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Monday, May 26, 2014

Riktigt Mors Dag

Tjaba Grabbar!

Man, what a week for you guys back at home! My heart aches for Stacy that she was so sick that she couldn't go on her grad trip. Baby Lia is sure looking great! She is so cute!! I love how Carter and Brody pray for me, that's so awesome. Well this week was quite warm, but I'm already gaining my skin color back. Someone asked me this week if I was Hispanic:) I might bet a little whiter during the winter, but by the time I come home, you won't even notice that I was ever white before. Sorry to disappoint some of you (Brady) ha! Most every morning this week we went outside next door to the field to workout and play some soccer (T Wilk gave me some pointers on what I could do to train for soccer), so that was a lot of fun.

Deer in the hills
Mån: After emailing we headed back home to have crepes for brunch. Yes, I am enjoying brunch more and more now -it's hip. We did some cleaning, some sleeping, some writing, some playing uke amongst other things. We came to the church to meet with 3 people and all 3 of them blåsted us. It's been a while since I have had a full schedule blåst day. It was humbling though, I can't stay in a routine. God is telling me I need to stay on my toes at all times, have backup plans, and be able to think quickly and effectively. We spent the night going out to contact and swingby some people.

Tis: We had a good lesson with B about the Law of Chastity. I just want to say it was one of the funniest lessons I have ever had. It wasn't awkward, it was just super funny. I can't explain it. B is just very straightforward and tells you how it is, which is awesome. We've really grown into a great relationship with him. He knows he can't rely on us for everything, especially after he is baptized. He wants this so much, and knows its his decision, not us forcing him to do anything.

We met up with J to talk about släktforskning -family history. I read my favorite scripture about it from D&C 128:15 where it says we without them (the dead) cannot be made perfect, neither they without us can be made perfect. There comes a special bond, a thinning of the veil, when you are doing family history work. J is excited for that, and we are excited for her. We have also asked her to pray about someone she could invite to listen to us! She has been working on it, and will let us know soon! We met S and SURPRISE!! He cut his hair!!!! What????  It looks really good now! I believe that the spirit was/has been working in him to change him physically.

Ons: We had to send back in our old phones to the mission, and we hadn't got all of the contacts out of that. So I wrote down all 178 contacts by name and number and when I got to the church, I rewrote all 178 names and numbers. Whew! We found a lot of people who have moved so we can refer them to other missionaries; and then some new people we have never even heard of, so we will try them out! We had to drop someone. It's sad, but sometimes you gotta drop some people to find the chosen. K -a new investigator, came over to the church and we went over the Introduction to the Book of Mormon.
We shared some of our favorite scriptures from it and he seemed to really enjoy it. He said that he would rather read the BoM which has only been translated once, than read the bible that has been translated into so many books and times and many things have been lost! Wow!
We then went to help B move some more things and have dinner. She is working toward the temple and the patriarchal blessing. We met up with the other missionaries to start exchanges: Me with Elder B in his area, and the other 2 in mine. We got to bastu:) sauna because they have one in their apartment building.

Tors: Elder B and I had a good day. I showed him the computer work that I am doing to keep things updated and helpful for future missionaries so that he could do that for his area as well. We got some Swedish Mors dag cards (Sweden's Mother's day was yesterday), wrote in them and then sent them on their way to our lovely mothers in america. We did some tracting on some homes -it was so nice to get away from all of the apartment complexes. We got the door slammed on us, people swearing at us and cursing us, and ignoring us, but such is the life of a missionary. It is only a testimony to me that this is true when people do those types of things to us. We did however find a family! That was really cool. They didn't really have time right then to meet, but accepted our Book of Mormon and invited us to come back again. We taught an old investigator who dropped off the map for some time. He says he still wants to be baptized.
Caramel is called Kola- that's what I got!
We had been out tracting and contacting all day and we felt like we could use a boost so we ate a nice big hamburger and went to this really famous ice cream place called, Slagsta Glas! Boy, that was nice. I think it was my first time on the whole mission that I went out for some ice cream. Good times.

