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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Lord's Wind

Dear family and friends, How are you? It sounds like you all had a fantastic week! Well, as y'all know, I turn 20 this week. It's kind of weird thinking about it. So, I'm not gonna think about it ha.

Mån: We met up with a lot of missionaries to play some sports and that was lots of fun. Later we met with M. She had met the missionaries before the summer, didn't really get into the lessons, but now after summer, she is very positive and looking for some answers. So we taught her and things look promising here.

Tis: O, a ysa who is preparing to leave for his mission, came with us to go teach some people. They cancelled on us so we did contacts instead. We had O talk to people on the street. He was really nervous the first time, but he actually did really good. We did a role play to get him comfortable and that was hilarious!! Hahah, it just reminded me that life as a role play missionary isn't all like real life. We had member dinner with an awesome family -but let's just face it, all the members here are super awesome!!

Removing mountains 
Ons: So we had our zone training! Removing mountains through faith. President Be wants us to memorize Mark 11:22-23, and that is what we based the training on. Mountains are things that hold us back from reaching our full potential. They stop us and hinder the work. We had a good discussion with the whole zone, not just us talking, and it went really well. Mountains could be expectations, laziness, tiredness, comparing, pride, fear, etc. We then went into how we can break down those mountains with faith. Faith is not just praying really really hard, but faith comes after the amen. We have to actively do something to remove our mountains. We also tied in the fact that we are yoked with Christ and he can help us remove our mountains. 

So we got blåsted a lot right after that, but we went out and started digging at our "mountain" -talking to everyone in our path. It's really fun actually, not letting a person pass you by who you could reach out your hand to help. Things aren't immediately picking up, but I can tell you my comp and I are more unified than ever. When we put aside our pride and put the Lord first it is amazing!

Trains are great
Tors: We swungby B in the morning and taught her briefly on the doorstep. Then met with M again and helped her understand Gods plan of happiness. We had a great member dinner and then met up with G to go to sports night in Gubbängen. Elder M and Elder S (former comp) were there and we had a soccer game and it was super intense and sooooo much fun!!! I loved it! I got my megs in and got some goals, it felt really good:)

Fre: We listened to a conference talk with L, continuing to help him on his plan to get to the temple. When we met G and his sister eventually made her way in and we were able to give her her own copy of the Book of Mormon. We want to teach her but we gotta go through the mom, so pray that we will be able to.

Lör: So we contacted this guy C a week ago but he cant speak Swedish too well -he speaks Spanish. So we met him with a YSA to help translate for us. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and has had some really good questions. It is kind of hard with the language barrier but our ysa is a recently returned missionary and was great.  Later we went through half of our TU (potential investigator) list in our phone, which is 100 people, and about 30 of them answered and 5 of them said that we could meet again! 

Sön: C came to church and had a great experience. We had someone translating for him and then he went into the spanish speaking sunday school class. Things are looking good for him. I'm super excited. We went to a members place for dinner, and boy did they have a beautiful home. They are humble people and willing to help us out with teaches! I love it. We got caught in a rain storm on our way back but it was ok. You aren't a missionary if you havent walked through a rainstorm in a suit:)

I can honestly say my life has been changed since the conference with Elder Bednar. I feel the spirit more strongly and I am more effective in my scripture study, prayers, and coming to church. I want to share something that our ward mission leader shared with us yesterday. It is the story [a church video] about some missionaries in the Polynesian islands who received a notice that a family wanted to be taught on a different island. The companionship sets out on a boat to go teach these people. Half way out, the wind dies, and they are stuck there for a really long time. They decide to pray that the wind would carry them to the island -it was a righteous desire to go teach these people. Nothing happened. They finally started rowing themselves, a full days journey of rowing non-stop. The message is that sometimes the Lords expects us to be His wind. He needs us to do things to show him that we are really his. That we dont just pray for things to happen, but to work for them. Pray to be the lords wind and work. Man, that was super powerful. I challenge you all that instead of just praying for missionary opportunities that you pray to have your eyes opened to them, then go out and be the Lords wind and seize them! I love this work. It is true! I love you all, have a great week!


Äldste Johnson

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