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Monday, April 21, 2014

He is Risen!

Hallå! Det är missionärerna! Vem? Missionärerna! Nej, vi vill inte...hahaha;)

Hey everyone! Special shout out to my best friend Clay for getting his mission call to Guatemala! I'm stoked for you man! Easter or Påsk was fantastic. The weather has been bright and sunny and we have had no need for jackets:) Lemme tell you about my week...

I made Swedish Meatballs!
Mån: We went to one of the millions of soccer fields and had a good match! We had a large group of missionaries and investigators and it was a lot of fun playing ball again!! I had a lot of sweet powerhouse shots that no one could block;) It felt really good to get out and play again for sure. Later we met with N to go over the Plan of Salvation and it makes so much sense to her! She was interested in what happens after this life. I made some potatos, gravy and swedish meatballs:) It tasted really good.

Tis: We met up with our less active who is teaching us spanish but as of recently, we have been having some good discussions and teaching her more about the Gospel. That is really cool to see! We went down to Strängnäs to meet with our investigators. We taught J the Restoration, she is moving right along perfectly! Then we met with N and Sister K told her about Relief Society!  That was nice to have her there to talk about that.

Ons: We had a district meeting on Praying with Faith. "Pray like everything depends on God, and work like everything depends on you.” It gives us personal responsibility and accountability as well by having us work our hardest for the things we desire. We met a guy who we contacted earlier in the week. Afterwards he asks if he could pray for us and that's when things got a little strange but we kept cool. We had a big review with N and she seemed ready for baptism! She said she wanted me to perform it! Needless to say, I was jumping for joy in my head. I felt so lucky and honored to be apart of it. Pretty awesome! We met up with the zone leaders and split up to our different cities.

I love to cook
Tors: After deep doctrinal discussions in the morning I made us a nice stir fry for lunch (I don't know what it was, but this week I was just in the cooking mood -and the food tasted good...ha!). Some plans fell through so we decided to do some contacting, and NO ONE WAS OUT! Seriously, we were out for 45 minutes walking around and maybe saw 10 people total. The weather was fantastic -as it was the whole week- so it didn't make any sense. We taughtan investigator who was supposed to be baptized this week but she needs more time. 
We met up with the sisters there (who are so funny and just the best!) and went to their ward mission leader's place to have coordination meeting and dinner. We then went home teaching with the ward mission leader and met some cool people before we had to catch the train back. Elder O and I got to know each other better. He's a good guy, I really like him a lot. The other elders told us about their day and a little about N's interview. She passed! And I was beyond excited for saturday! 
Elder T is going back to St. George next week!

Fre: I took a train all alone to Stockholm, where I met Elder C at T central to take the next train to Västerhaninge. I saw my pops, Elder M,and also saw Elder T who goes home to St. George next week!!  I told him all the people he needs to say hi to for me when he gets home. I then spent time with Elders from my MTC group. One of the Elders received a text from my comp back in Etuna that made my heart sink. "N says she is not ready for baptism." Noooooooooooo! I had to focus on the training with that going on and no real way of figuring anything out because I didn't have a phone. 

All alone for 3 hours - it was weird.
Time to go home and I had to haul home several packages...that was fun...Not, haha! I travelled for 3 hours all alone just because of the way things turned out. At first I thought it would be a lot of fun being on my own, away from a companion, but honestly it was sooooo weird! It was very discomforting ha. I can't really explain it.  I got home and my comp and I had a prayer together to find peace, comfort and understanding regarding N.  We are just postponing it but I was heartbroken, still am. 

Lör: It was really sad not having a baptism today but we've got to trust in the Lord's timing and help N through this. We went out and contacted a lot of people to get our spirits boosted up. We met up with a couple at a pizza place and talked about all sorts of things. He likes to talk so I figured the best thing to do was to listen and love. We did get to talk about family history work as well as how the mission process works and they were very captivated by that. It really was one of the greatest nights ever. They really like us and invited us over for Vallborgs -a Swedish holiday/tradition which I will explain later when it actually happens in a couple of weeks.

Sön: Sacrament meeting was phenominal, though not too many people were there -it was Påsk -Easter, it's a bit ironic. All of the speakers had great testimonies of the Easter season, the Atonement and Resurrection. We taught P the Restoration after Sacrament meeting and he loved it. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to pray about it and see if it is true! J was taken care of by the Relief Society -they love her. Funny story: I asked if we could still meet with J at 5 on tuesday and all of the women turned to me and gave me the death glare of the century because that is when they are having the Relief Society activity! Whoa, man! Talk about scary! Geez, I didn't know that was going on! Hahaha, I love how close they are to her haha, so we set it up for earlier and everyone relaxed a bit. We had lunch with the L's with a testimony meeting about what Christ means to everyone. We then went over to another family for dinner (right after a big lunch...not too fun on my tummy!) where we played some easter games and had a good time.

Did I mention I gave a talk too? I had no notes and just testified from my heart what Easter really means to me. I remembered Elder Christofferson's talk from conference that was very helpful and powerful. I talked about the beauty and impact Christ's resurrection means. When Christ was with his apostles, he said ”Greater love hath no man than this, that a man layeth down his life for his friends. The servant knoweth not all what the master doeth, but as ye are my friends I have told you all that I doeth. Ye are my friends if ye obey my commandments.” I love that so much! We are His friends. What greater love is there? The angels said to Mary and the other women ”Why search ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but He is risen.” Christ has conquered the sting of death. He is risen. Other churches celebrate His death by wearing the cross around their necks, which is very important to remember of course. But we as Latter-Day Saints, we celebrate His life. That He lives today! How glorious and wonderful that is to know that our Savior lives and He guides this church. Like Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon's testimony ”He lives. For we saw Him!” Because of Him, all of us will receive our perfect resurrected bodies, never to be corrupted again. Because of Him, all will gain immortality. Because of Him, we have the opportunity to stand before God and be judged according to our works. Because of Him, He will be our advocate with the Father IF we follow Him. Because of Him, we will see those who have gone before us, waiting on the other side. Because of Him, I will see Elder Mason Bailey again. That's what Easter means to me. I know and testify of these truths. I am His friend because I follow Him. I love this work and this people. ”Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that My Redeemer Lives!”
May you always remember the Savior in your life and celebrate Him not just once a year, but all year long. I love and pray for you, have a wonderful week!

 Med vänlig hälsning
Äldste Johnson

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