Fre: We went to Södertälje for zone training and a training from Sister N.  It was a mixture of reprimanding and refocusing and was needed. The zone leaders told us that we are going to do a contacting competition with a prize. I believe you should contact and do missionary work for the joy of helping out in the Lord's work but maybe a prize will motivate and unify us.  We made it back to sports night but not a lot of people came. It was kind of sad.

Lör: We had a great lesson with D.  He said he hopes what we teach is true. From that we were able to testify to him that that hope he has is the first step of faith. The faith to find out the truth. A big light turned on in his head when we said that. He heard that we were giving talks in church and he wanted to come support us! Met with B -talked about tithing and fast offerings. We met K again and it was a complete turn around. He didn't want to read the BoM, he was saying all sorts of things about Joseph Smith. He believes things he reads on the internet and doesn't like us trying to explain the truth. So that was frustrating ha. We didn't even realize it, but we were at the church pretty much the whole day and this day was a celebration/parade for something we don't believe in so it was really good that we were in the church the whole time avoiding all of that. God was guiding us to stay there the whole day to avoid running into trouble. 

Sön: RIKTIGT MORS DAG! Whoo! And guess who got to speak in church, both of us! B and 2 daughters were able to come to church along with D! S didn't make it but we swungby his place later. We gave all of the women flowers as gifts. During 2nd hour, we taught B the Word of Wisdom but he doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Good on ya mate! We explained once he's baptized he needs to keep his body a temple. He had an experience where he was defending us and telling someone that we are not forcing him to do anything, it's all his desire and his choice. That was really cool to hear! We went down to Strängnäs after our weekly visit with H where we visited M. We played with some Hot Wheelz -man that was nostalgic, as well as read 2 Nephi 2 together. I gave him a challenge -spirit guiding me, that he could read the whole book of Mormon by the time I go home from my mission. He said he would really like to do that. I'm gonna keep in contact with him and hold him to that! 

We actually saw N as well -couldn't meet, but that was great just to see her!  We are just praying that she will be able to make things work. We swungby S to talk about his baptism, that he needs to come to church 2 times minimum before. So we set his date back. He said now that Sweden is out of hockey world series and the world cup for soccer, he has no excuse staying home to watch tv on sundays hahaha. Good! We stopped by D's where she showed us how to make tortillas! So now I know! Nice!

As I said, yesterday was Swedish Mother's Day. I was privileged to talk in church about mothers, as well as "what motivated me to serve a mission" and "what motivates me to do missionary work".  I only had like 5 notes on what I wanted to mention, and I didn't even get to 2 of them because the spirit was guiding me. I began by thanking all of the mothers in all the world. They truly have a wonderful calling. They walk with God. They are entrusted to nurture and care for their children and raise them up, teaching them to trust in God. Alma 56:47-48 talks about the 2,000 stripling warriors and what they thought of their mothers. "Their mothers had taught them that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them...We do not doubt our mothers knew it." I shared some experiences that have confirmed to me that I know my mother knew it. Such a time came the day I had received my mission call. I found out that same day that I was not going to be a captain of my soccer team, something that I had worked for and had dreamed about. I was so angry, hurt and sad. I came home frustrated and not wanting to talk to anyone. I remember so clearly mom coming down to comfort me. She told me that I needed to pray about it. I prayed so hard for understanding and for help, that I could change my attitude and open my mission call and know that it is where I was needed. I came upstairs to my mom's room and didn't say a word. She just knew. I knew that she knew. I gave her a big hug and she told me that God doesn't need me to be a captain, he needs me to be His servant now. I do not doubt my mother knew it. I know she walks with God. And as soon as I opened my call to Sweden, I knew it was where I was needed. I know I am supposed to be here. I am here to show my mother that she has raised me into a humble servant of the Lord, and as well show the Lord how much I appreciate him and my mother for all that they have done for me. Needless to say, there were many tears coming from my eyes. I'm still a very emotional guy. But on this Swedish Mothers Day, I just would like to say Jag Älskar Dig Mama -I love you mama.

I love this work. I know it's true. Have a great week, I love you all!

Med kärlek

Äldste Johnson

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby Lia
Hello, Hello, I am so happy to hear that baby Lia Skye Blake has entered the world! She is so cute and precious and I'm sad that I can't be there to see her in person, but I will see her next year!:) Man, it's great thinking about that only a couple of days ago, she was with Heavenly Father. There is such a strong connection to God when things like that happen. Glad to hear all is well there. Sorry to hear mom had a kidney stone as part of the trip. Hope she gets back in time for Stacy's graduation. Speaking of that, WHAT THE HECK! I was just there a year ago, that does not seem so long ago, yet it is. Man, lots of memories and flashbacks are going into my mind right now. But, Good luck Stacy! Goodbye to high school and hello to the rest of your life!:)

This week was very sunny and amazing and great! Lemme tell you about it!

Mån: Well, we got ourselves a lot of ukulele tabs and music so we could jam out. We met a new investigator at the church. He was a Muslim and as soon as he accepted Jesus Christ in his heart, good things were happening to him. He wants to become Christian and we are helping him find that way.

Tis: We met with B basically everyday this week and it was very spiritual. Because of his situation, he doesn't know if he will stay in Sweden for long. He told us he doesn't want to just be baptized and then lose communication with the church if he goes back to his country. (man, this guy is awesome!). We told him that we would try to help. We met with a few other people this day like S who finished the Book of Mormon completely!!! Wow! So we discussed what all that means and if he took Moroni's challenge. He had, and he knows it's true!
Sonic the hedgehog lives
Then, while we were walking from the train station to go meet J we see N! So we set up to meet her later that day and fika! (that basically means coffee break without coffee) So we come back and sit outside in a park with chocolate muffins and mango juice:)  As we were talking, I noticed something in the bushes. Lo and behold it was a HEDGEHOG!!! Sonic is real!;) no, but it was really awesome! We spent a couple of minutes trying to catch it and finally we did! We had a hedgehog in Sweden! That was cool!

Ons: We helped B move some things into her new apartment. We got done too fast (that's what happens when you put 2 young men to work) so we asked if we could read the Book of Mormon together in Swedish, so she could correct us on our pronunciation and we could sound like swedes! It was brutal but very helpful, and we are gonna do that every week now!  We had dinner at the K's. I was kind of not in a good mood earlier. I think that the Spiritual high from J's baptism and skyping the family dropped me off. It was just nice to be with the K's and get back into a good mood.

Tors: District meeting where we did role plays. As usual, it was a good spiritual meeting. We met B -talked about the celestial kingdom and that he can live with his family for ever (he wants to be there and knows his family needs to be there too); J -service in the church (she wants to become a visiting teacher); and S -we pushed back his baptismal date to June and moved B's up, he is progressing so well.  

A fun service opportunity
Fre: We met B and he gave elder S a great haircut! He did it in 10 minutes too!! He really is a pro! We then spent the rest of the day doing service at the K's. We got the garden in order, mowed and edged the lawn, painted the gates black among other things. After awhile the other elders had to go to sports night, but we wanted to stay and get the job done. Even in Sweden, after service we get pizza!:) It was a lot of fun doing service for them because they are always helping us. It is really hard to find service opportunities here in Sweden, so it is nice when it comes around. As well, we got some good life lessons and marriage advice, which I was grateful for haha:)

Lör: We met B and his 2 oldest daughters and watched Finding Faith in Christ. One of them said to us "Why doesn't everyone believe this?" I had to catch myself, That's a good question. That's what I ask myself every day haha! It was a really cool experience to talk to them the importance of Jesus Christ in each and every one of our lives. We asked them if they would be baptized like their father, but B said they had to wait until they were 18. What??? We are looking on how we can help him understand that his children can choose now to be baptized.   

Sön: B and his family came to church.  I did the translation again, and I feel like it is getting better. Plus it's also good for me to translate certain things and leave out a couple of them too ha. It all works out. His family really seems to like it here and already have good friendships in the branch!
Looking out over Strängnäs
We went down to Strängnäs to meet up with a new investigator who actually contacted us on the street. He took us to the top of a hill which overlooked all of Strängnäs. It was beautiful! That marks another spot of where I am going to take my future wife ha. Anywho, many of his beliefs matches with ours. It's just hard for him to accept new things because he is happy with where he is at. It'll come with time. We got some great numbers this week-22 lessons! Things just keep getting bigger and bigger here, I love it! 

