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Monday, July 21, 2014

Goodbye to the big Tuna

Dear Fam and Friends, Glad to hear you are all doing well! I'm very jealous that I can't go to Wicked with you, but we'll do that later. It was a very warm week, and very humid. So about 90 degrees fahrenheit with 100 %humidity. Nice and wet if you know what I'm saying.

Chocolate Molten cake
Mån: After emailing, we cut our pday short to proselyte because of something we were going to do on Thursday. We met with M who taught me some Spanish. Then we had dinner and family home evening with K's and B's whole family! Plus it was my going away party because we knew I would be leaving. We had homemade chocolate molten cake. Oh man, it was so good:) The K's are the best fellow-shippers ever. We got to watch front row how member missionary work should be done. I love them. I know B and his family will be baptized. I hope I will be able to come and see that happen.

Tis: We went down to strängnäs only to walk around with people cancelling on us left and right. I honestly have no idea how we got 20 lessons this week because we got cancelled on so much. We did get to visit with C and her family before heading home.

Ons: District meeting: the discussion was led to Bearing Testimony Frequently. Many times we think that we need to make this huge extravagant testimony at the end of the lesson, but it doesnt need to be so. Small simple sincere statements of truth allows the Holy Ghost to penetrate to the investigators heart. We received a call from an old investigator (GU-gamal undersökare) wanting a Doctrine and Covenants -this guy knows a ton about our beliefs and everyones, he does deep deep study to honestly find truth. So we took this as a sign that all of the cancellations were so that we could meet with him. He tried to bible bash but he still wants to meet and discuss certain things. So thats cool. We met with K and he was being so hardhearted with everything. He was just fighting the Mormon doctrine, but I was like, "Look, we don't teach any Mormon doctrine, there is no such thing. We teach the doctrine of Jesus Christ, because it is the Church of Christ, the same that has been taught since the beginning of the world." It was intense, just let me leave it at that.

Teaching me the munspel
Tors: We got to go to a Medieval Knight Festival going on in Mariefred with a member family and it was pretty awesome! I got myself a munspel -mouth game. There's a pic of the guy teaching me how to play it. Ill have to show you guys when I get home, it is super cool!!! Sick! Then they had tournament with competitions and they actually jousted! Well, as much as they could without people getting hurt. I wish though that I could have seen a real joust, just like from A Knights Tale. That wouldve been sick! It was definitely worth it, though the sun was blazing hot. I got me some good color again:)
Hole in one

Back to work where we met with Y. Things have been stressful for him because his family lives in Libya and theres some crazy things going on over there.

Fre: Exchanges. There was a locked building and just at that moment we get to the door someone was there! Perfect! Turns out it was this TUs girlfriend. So she lets us in and we met with the TU. He isnt religious at all, though is interested in Theology -like most people here ha. We had him pray for his first time ever, and it was pretty great. He definitely opened up a lot more from when we first got in. We were able to meet with this less active family for a visit. I'm very grateful for Elder C. We've had some good talks together. He has really helped a ton here in Eskilstuna, especially for me.

Lör: We met with T for a good deep conversation and he is sincere in his desire to find truth. He had great prayer afterwards to ask God for him to open his understanding if the Book of Mormon is true. We met D who had a spiritual experience this week. 6 months ago he was very content with his life, lagom. Then after meeting with us, reading from the Book of Mormon and coming to church, he has felt even better than before. It was so cool hearing him say that and for him to recognize it himself. So wonderful!

We finally met up with B who is from El Salvador and he and his wife were excited to see us and we had some fika and talked. They are in the belief that God is first priority. And testimony should be centered on Jesus Christ, not some priest. They were super nice and just awesome people. And we finally got in contact with N again!! It seems her boyfriend doesn't like us. Man, that was very disappointing. 

Oh just det, we received the transfer call from President Beckstrand and I will be transferring to Handen, Stockholm South, as a Zone Leader!?! I'm super excited for the opportunity and I'm also a little nervous but I know that when I put my faith in Christ he can use me as an instrument in His hands to carry this work forward.

Love these people!
Sön: It was my last Sunday in Eskilstuna and when I bare my testimony I usually cry, its just how it is. It gave me a chance to just pause, look out over the congregation and feel the spirit. It's truly a remarkable feeling. I had my last dinner with the L's and visited H for my last time (every Sunday for 6 months.) At home I packed a little bit -that is always so stressful for me ha! and went to the other elders for my last bastu, tyvärr. It was nice.

These 6 months in Eskilstuna have truly been a great blessing. I love these people with all of my heart and am pained to leave them. But I know that life goes on, and same with the mission so there are new adventures to be had and new people needed to be found and I am honored for the chance I have to do it. There is a big place in my heart for the Tuna. I know the work will continue to progress here - I have seen mighty changes from day 1. This work is true. It blesses lives. It heals the broken soul. It promises eternal joy. I am forever grateful. I love you all, have a great week
Med Kärlek

Äldste Johnson

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