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Monday, May 5, 2014

An odd week...

Hello everyone!
Wowee, sounds like things are pretty busy at this time of the year! I am glad to hear everyone is doing swell. I am really praying that Nichole's baby comes before I skype this Sunday! Wow, it literally feels like last week was Christmas and I was skyping home for that. Well, like the title says, this week was odd. The weather went on a very cold/rainy streak, people didn't answer, but it was fun nevertheless. Let me tell ya all about it...

Just like home
Mån: After emailing we rode our bikes to the grocery store so we could haul our stuff a lot farther because we went to Lidl the most cheap awesome store ever!! Seriously, we saved so much money from that and are planning to go again next week:) We did some cleaning, played the uke, wrote some letters, all that jazz. We had a farewell dinner for Elder S at the K's. They are so awesome. We went to go meet up with a potential investigator who ended up blåsting us, tyvärr-too bad.

Tis: We met with a new potential who Elder S tracted into on exchanges. We taught her the Restoration and she said she would be baptized if she knew it were to be true. We visited with J to follow up and she has completely overcome the problem she was working on! She has such a strong dedication and desire to follow God to the fullest extent. It is the coolest thing seeing this. We gave her some praise-  It really helps investigators, or anyone in that matter, to really go big on praising them for coming so far (my English is digressing, I don't know big words anymore). 

Ons: We said good bye to Elder S and inherited Elder B as a tri-panionship until Elder C came at 10 that night. We had a couple lessons with  investigators who wanted help with family history work. We then watched the chuch, made some calls, did some family history work, I played the piano (im actually not too bad, not good in any way, but not bad), and did language studies. 
Winter is burned away to prepare for spring
So this day, April 30 (happy anniversary to Ryan and Nichole) is Valborgs Afton -Valborgs Eve. This is the day where huge piles of dead trees and bushes and whatnot are gathered together and then burned in a huge bonfire to burn out the winter and welcome in the spring/summer. We got changed into regular clothes and met up with H and B -some potential investigators who had us over for dinner. We had something called
yummy raggmunk
Raggmunk which is potato pancakes with bacon and lingon berry jam. Oh man, it was so good. You have all of the different kind of tastes together which is awesome-you get salt from the bacon, sweet and sour from the jam and then the potato pancakes. It was fantastic! We then went to the forest gathering place to see the fire, sadly we missed the lighting of it and the people who sing and dance around it, but we got there to see the fire. It was really cool! We all walked back to the train station to pick up Elder C. 
The tri-panionship at Valborgs Eve

So funny thing, every Valborg it rains, and so it did this year. So there was a massive fire with rain coming down. We walked to the train station and got soaked. We were a little late, but it all worked out. We had a very interesting talk along the way about the meaning of life and all that -H is very scientific and likes to find historical finding, exact proofs of things. He knows that we belong to a higher power, but what that is- who can know? We can! 

Tors: We had district meeting on How to Begin Teaching. The first meeting we have with investigators are crucial. If you don't set up expectations saying that we help people come closer to Christ by trying these things for themselves, they are not going to do anything that will help them come closer to Christ. If baptism isn't talked about from the very beginning, people are gonna be really confused when it comes up later. We had lunch at burger king and headed down to Strängnäs. We met U and gave him a baptismal calendar -which he loved. He is already towards the end of Alma in the Book of Mormon! We went over the W of W again to make sure he understood it and said we were gonna do all that we can to help him out. He wants to come to J's baptism next Saturday and church if he has a ride! So we are working on that for him. Something that I noticed with him this day, well ever since the first time I met him, his countenance has changed, his face was glowing. It seriously was the coolest thing to see. I can't explain it. The spirit is really making a physical change on him as well as spiritual.  I love it!! 

Fre: We visited D at the church. We watched a film and the spirit was so strong and just emanating in the room. We know that he felt it, he just has never felt the spirit before so we need to help him understand that. We ate dinner with B and talked about Patriarchal Blessings. I have done my own personal study on mine, and have found some great insight from that.  The thing about them is they are eternal. They are not just for this life. These blessings last for eternity IF we are worthy of them and follow our Savior.

We went to sports night and had a great turnout -about 15 plus people were there! Things are picking up more and more here, it is so cool! Being in this side of the world, you really learn to appreciate the small things, the small successes here and there. By small and simple things great things are brought to pass.

I love the temple
Lör: Here was an odd day. We got up and left for Västerhanninge early in the morning for Stake Conference. We were told we were invited to all sessions however, that was not the case. The first meeting was a Priesthood Leadership meeting which we were not supposed to be at, but we didn't know. So we made the best of the situation, took pictures at the temple, got some food, talked with people on the street. 

The topic for Stake Conference was Sätt Din Hand Till Herren's Verk -Set Your Hand to the Lord's Work, (or Put your shoulder to the Wheel.) The speakers really hit hard on member work. An invitation is all that is required, and like elder Ballard said, an invitation needs a follow up. The speakers chose topics from this last general conference, which was perfect. I felt very refreshed from listening to the excitement and enthusiasm to carry the Lord's work forward. We caught a ride home with Sister K, or else we would have gotten home at 11 due to train times. She was giving us some motherly advice (yes, it was useful) and whatnot ha. She will be in Salt Lake over the summer (almost st. george.)  Their little girls just love us missionaries and don't like when we have to leave, ha. It makes me trunky for having kids and all that good stuff. But then I hear crying and I think to myself, eh, I can wait:)

Sön: Another odd thing: We were awakened by a marching band at 6.30 this morning. For what purpose, I have no idea. It might have been a part of the continuing Valborg celebration of welcoming in spring/summer. It was weird, I got a video of them walking past our street. We sat in the back at Stake Conference and as I was looking around I just thought, this is true. How great it is to gather together as children of God wherever you are in the world. Even with kids crying and running around, you can't help but just think this is the only true church. We as members aren't perfect, but the church is lead by the Savior himself. It was President and Sister Newell's last conference address as they are nearly done with their missions. I am so grateful for them. They have been so fantastic for the mission and for me. It will be weird when they leave, but we don't stop. We press forward. Put your shoulder to the wheel and move a long.

Going back home we felt inspired to stop in Strängnäs to swing by N. We called but no answer. We went to her door and but we forgot the port code. We were about to walk away when what do you know, she comes up from out of the cellar from doing laundry and sees us and opens the door! If that wasn't inspired I don't know what is. We talked with her for an hour. We gave her Mosiah 24 before we headed out, where the Lord visits Alma's people in their hour of need. He lifts the burdens, doesn't take them away, so that they may bear with patience and know that God is with them. God is with her at this time. She really needed to hear that, and I am so happy we decided to come by. Later we met up with D and had amazing homemade bagels. We made it home to give the Sacrament to Helena, and did some contacting. We headed over to the other elders apartment to sauna:)

This pic makes me look mad & chubby but I'm not
It was a rather odd week, but you know, you just keep swimming:) NAME THAT MOVIE! haha, I love you all so very much. I appreciate all that you do for me. I cannot wait to see you guys next week on skype, come prepared with some stuff to ask me. I love you. I love this work. I am seeing significant changes in lives including my own, and I could not be any more grateful to my Heavenly Father for that. He is with me every step of the way. I am excited for Kristina this weekend to covenant with Father. Be good, and have a fantastic week, and Mother's Day especially!:)
Puss Puss-kiss kiss (typical teenage girl thing to say here ha)
Äldste Johnson

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