We visit with H, I talked about how church went and the topics of the talks. What does it mean to be Christian? Really? It made me think long and hard about that. So many times on the street when we contact people and say "excuse me, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ..." and they ask us, are you Christians. OF COURSE! The name of Christ is the name of our church. But then I was thinking, Just because I am a member does not make me a Christian. Being a christian is something very personal (see Mosiah 5). Are we doing things every day that lets people know we are followers of Christ? Have I shown others that I have Christ written on my heart and I have tried to follow him and do as he would do? Do I remember him every day and not just Sunday when I take the Sacrament? What is it that I am doing to bring me closer to Jesus Christ? I want you all to ask yourselves that. So many times we just get into the routine of life and go throughout our days, come to church on Sunday to renew our baptismal covenant. But do we understand what that means? That we are willing to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ, to always remember Him and follow His commandments. I know I need to work on it, even as a missionary. But I know, through Christ, I can and will become better if I but try. I know and promise he can do the same for you. I love this work. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and this sacred calling that I have to physically wear the name of Christ on my heart each and every day. But as well, I wear him on my heart spiritually. I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Med Kärlek

Äldste Johnson

Monday, May 12, 2014

Glad Mors Dag!

Hello Hello,
It just seems like yesterday I was talking with you. Oh wait.:) I was. Skype and technology is so great! I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I had to talk with my family. I was the techy at the scene here: coordinating the missionary skype times, so needless to say I'm glad its done with now. It was a lot of fun and the family sure is changing and getting bigger.

Mån: We took it pretty chill the whole P-day. We met up with J,  we are to meet her every day up until her baptism. We watched the Restoration film and boy was the spirit there. I began to bear my testimony and I paused. In that moment, I KNEW the spirit was hitting her so hard and she could not deny it. With tears in my eyes I looked at her and said "this is exactly what you have been looking for. God is so happy with you right now as you are preparing for your baptism. That is why you can feel his spirit so strong." It was incredible. That's basically how it was every day this week with her,

Cinco De Mayo dinner
CINCO DE MAYO!!! Whooo! Yeah, it's not even celebrated in Sweden, but who cares! We celebrate it! I made some guacamole for the first time ever and it was pretty awesome. I made a Mexican feast that was to die for. I was very proud of myself for that.

Tis: We met S who has a strong determination and knows that Christ will help him. His countenance keeps changing more becoming brighter! We met with J and a member. Those 2 hit it off perfectly. Every lesson this week with J was so spiritual. I shared some personal stories and experiences, including Elder Bailey. I testified to her that I would see him again. There is no doubt about it. We helped A move into her new apartment. Her daughter is super shy so it was really cute seeing her open up to me and show me around. No, I was not using that as an excuse to get out of helping move:)

Ons: So on Monday we contacted a man, B. He wants to become a Christian because his brother is one now and is so much happier. He is living here with his wife and children. He has had a pretty hard life and literally had to leave everything behind in Albania. He lives in a one room apartment with all of his family. Today we met and started with a simple prayer, nothing out of the ordinary. B said he felt so much peace just after that 1 minute prayer. It was incredible! So after teaching we felt impressed to go straight to the baptismal commitment. He said yes and we set it up for the 7:e av Juni. That was awesome!

We met J with A in the library so the situation was hard to feel but nevertheless we were able to feel the spirit. She is so ready and prepared that it doesn't matter where we are, she feels the spirit. We told her Baptism is not the end, but just the beginning.

Tors: We had district meeting and the spirit was there, guiding the whole lesson. We did a role play that was wonderful and talked about how asking questions and listening can really help find out people's concerns. I was impressed to show the bible video of Peter and John healing the cripple in by the temple. It didnt seem to have any relevance, but i was mistaken. The man asks for alms when he sees peter, not addressing his concerns. But Peter says "gold and silver have I none, but what I have I give unto thee freely. In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, I say unto thee arise." Now it could've been as simple as that and the story ends with the man getting up. But peter stretches forth his hand and helps the man receive his strength. We don't just ask people to resolve their concerns by themselves, but we reach out with love to help them back up. It was really cool how great it worked together with the lesson.

We met with D and immediately applied what we had learned in district meeting. We asked inspired questions, listened to him and let the spirit work. There were seriously long moments of silence (not an hour like Ammon but still long), enough for the spirit to inspire him and us. He really has no experience of any kind with religion so it is all new to him. The hardest part is helping him recognize the spirit. He has felt that so many times, we know he has. It is just completely new to him and he doesn't understand it but he offered to say the closing prayer! That was a first! J passed her baptismal interview!

Fre: We went to Stockholm to get Elder S's residency card. I had a good time seeing my old place and part of town. We had some time before our train took us home, so we visited some nearby places. We got back and met B and taught a lesson in a very different way than I have ever done but it fit his circumstances and met his needs, so that was great.

It's magic
A had J and us over for dinner before we headed up to sports night. At sports night, we missionaries had a good chat with her about Family Home Evening. She wants to establish it in her home. I told her my experience with it and how much it has helped me in my life. I am grateful for my family for making Monday nights a very sacred and holy night. Even though I would have 3 hour football or soccer practices, they always stayed up for me so we could have it. That meant the world to me. At the time, I was like "I'm tired lemme go to bed." But I know now how important it is. It is needed in this crazy life. Monday nights have seriously helped me and my family grow together in ways that I cant even comprehend. Thanks ma and pops. You done good:)

Lör: BAPTISM DAY!!!! WHOOOOO! I wrote some thoughts down in my study journal that were pretty awesome, sorry I can't share that with you. Today marks 10 months for me, it is the 10 of may, and today is my first baptism, pretty awesome right. We got to Västerås ok, and everything for the baptism was just great! B was able to come too! We did our weekly planning while waiting for the font to fill up. They actually take quite some time. The one in Gubbängen took like 20 minutes, but this one was like 2 hours! Good thing we were early!  Oh just det. In the morning I made Gma Johnson's recipe for cookies (for the baptism) and instead of chocolate chips, I used Reese's that ma gave me in my Easter package. I smashed them up and mixed them in and boy, they turned out AMAZING!!! Top 3 best batches I've ever made in my life:) Dang good.

Great day for this sister and me and my companion
Anywho, haha. The Baptism!! I got all changed in white, and it felt so great. (I remember my own baptism looking up at pops all dressed in white and then here I was all dressed in white.) I felt so much love and peace and joy. I can't describe it. As the service was going on, I could not stop smiling. It was very spiritual. We made our way to the water. I guess I was nervous -I didn't feel like it, but people thought I was. Oh well. I got her all situated and said the prayer. She went under and back out of the water. How smooth it was, I'm not gonna tell:) Let's just say I didn't have a good grip on my feet, but it all worked out ok. She's fine. haha. It was my first time, so it was something new for me, but it went well. We got changed and continued the meeting. It all was just so spiritual and fantastic! I loved it! We got home and headed straight to bed, i was so exhausted. But what a great day!:)

Sön: The confirmation!! It is just as important as the baptism! Elder S did a great job on that. Surprise, B came with all of his family to church! And they loved it! I did the translation for all of them so hopefully they understood what was going on. It was fast Sunday for us, not mothers day, that's in 2 weeks. We talked with J about us going to the temple this time next year, right before I go home. She said she would love that. Man, that is going to be so cool. End my mission with going through the temple with someone I found taught and baptized. That is something remarkable. I cannot wait for that. J is already such a great member and fits right in. Our members have already embraced her and taught her many things ha, so she is good. No worries about her.
We ate dinner with the K's and B's family. We had a great time together and watched the Restoration film. Right when we were about to start testifying, all of the kids came running in noisily. We just had to laugh about that.
Clay and Elder J - together again
We made it back to the church to Skype and that was so awesome. I love you guys. You are the best. Even though Nichole's baby isn't here yet, it was nice talking to all of you -including Clay!  I cant wait to see you guys at Christmas.

