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Monday, November 4, 2013


This picture is for my brother, for his birthday.  It makes me laugh.
Hallå alla!
Vad händer denna vecka? Happy Birthday to Bradley Van Pelt! [Brady] Twenty twoooooo oooohhh -think taylor swift song:) Eller tjugo två (shoogie tvoa). Thanks all for your messages and uplifting thoughts, it really means a lot. The last couple of days I have been sick. My allergies and insomnia were at an all-time low and I was really happy about that. But then...BOOM! I have had trouble sleeping and my allergies are not the best. But oh well, Im doing fine. I'm used to this so its not going to stop my work at all.
The weather has been really great, about 5 or 6 celsius on average (41 degrees.) The sun is completely gone by 4pm which is super trippy because you think its like 9, time to go home. Nope. We still have 5 more hours in the dark to work! Its cool, but really weird. Its only going to get worse than that, 2 pm is the max I think when the sun goes down. And then the summers, the sun is up forever! Fo-ev-er!!! (name that movie) Even when the sun is up, there is always a cloud cover so you dont really see it too much. You would think, and this is normal for everyone, that it would bring your spirits down with everything being cold and dark, but I am the opposite. I love the cold and dark, that's how I lived in the basement! So no worries there!;)

Tuesday, was District Meeting about helping the YSA center to be better used because the church pays for it. It is a great place for YSA's to bring their friends, many baptisms come through this so we want things to pick up in that regard. We also talked about being more positive in our work. Be grateful for what you do have, don't reflect on what you don't have. Every time we say something a little negative we right away have to say 2 good things about that same thing. We call it the 2 for 1 deal. It really helps with our attitude.

We called some TUs, or tänkbara undersökare (potential investigators), and had some interesting discussions over the phone with some people. We then went over to a part member family's house. We ate some Ben and Jerrys ice cream with them (I thought of how much pops loves that stuff) and got to know them. They are super nice and funny! The wife actually had a copy of My Turn on Earth-by Caroline Pearson (mom you know what this is. Angel Lullaby- I still remember so vividly you singing that to me at night when I was young! ) We had a lesson about Family History Work and they want to get right on it! Families are a universal topic of interest, and it helps so much with our work, I love it! Then afterwards, the Husband who is chiropractor, gave me and Aldste H an adjustment and it FELT SO GOOD!!! Oh man, it was the best, I really needed that. H had never had one before and he was on cloud 9 haha!

Ons: In my personal studies this week, I read about Limhi and Alma the older. The Lord didn't deliver them so easily and fast. It's a testimony to me that though we may not receive immediate release from our trials and tribulations, the Lord does ease the burden when you pray for help.
We met up with one of our new converts who is always so fun to go to. He has been a member for a year this week so we are planning on taking him out for kebab. But we shared a Mormon message about continuing in patience.  We bought pumpkins and carved them. It took a really long time because our resources and tools were not the best, nevertheless they turned out really good! I, of course, made batman:)

Tors: I had been sick the past couple of days, so one thing that I've been doing is drinking some tea to soothe my throat and it makes me feel a lot better when I am sick. Blueberry is great. I had the best breakfast ever!! blueberry tea (with some honey and milk of course), blueberry muffin, cookies, apples, peanut butter and banana toast, granola and yogurt with apples and bananas. yummmmmmy:)

So it was Halloween. Yes Swedes celebrate it, but not quite like in America. We were not in lockdown, it was just another normal day of work.
Diagon Alley??
I did find a spot that looked like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.
We had the church watch, and did some family history work.We met up with H and she made blueberry muffins that were phenomenal  Then we had sports night, which turned out really good! This week was fall break for all of the schools, so that was crazy traffic, but meant tons of people could come. We had over 30 people come, and 15 of them were nonmembers!! It was a lot of fun playing bball, football, and volleyball. I had to be in charge of organizing everything, watching time, switching out, picking teams, cleaning up; the whole shibang. It was a lot of fun, but very exhausting, whew!

Fre: I ironed my pants (which btw, both are starting to fall apart ha) and couldn't seem to do it right. I can iron shirts, no problem, but the pants are just so confusing!! 
Tunnelbanna to Central station
We ate lunch in the middle of central station, hoping to see someone we knew from the crowd of millions of people walking by. Every 1000 people that passed, one of them was bound to be a Mormon  according to the statistics:) ha. We had a really good lesson/chat with one investigator who right off the bat he asked us about the temple-he wants that so bad! We bore testimony of how sacred it is and the feelings you get when you go to the temple, and he absolutely loved that!  Transfers are in 10 days and I want to stay! I told President this and I hope he lets me. Things are picking up in a lot of areas here!
I don't feel like my time in Stockholm is done, but we shall see.

Lör: A husband and wife contacted us and invited us over. They love God and Jesus so that's how they wanted to talk to us. All we offer them is the amazing truth about the Restored Gospel, and they are super positive! They are so prepared and loving and want to know more!
This day was also All Saints Day, I dont know too much about it and we kind of missed it, but apparently they have a big celebration and lighting of 1000s of candles in the cemetery  That's all I know, but it sounded cool.

Sön: I love Sundays  To take the sacrament and start the week fresh and hit it hard! President actually came to our apartment in the morning and we had a little interview with him together. He told us we need to be better with our planners, oops! And also he said that the Area book is worth so much, so don't lose it! It is a gold mine for people to come to Christ! Then he told us these great stories about him being on a mission, and being the ambassador here years ago. He knows everyone and is just so amazing! I love talking with him, he is so spiritual. We had dinner with the G's and an investigator and had a Plan of Salvation discussion, which was awesome! It was a solid week here in Stockholm.
Looking up the stairs to my apartment

I just would like close by telling all of you how much this Gospel means to me. