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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hej hej alla!

Last pday we visited Drottningholm which is where the King resides. It is very extravagant and super cool!! I sent lots of pictures. We met a German man named K who followed us and hung out with us for 5 hours! Super cool guy and is interested somewhat.

Tuesday, I played football in the morning with P! He was a superstar football player before he blew out his knee, so that was way cool playing one v one with him. I got one meg on him:)
We had our district meeting about how we can bury our concerns which will free us to be better missionaries. There is a story in history about Cortez when he had to go war in another country. He burned all of their ships so they had no way of getting home to Spain. He did this so his men would fight with everything they had, with no chance of getting back unless they won the war. This motivated his men and they conquered. We all have our ships - concerns, pulling us back from giving our all. But I challenge you to burn your ships now and conquer what you have set out for.

Something we did this week because things have been going slow, was to make thank you cards for all of our members that we work with and make cookies for them. I used mamas recipe but used marabou (best Swedish chocolate) instead of regular chips. They turned out fantastic, according to the members. I'm not bragging or anything, but they were pretty darn good:) I also had 2 more kebabs since that first time and it is really growing on me. It is so good and just the best ha!

Wednesday, we met up with H.  Every time we go over she loves it because she always prays for help and comfort, and then what do you know, we come right away! I love being an answer to someone's prayers. It's the best feeling in the world. To follow the spirit and help people realize that God is mindful of them. I firmly have a testimony of this, it happened many times this week and I love my Heavenly Father so much because of it. We also had Institute at the center that night, and I talked with a lot of YSAs! I could understand them a lot more and keep a conversation going on for quite some time! 

Thurs, I did a lot of personal study on family history and founds some really cool scriptures: D&C 138:47-48; 128:15. When we do family history and temple work, we are helping those who are dead attain salvation. But likewise, they help us to attain salvation. Also, why do we call God our Father? Because we are all one big family and need to help our brothers and sisters have the opportunity to receive the gospel.

Before Friday we had only 6 lessons up until that day. But we got 6 in just one day! We ended out the week with 19 which is super stellar! We focused our teaching on church and sacrifice. For some people it is a sacrifice to go to church. But the Savior died for each of us, the least we can do is sacrifice some time to go to church to learn more about Him.

Saturday, we had our ward party which was a huge success! We had 75 people come with several non members. We had a talent show type of thing and we as the missionaries performed a skit about members and missionaries working together- a lot of fun! We ate some food and talked with everyone!  This ward continues to share the love they have with each other. I ate some moose at the G's that night, and it was super good! Daylight Savings was definitely a benefit for us, that extra hour!:)

Sunday, was awesome as always. It is still hard on my brain to go 3 straight hours in a row in Swedish. I love being able to take the Sacrament and just start out fresh again.The Sacrament is for everyone trying to do their best to change bad habits and grow closer to Christ. I am so grateful for the Savior allowing me the opportunity to change and follow him better when I renew my baptismal covenant.

Yesterday, Monday, we hit up the outlets in Jacobsberg with Äldsters M and T. I got another new sweater. We had FHE with the G's and Y and Z. Played some fun games, but most important was the lesson on families. We should set a consecrated time to gather with our family AT LEAST once a week. This gospel is central to families and that is the way of God. I am so grateful for my family. How, no matter what, Monday was family night and that we would gather together to have a lesson. Even when I had football practices that would go past 10 pm, they would wait up for me because it was THAT important. I know it is. I believe it is. I show that it is when I tell people about this gospel. It is the best thing ever, to have a group of people who love each other and want to help each other grow. That means so much to me, and I hope it does to you as well. I love and pray for all of you so much. Have a fantastic week!

Jag älskar er!

Äldste Johnson

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