: We had a special Stake conference. Elder Holland spoke from Scotland and it was broadcasted all throughout the UK and Scandinavia. (The people participating were from the Edinburgh stake so I wondered if Ryan knows any of them!) The theme was that lasting peace can only come through Christ. And then Elder Holland thew down on the Book of Mormon! It was like round 2 from his conference talk a few years ago. The book is literally is the keystone of our religion. Without it, everything crumbles and falls and we have no church. It is our evidence of the truth. It is tangible and one can read, ponder and pray about its truthfulness. It was super solid. What a good day.

For some reason, Sunday morning I woke up thinking about the scripture in Joshua 24:15 "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord". I was thus led to think of the scripture in Matt 6:24 "No man can serve 2 masters." Which then brought me to think of D&C 4:2 "O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve Him with all of your heart, might, mind and strength.." One right after the other-it was incredible. We really do have a choice every day to serve God or mammon. And if we do serve God, lets do it wholeheartedly. Today is the day for us to perform our labors. This is the day we stand up for what we believe. This is the day we choose to serve the Lord for His promises are sure: "Ye shall have eternal life".

Jag tackar min himmelske konung att jag får vara en herrens tjänare, en kristi representant. Missionen har verkligen ändrat mitt liv. Det är inte bara de här två åren att jag tjänar Honom, det är hela mitt liv. Mitt hjärta har ändrats otrolig mycket. Jag älskar Herren. Jag älskar verket. Välja denna dag att tjäna Honom.
I thank my Heavenly King that I get to be a servant of the Lord, Christ's representative. The mission has really changed my life. It is not just these two years that I serve Him but my whole life. My heart has changed incredibly much. I love the Lord. I love the work. Choose this day to serve Him.
Älskar er
Äldste Johnson

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning

Dear you people. It's me! Honestly, it is so hard to write emails as I am going to be home soon, so just know that it is taking a lot out of me to write you all;) The weather has been bipolar, but that's pretty normal for the island weather.
Jungfru Rauk - Virgin Rock

Tallest rauk formation in Sweden - 88 feet high
Mån: We went up to Likershamn village to this place called Jungfru Rauk- virgin rock. It is the largets rauk formation in Sweden rising 27 meters high (88 feet!) Cool story with the rock. 

The legend tells about a man named Likajr who placed his daughter, Öllegard, on the top of the rauk and challenged her boyfriend Helge, who was a slave, to climb up and get her. If he did, he would be allowed to marry her. Realizing that the young man was about to accomplish this task, carrying Öllegard on his back down the cliff, Likajr fired an arrow into Helge’s head. Both the boy and the girl crashed into the sea and were never seen again.

I hope I don't run into any dads like this. We had a fun time there and got back to work. We were able to meet with F and start back to basics very simple and easy. We'll see how it goes (though she cancelled on us later on in the week).

Viking slot castle
Tis: We had a surprise visit from President and Sister Beckstrand! They were visiting with some of their kids and grandkids! I'm sad we didn't take any pictures, but we took them to get ice cream, of course, and had a good visit. They were there for just a short time. I love them. They are so great! They were messing with me about how little time I have left haha. We then met up with a guy who has previously investigated the church. Sadly, he is just not ready spiritually to really test things out. He does not believe he will get an answer if he tries right now. Bummer, but at least he said he is going to work on it and hopefully we will hear from him in a few weeks.

Viking slot castle from the side
Ons: We spent a good portion of the day swinging by some old investigators to see if they were ready to start investigating again. Along the way, we taught a couple of street lessons to some cool people. (This week we taught many lessons on the street, but they don't really go anywhere because the people don't want to get an answer. They are satisfied with where they are at.) Reading the Book of Mormon with E is always a highlight of the week, she is blowing us away! t's super fun to see her cruise through it and have the desire to continue reading it again and again. I love her!

Looks real.  My kind of dog, ha.
Tors: We have gone through all the lists and done everything you can imagine but people are not interested. Its both funny and frustrating, but what can you do? Sitting back and complaining about it isn't going to get you anywhere (though at times it seems like the thing to do.) You just got to remember that this is the Lords work and He will fulfill his promises in His time. Just be patient:) Eating Pea soup and Swedish pancakes definitely helps you get back into a good spirit:) The H's are so good to us. We spent the evening with the S's so my companion could practice a song for church. We do spend quite a bit of time with the few members that we have here but I got the impression that it's ok. They absolutely love the  missionaries. They look forward to the time we come by and share some time and a message with them for 2 reasons: 1- most of the members here are older and they don't get to see strong active young adult church members so it helps them feel young again and strengthens them; and 2- because there is a special spirit with the calling that we have as missionaries and we bring that into their homes. The members of this little branch are so valiant.

Gothem Church
Fre: We spent friday in Stånga doing service. Service is great. It really helps you feel good. It's a soul cleanser. We came home and were out and about trying to find some more people and teaching on the streets. Nothing, ha.

Lör: We took a road trip with the Maddens up to Gothem to see the church there -it was beautiful- and to eat lunch at the best Mexican Cantina in all of Sweden!!! It is so good! Plus, we were able to give the owners a copy of the Book of Mormon. Seriously, anybody who comes to Gotland for vacation or whatever, you need to go to this Mexican Cantina!!

Really old Bible
Sön: Today was Swedish Mothers Day (Mors Dag). I dont think I had much time to really reflect about mothers a couple of weeks ago but I had a great personal study looking up scriptural references to some great mothers! One, that I found interesting comes from the Proverbs, 31st chapter - look it up. Just the regular bunch came to church and we had a good worship.
Tight fit!

Well folks, June is here- I come home this month. Some of you may be wondering "Is this the beginning of the End?" and others may be thinking "Is this the end of the beginning?" To answer both questions, I confidently say "yes". Hahaha. Whatever way you want to look at it. Either way, I feel good. I still love working hard every day serving my Master and inviting others to partake of His goodness. I do want to express my extreme appreciation to my mother for all of the things she has done for me; for her goodness, love and service. It may be 20 years down the road, but mom, know that I do love you and appreciate all that you have done for me to be where I am today.

Detta liv är tiden för människor att bereda sig till att möta Gud; ja, detta livs dag är dagen för människor att utföra sitt verk. (alma 34:32) Nu är det dags för oss att bereda att möte vår Gud. Jag vet att evangeliet är sant. Jesus är Kristus. Tack vare hans försoning, kan vi alla återvända till vår himmelske hem. Älskar er
This life is the time for people to prepare to meet God; Yes, this life today is the day for people to do their work. (Alma 34:32 ) I know the gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ . Thanks to His atonement we can all return to our heavenly home. Love you

Äldste Johnson

Monday, May 25, 2015

Up, Down, All around

Hello wonderful people of planet earth! This week has been an up, down all around week. The weather was absolutely phenomenal (except for P-day ha.) It seems weird that a month from today I will be home. But for now, I just gotta keep swimming:)

Mån: We spent our Pday up at Fårö (sheep island.) It is a sister island to Gotland to the north. We drove to the free ferry and it only takes 10 minutes to cross. It is a very popular, famous, touristy place to be.
Car ferry to Faro 
(I guess a famous Swedish filmaker named Ingmar Bergen made movies here and lived here but that was like 50 years ago.) We were there in the only cloudy part of the day haha, but it turned out really cool anyway. Took some nice pics and had some fun with the Maddens (Sr missionay couple). 

Famous Ice age rauck formations

There are some cool "rauck" formations that were made by erosion during the ice age, and a small fisherman village with old wooden shacks and boats out front. Only about 500 people live here but hundred of others come here for summer vacation. The sunset was beautiful.
Small fishing shacks/homes

Hmmm, should I take the boat out?

We came back home and went out and about to find some new people. My companion's brother served here on Gotland 3 years ago and is friends with a couple of investigators from before so we went to meet them and it was super cool. They are about our age. They investigated the church before but their parents were against it. They still believe in what we teach and I hope by us meeting, their interest has sparked up again!

Tis: We met with a past investigator who had shown some interest however, the meeting wasn't as we anticipated. She didn't want to even try our message out. Well, that was strange. New convert E is doing great at reading the Book of Mormon. We boarded the ferry to the mainland for zone training the next day. It takes a lot of proselyting hours away from us, which is sad, but we caught up on other things while taking the boat 3 hours there and back. We spent the night with the Västerhaninge elders -a place i have stayed several times when I was the zone leader over this area. Not weird at all....

