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Monday, October 14, 2013

Kära familjen Johnson och väner!

Well, Gee whiz, everyone seems to be having a stellar time and/or learning so much! That is fantastic! This week has been a bit long and hard, we haven't really had anyone to teach so we have been a bit down on ourselves. We did however come away with 16 lessons for the week, and we aim for 20, so that was a miracle in itself. 

Mån: A group of us missionaries went over to gamla stan to explore. 

The *real* viking ship that we saw, wasn't so real. We were about to go on and do a little tour of some viking things around the area, we actually got the guy to get the price extremely cheap, but backed out after we looked inside. Not even close to being real. How lame. I was stoked to navigate the ocean on a viking ship, it looked cool, but just a big scheme.

After that we proceeded to the Stadshuset which is the place where they give out the Nobel Peace Prize every year!
Tis: We helped a less active in our ward move for a couple of hours, well mainly me lifting all of the heavy stuff ha. We then had ward council and I can see that conference has inspired people in Stockholm församling (ward) and they want to help with missionary work.

Ons: We went up to North Lidingö to find a YSA-aged young woman.  We didn't have too much info about her. Found out she is nanny-ing for a family and only has certain days and times off of work. She actually told us that we were an answer to her prayer to know that the church was true and that she wanted some way to come back. Wow! How cool is that, to be guided up to her place (which by the way the view is phenominal),
and be an answer to her prayer. I just love that! Not knowing really anything leading up to what you do, but just living worthy and being in the right place at the right time to answer someones prayer. Its amazing!

We met with L later and committing him to some things that will bring blessing to his family. He is such a great guy!

I had a cool experience also this day. I was sitting at the bus stop and said a prayer in my heart. I said '"God, I'm doing the best I can here and I'm feeling discouraged. Help me feel of your love. I promise the next person you put in my way, I will talk to them." I didn't think too much about that, but as I boarded the bus, a man with a beer bottle sack, sat next to me. I smiled to myself and just started talking to him. Nothing really came out of the conversation, but that answered my prayer and helped me know that God is watching out for me. It is so amazing.

Tors: We had our district meeting today. Our zone leaders talked about how missionaries, especially in Sweden or anywhere not in the same culture, are like new converts. We both are new to this new world, this new language, this new atmosphere, culture and place with no idea of where to go. We both need to feel of that reassurance and help from a friend that what we are doing is right. It is scary leaving your family, your lifestyle, your culture, your world. That reassurance is what binds us together.  Someone to physically tell us that what we are doing is right. A mission demands so much out of us: its physical, mental, social, and spiritual all the time 24/7. It takes a lot out of you, and you can break really easy. One prophet said that if we 18-24 year-olds knew what we were getting into with a mission, how demanding it would be, we wouldn't do it. I think that is really funny, but super true! God is just testing our faith and patience until we get on the edge about to fall, then he steps in, grabs us and pulls us back to him. Its happened to me so many times already, its crazy. It was a much needed discussion and helped me remember that God is there.

Well I officially hit my 3 month mark since Ive been on a mission this day! Thats super crazy! I am still super diligent with my journal writing every night, I am actually already on my second one!

Fre: Our weekly planning went not-so-good, nobody answered us. And those that did, dropped us and said they weren't interested anymore. We did a comp inventory and it was great! They really do help so much, I have a testimony of this. We had a make it or break it lesson with several people about keeping commitments or we have to drop them. Man, some weird things happened in that. I'm sorry but I cant explain ha. Oh, and I organized our bookcase and it rocks. 

We were in charge of chill night at the YSA center. There was a lesson about the Restoration and it was amazing. I didn't understand a lot of what was being said, but I could feel the spirit testifying to me that it is true. I felt it and still feel it so strong that we do have the truth restored to the earth. I know it with all my heart. To close, we watched a video about little snippets of Josephs life while the Motab was singing Praise to the Man and I just wept. It was so powerful to me. He died to seal his testimony of the truth of the Restoration. Would you? 

Lör: I was in the shower and all of the sudden the power goes off. But the water was still going because it was pressurized. So there I was singing and showering in the dark. hahahaha ill admit, i was a little scared, but I laughed. So I opened the door so I could see and then continued my shower in peace. We found out later that we only blew a fuse and that we had to just flip a switch, whoops! It was a good story in the books!

In our contacting/swing bys, we came across this gigantic football field, dog walking park, area it was sick!
That night, J and S invited all of the missionaries in stockholm and the ap's over for a taco night. It was so good, and we all had a great time. The sisters taught a lesson about patriarchal blessings which was fantastic. I realized I hadn't read mine for awhile but I shared some insights about what they are and what it means to me. It really is the most personal thing between you and God. What he has blessed you with, and what he has in store for you. They really are amazing.

Sön: I studied up on my own patriarchal blessing and had a good time reading and feeling what my father in heaven wants from me. I cried for awhile because it testified to me how much God really knows me, more than I know myself. I don't understand most of mine, but I know he has a plan for me and wants me to do the best I can. We all have potential to be great, lets do it.
SS lesson was on prayer which has been significant for me this week. I was feeling down a lot, unhappy with my work, whats been happening, our *un-success*, things like that. But when I look back on the week, God has blessed me so much, I just didn't realize it. I now pray to have my eyes opened and be thankful for what I do have, instead of focus on what I don't have. Prayer really is one of the best gifts from God, a way that we can communicate to him; someone who is there 100% of the time always, if we allow ourselves to be there too. I have been so strengthened by the power of prayer on my mission, especially this week. I know God lives and is waiting for us to go to him in prayer to bless us. When we humble ourselves and turn to him, he will Always bless us. I know this. I love you all so much, I hope you all have a great week!

MVH Jag älskar dig

Äldste Johnson

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