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Monday, December 9, 2013

Howdy y'all!
Well freak, St. George is just blowing up with snow. That is absolutely crazy!!! Of course it had to happen when I am not there. Well it just so happened to snow this week here in Stockholm, our first of the season. It was amazing to see just how drastic the change was from the day before it snowed -super dark dreary looking- to the day it snowed -much more light, even at night, because of the white (yes I rhymed, okey bai >.<). All in all it is awesome to have the snow! The coldest it got this week was about -9 C [15 degrees]. This week is supposed to be really warm, probably melt the snow that we do have here in Stockholm.

I for sure will be transferring on the 18:e (thats how you do 18th in swedish) exactly a week before christmas. That is very jobbigt. I know not where I will be going now, but I find out this saturday. Okej, now onto the week...

Mån: We and the ZLs went indoor rock climbing to a place similar to the Quarry in Provo. It was so much fun, but my arms are still sore from that haha. Afterwards, we sat in the bastun, or sauna (that is super big in Sweden - chillin in the sauna) for awhile before heading back home for the night.
I love Kebabs 

Tis: I received the Christmas package from y'all. I had my companion open it so I wouldn't be tempted to see what was inside. However, I saw the blanket and took it out the because it is soooooo soft and warm and just the best! We met up again with our friend to talk about what to do back in america, and how to be strong in testimony and go to church and be surrounded with good people and good things. We then taught a new investigator who we had tracted into before. We had a lesson about the Restoration. He wanted to read the book of mormon because he was very interested in it. SO things are looking pretty positive with him!

Saying goodbye to my "father"
Ons: We met up with a guy who we are working with for going to the temple. He wants to go with us before I leave. We had dinner with a family who is remodeling their house and I remember when we did that to our house and how much sawdust gets everywhere!! Haha but that was a lot of fun. We still don't have a lot of people to teach, and when we do, they usually cancel us. I was feeling pretty down when we got home but I had a really good personal prayer that night just pleading for guidance and validation that I was making a difference. That I wasn't just wasting my time going around, trying to talk to people and being rejected at every turn. Nothing major happened (and I've learned that a lot on my mission) but I felt peace afterwards. No immediate release from stress or hard times, but peace that I could make it through ok. That's what the Atonement has done and continues to do for me.

Tors: we had our zone training in which the zls came in their onesy pajamas overtop of their missionary clothes and served us hot cocoa and gingersnaps! They talked about exactly what I needed to hear. The focus was Move Forward, finish this year strong and look ahead to the new year and bring about the 2nd harvest. When we change and align our own personal desires and wants to put Gods designs first, thats when we see miracles and success. I keep been trying to do my best in the way that I think is right and getting frustrated when things don't go the way I planned. But I can't do that. It's not God's will and time for those people who keep cancelling on us. Yes, we continue to work with them, but rely on their agency in them wanting to come to Christ. We invite all to come, but it is their choice in accepting. Success is measured in the invitation, not the outcome. You all can apply this too in your own personal missionary work, the invitation is successful when you do it, not in the response and outcome of it. This was super good for me, and has helped me a lot.

We had sports night and the zls brought an investigator who I picked up at the station and was with the whole sports night. He is super awesome! I got a chance to talk with him and felt a great connection with him. He wants to belong to something because he was grown up without any belief. We had a good chat about the purpose of life and why some people die young. I shared my feelings about when Braison Hullinger passed away in 5th grade. I was just 11 years old, I didn't understand why someone so young had to die. He had just began to live. What was the meaning of that? He told me also of a similar situation. I testified to him that the message that we missionaries have to share answers our questions. It has helped me realize the bigger picture in this life, he really felt that and wants to know more. It was an awesome experience!

Fre:  I was making lunch when it began snowing, and right when I started to look, it stopped. So i went back to the kitchen and it started to snow again, and I ran back to the window, and it stopped! This went on for quite some time, which made me mad haha. But finally it stuck and snowed for a long time. We went over to the G's to help with some math homework, and it made me realize how much I love numbers! It was strange, but I just like numbers and working with them, hmmm. Lots of cancels this day, but we did some role plays with the G's, which was really funny and good!

Lör: We got up early to go help the S family move some furniture from outside to the attic with ropes haha. We then had breakfast with them in which it was fantastic!! They are new to the area and are just so perfect; they want to get to know people so they can have us teach them, and are always willing to go on teaches! I love them!! We then went to the baptism for the sisters and helped set up, prepare food, and cleanup as well. We met back up with a young man though we didn't have anyplace to have a legit sit down lesson, so we just walked through Stockholm together and talked a little about the Plan of Salvation. He was pretty much teaching us about service and the word of wisdom!! I love when people are like that and so prepared!

Sön: Our new member got his temple recommend!!! I am so happy right now! We are planning on going to the temple with him this saturday to do baptisms with him. This will be my first time going to the temple in over 5 months! Thats too long! I have needed it badly and am very excited to go this weekend, especially with me transferring and all. So, if you all live next to a temple, GO TO IT!!! Dont waste an opportunity or take it for granted! It really helps you out so much!!!!!
Statue in the tunnelbanna

I got a lot of things planned with people to meet with one last time before I leave Stockholm. I still have one more week to give it my all and finish strong here. I've been studying the War chapters in the Book of Mormon!! This is probably one of my favorite sections ever!! It is so awesome and makes me want to be in that time and fight side by side with people like Captain Moroni, Lehi, Teancum, Helaman, etc..It would be so cool to be able to stand next to them and defend my country, my family, and my religion. They are truly inspiring to me. In Alma 48:17, Mormon describes what kind of man Captain Moroni was. If every man were to be like him, Satan would have no power over the hearts of men!!! OOOOOHhh that is so awesome!! I think Mormon was so inspired by him, that he named his son after him. Maybe??? 

I would like to invite all of you to watch the recent Mormon Message about the True Meaning of Christmas, and see what it is you can do specifically this time of year to help someone in need. What we do for others is the best gift we can give to the Savior. So I would like to challenge you all to come up with something, and then follow through with it. This time of year is so special in the fact that we celebrate the Savior's birth and all that he has done for us. Share this message of hope to all that you meet and I promise you that you will feel the spirit so much more in your life. You will truly understand what this time of year really means. I love you all and am so grateful for your example to me, have a fantastic week!


Äldste Johnson

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