Ons: Our zone training was on things I have studied and taught many times but it's still good to get reminded. I gave the closing thought and shared Revelations 3:20 - "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Christ is waiting for us. He isn't going to force us to do anything, but his promises and blessings are conditional upon us opening the door, asking him. The rest of the day we were on exchanges and I got to be with Elder H who was my MTC comp. It was really fun to be back with him and talk about old times. We didnt get back home to Gotland until midnight. Fun! ha

Tors: We had another great pea soup and pancakes at the H's and then they showed us a bit of their sons' music. They are very famous here-Bröderna Herrey-they won a big music competition 30 years ago and people still remember them. It was super 80s like and I absolutely loved it! I am definitely going to be jamming out to that stuff at home. We met again with N and L and had a great discussion with them about faith. They want to believe and go forward, but they are still scared that their family will disown them or not want anything to do with them. I have never been in that situation, so I don't know what it's like. I can only imagine how hard it must be. But I guess the thing that I have come to understand is that Salvation is between me and God. Nobody else. People can judge me all they want, do whatever they want to me but it ultimately comes down to me and Him. It will take time but they are super positive and we will help them. We also met up with J had a tremendous lesson with her. We set up a baptismal calendar and she was super happy. She texted us later that night thanking us for the wonderful people we are. "Imagine, if everyone were like you 2, how better the world would be." That about reduced me to tears. The greatest thing about a mission is helping others find joy and happiness in the gospel. It's incredible.

Fre: We spent most of our day down in Stånga with S and J doing service while the M's taught them. We came home ready to go find some people, however I had the most excruciating headache i have ever had before. I never get headaches. So I went to bed early.

Lör: We received a message from J. She told us that she no longer wanted to meet with us. She couldn't become a mormon. WHAT! So out of the blue. We had such a great lesson on two days ago and then this! I was heartbroken. It shattered me so much. I had thought that this was going to be the perfect ending to my mission by baptizing someone like her on my last week. But it all came crashing down. I couldn't move past it. Not again. More disappointment and heartache. My companion was just as sad, but he was doing a good job of trying to stay positive. It was hard for me. In Swedish there is a word that describes this perfectly - Jag orkar inte. It basically means that I just physically/mentally/emotionally can't go on. And so it was with me. However, a little step at a time, I was able to feel a little bit better. Not all the way. We had a great lesson with L about the Atonement and following the Hope/Light that is in Christ. That seemed to help me a ton, by bearing testimony of Christ. I still wasn't completely healed. We had dinner with the S's and caught a great sunset on our way home. Still not all the way back.

Do everything in our power and then stand still
and let God do the rest. (D&C 123:7)
Sön: We were able to do a lot of good things today to get my mind back in the game. My companion and I sang a duet of "Abide with Me" (so, round 2 of my singing career.) It was a beautiful arrangement. We taught the conference talk "The music of the Gospel". I love that. We had one of the councilors in the stake presidency there -someone from Handen ward that I know rather well. He read a scripture that was perfect for me. D&C 123:17. Let us do everything in our power joyfully. And then stand still and let God do the rest. That really hit me deep. There really isn't anything more than I can do but do my best. Elder Johnson's best. And then leave the rest up to God. I know that is true. Even when people and things all around are saying that it isn't.

Jag bära vittna att Gud älskar oss otroligt mycket. Han vill att vi ska övervinna detta liv. Han förvantar sig bara att vi gör vår bästa och sen lita på honom för resten. Jag är så glad att jag har haft den här upplevelsen att starka min tro på honom och gör mer än jag kan. Han finns. Han är här. Bara be honom om hjälp och jag vet att han kommer att alltid besvara er.

I bear witness that God loves us very much. He wants us to overcome this life. He expects only that we do our best and then trust him for the rest. I'm so glad I had this experience to strengthen my faith in him and do more than I alone can. He is available. He's here. Just ask him for help and I know that he will always respond to you.
Hope all is well, have a great week. 

Love elder Johnson