Something I shared with the family that I will end on is this. This week has been one of the best weeks of my life. Not just mission, but life. I have never felt the spirit more often and so strong than I have this week. I have never felt so happy than I have this week. As I was growing up I had thoughts and impressions on what the mission would be like and what I would be like as a missionary. For the first 10 months I felt like I was good missionary, but I wasn't who I thought I was going to be. This week was different. I began to see my potential. I feel like I finally became the missionary who I thought I was going to be. This is just the first step, but I caught a glimpse of my eternal potential. I've seen who I really am and who I am supposed to be. This doesn't mean that I stop trying because I have already reached a part of it, but it makes me so excited what more I can do and become as I continue to go throughout my mission and life. I truly feel honored and privileged to be the one to baptize J, as well as be a humble servant of Heavenly Father. I know that this work is true. I am so grateful that I am a part of it. The heartache, the pain, long-suffering, etc. hurts, but it is so worth it when you see someone enter the waters of baptism and take that first step onto the path that leads to eternal life. You cant describe it. My heart is full of love and joy. I love you all, and mom especially you. For putting up with me for these past 19 and 1/2 years, loving me all the way through to help me see my potential. I love you. Thank you for everything. Have a great week everybody!
Med Kärlek, Äldste Johnson
Big blue tractor on the city street

Monday, May 5, 2014

An odd week...

Hello everyone!
Wowee, sounds like things are pretty busy at this time of the year! I am glad to hear everyone is doing swell. I am really praying that Nichole's baby comes before I skype this Sunday! Wow, it literally feels like last week was Christmas and I was skyping home for that. Well, like the title says, this week was odd. The weather went on a very cold/rainy streak, people didn't answer, but it was fun nevertheless. Let me tell ya all about it...

Just like home
Mån: After emailing we rode our bikes to the grocery store so we could haul our stuff a lot farther because we went to Lidl the most cheap awesome store ever!! Seriously, we saved so much money from that and are planning to go again next week:) We did some cleaning, played the uke, wrote some letters, all that jazz. We had a farewell dinner for Elder S at the K's. They are so awesome. We went to go meet up with a potential investigator who ended up blåsting us, tyvärr-too bad.

Tis: We met with a new potential who Elder S tracted into on exchanges. We taught her the Restoration and she said she would be baptized if she knew it were to be true. We visited with J to follow up and she has completely overcome the problem she was working on! She has such a strong dedication and desire to follow God to the fullest extent. It is the coolest thing seeing this. We gave her some praise-  It really helps investigators, or anyone in that matter, to really go big on praising them for coming so far (my English is digressing, I don't know big words anymore). 

Ons: We said good bye to Elder S and inherited Elder B as a tri-panionship until Elder C came at 10 that night. We had a couple lessons with  investigators who wanted help with family history work. We then watched the chuch, made some calls, did some family history work, I played the piano (im actually not too bad, not good in any way, but not bad), and did language studies. 
Winter is burned away to prepare for spring
So this day, April 30 (happy anniversary to Ryan and Nichole) is Valborgs Afton -Valborgs Eve. This is the day where huge piles of dead trees and bushes and whatnot are gathered together and then burned in a huge bonfire to burn out the winter and welcome in the spring/summer. We got changed into regular clothes and met up with H and B -some potential investigators who had us over for dinner. We had something called
yummy raggmunk
Raggmunk which is potato pancakes with bacon and lingon berry jam. Oh man, it was so good. You have all of the different kind of tastes together which is awesome-you get salt from the bacon, sweet and sour from the jam and then the potato pancakes. It was fantastic! We then went to the forest gathering place to see the fire, sadly we missed the lighting of it and the people who sing and dance around it, but we got there to see the fire. It was really cool! We all walked back to the train station to pick up Elder C. 
The tri-panionship at Valborgs Eve

So funny thing, every Valborg it rains, and so it did this year. So there was a massive fire with rain coming down. We walked to the train station and got soaked. We were a little late, but it all worked out. We had a very interesting talk along the way about the meaning of life and all that -H is very scientific and likes to find historical finding, exact proofs of things. He knows that we belong to a higher power, but what that is- who can know? We can! 

Tors: We had district meeting on How to Begin Teaching. The first meeting we have with investigators are crucial. If you don't set up expectations saying that we help people come closer to Christ by trying these things for themselves, they are not going to do anything that will help them come closer to Christ. If baptism isn't talked about from the very beginning, people are gonna be really confused when it comes up later. We had lunch at burger king and headed down to Strängnäs. We met U and gave him a baptismal calendar -which he loved. He is already towards the end of Alma in the Book of Mormon! We went over the W of W again to make sure he understood it and said we were gonna do all that we can to help him out. He wants to come to J's baptism next Saturday and church if he has a ride! So we are working on that for him. Something that I noticed with him this day, well ever since the first time I met him, his countenance has changed, his face was glowing. It seriously was the coolest thing to see. I can't explain it. The spirit is really making a physical change on him as well as spiritual.  I love it!! 

