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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hallå familjen Johnson och väner!

Well folks, here we are. I am grateful for all of your letters and love. I truly feel it here in Sverige. Thanks for all of the advice and updates you give me, it is great to see all of you taking the courage to work on being better member missionaries and doing what Elder Ballard invited us all to do before Christmas. I know you all can do it.

This week was transfers. I was praying to stay here in Stockholm but I knew the Lord knew what was best for me! So .......I found out that I would be transferred to the hardest places in the mission to be with one of the most disobedient missionary.... nej, jag bara skojar! JK I'm staying in Stockholm another 6 weeks!!! Hahaha i got all of you pretty good! That means I will probably be transferred the week before Christmas but I wont worry about that now, I am stoked to stay here and get right back to work! The weather has been pretty nice this week, 5 on average. Its sooooooo close to snowing, and I want it so bad!!! 

I went to the Vasa Museum last week on pday and got some cool pics. It is the largest preserved ship saved from the 17th century! The history behind it is kind of funny because the Swedes made this massive ship but it only went out of the bay 500 meters and then sunk from a small breeze that tipped it over. It was supposed to be the most eloquent powerful ship in the world, kind of like the titanic i guess ha, but it was not built proportionally, if that makes sense ha. The bottom wasn't wide enough or heavy enough to protect it from winds blowing it over ha. It is 98 percent still in tact. The museum was neat. I am always fascinated by history and things like that.  I would have stayed all day there reading all of the little notes and things they have about every little thing there, but alas, I couldn't.

Tis: I started Ab Ripper X and it is brutal but awesome! My focus from PMG this month is Charity. I have always struggled to feel and show empathy for people. 1 Corinthians 13 says it perfectly -You can have all knowledge and power in the world, all the faith to move mountains,etc, BUT if ye have not Charity, ye are NOTHING!! Thats pretty dang powerful. Charity, as we know, is the pure love of Christ. We are striving to see people the way that God and Christ sees them, with an unconditional perfect love, and THEN serve them! Its not love if you just say it. You must sacrifice yourself for someone else. I hope these insights help you, because as I write them down I feel the spirit confirm to me what I am saying is true.
Weird glass box in the middle of the sidewalk
President loves focusing on 'vision'. As missionaries we set our expectations to be really big before we start our mission. However, life hits and we find out its not going to be that easy. So then we lower our expectations, but why? Just because something challenges your expectations or goals, don't change it, work harder for it because you know it will be that much more worth it. When expectations are lowered, the amount of work and success also diminishes.
Don't settle for less when you are challenged, take control and see your vision and work for it.

Me and the "T"- two St. George Boys
Wed: I taught an English class that didn't go so well because the high school kids were not very interactive, oh well ha. I am not sick anymore - yeah! I finally saw Elder T at the Gubbängen chapel and I got to talk with him and give him a big hug! That night we got to meet our investigators wife and she was really nice and invited us over for dinner on Sunday!

Thurs: Elder H had an interview for the zls investigator. He is so cool and going to be the best member! He volunteered his car and service to help someone in our ward move. How cool is that!! We had sports night and had a guy come that we had invited. He fit in so well and just loved it! 

Fre: I had my 12 week conference call with president and my whole group! I cant believe i have been here that long!! CRAZY!!! We cleaned the baptismal font and it felt like i was in a little pool, haha. I had a really cool bus contact with someone. I loved that!

Lör: S had his baptism and it was awesome! He was smiling ear to ear in his white clothes and just absolutely fit in there! We helped someone move. The pics I have were above her place overlooking Stockholm!!! It was so cool and fun running around on the rooftops! 

Sön: Church, always so good! It was the Swedish Father's Day here and all of us missionaries got the badge and the candies.
Glad Father's Day
My first Father's Day gift
Then we had an interesting dinner of lamb stomach and chicken.  We brought our friend with us to the G's and they got along so well and it was awesome! Great things are going to happen with him and his family! 

I love all of you so much and so grateful to be a missionary! It is super hard, but more rewarding! I love it and have learned so much! Keep working hard! Put God first always and everything else will fall into place. I promise! I love the member missionary stories from all of you, keep it up! Kämpa på!
Jag älskar er
Äldste Johnson

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