Fre: We visited D at the church. We watched a film and the spirit was so strong and just emanating in the room. We know that he felt it, he just has never felt the spirit before so we need to help him understand that. We ate dinner with B and talked about Patriarchal Blessings. I have done my own personal study on mine, and have found some great insight from that.  The thing about them is they are eternal. They are not just for this life. These blessings last for eternity IF we are worthy of them and follow our Savior.

We went to sports night and had a great turnout -about 15 plus people were there! Things are picking up more and more here, it is so cool! Being in this side of the world, you really learn to appreciate the small things, the small successes here and there. By small and simple things great things are brought to pass.

I love the temple
Lör: Here was an odd day. We got up and left for Västerhanninge early in the morning for Stake Conference. We were told we were invited to all sessions however, that was not the case. The first meeting was a Priesthood Leadership meeting which we were not supposed to be at, but we didn't know. So we made the best of the situation, took pictures at the temple, got some food, talked with people on the street. 

The topic for Stake Conference was Sätt Din Hand Till Herren's Verk -Set Your Hand to the Lord's Work, (or Put your shoulder to the Wheel.) The speakers really hit hard on member work. An invitation is all that is required, and like elder Ballard said, an invitation needs a follow up. The speakers chose topics from this last general conference, which was perfect. I felt very refreshed from listening to the excitement and enthusiasm to carry the Lord's work forward. We caught a ride home with Sister K, or else we would have gotten home at 11 due to train times. She was giving us some motherly advice (yes, it was useful) and whatnot ha. She will be in Salt Lake over the summer (almost st. george.)  Their little girls just love us missionaries and don't like when we have to leave, ha. It makes me trunky for having kids and all that good stuff. But then I hear crying and I think to myself, eh, I can wait:)

Sön: Another odd thing: We were awakened by a marching band at 6.30 this morning. For what purpose, I have no idea. It might have been a part of the continuing Valborg celebration of welcoming in spring/summer. It was weird, I got a video of them walking past our street. We sat in the back at Stake Conference and as I was looking around I just thought, this is true. How great it is to gather together as children of God wherever you are in the world. Even with kids crying and running around, you can't help but just think this is the only true church. We as members aren't perfect, but the church is lead by the Savior himself. It was President and Sister Newell's last conference address as they are nearly done with their missions. I am so grateful for them. They have been so fantastic for the mission and for me. It will be weird when they leave, but we don't stop. We press forward. Put your shoulder to the wheel and move a long.

Going back home we felt inspired to stop in Strängnäs to swing by N. We called but no answer. We went to her door and but we forgot the port code. We were about to walk away when what do you know, she comes up from out of the cellar from doing laundry and sees us and opens the door! If that wasn't inspired I don't know what is. We talked with her for an hour. We gave her Mosiah 24 before we headed out, where the Lord visits Alma's people in their hour of need. He lifts the burdens, doesn't take them away, so that they may bear with patience and know that God is with them. God is with her at this time. She really needed to hear that, and I am so happy we decided to come by. Later we met up with D and had amazing homemade bagels. We made it home to give the Sacrament to Helena, and did some contacting. We headed over to the other elders apartment to sauna:)

This pic makes me look mad & chubby but I'm not
It was a rather odd week, but you know, you just keep swimming:) NAME THAT MOVIE! haha, I love you all so very much. I appreciate all that you do for me. I cannot wait to see you guys next week on skype, come prepared with some stuff to ask me. I love you. I love this work. I am seeing significant changes in lives including my own, and I could not be any more grateful to my Heavenly Father for that. He is with me every step of the way. I am excited for Kristina this weekend to covenant with Father. Be good, and have a fantastic week, and Mother's Day especially!:)
Puss Puss-kiss kiss (typical teenage girl thing to say here ha)
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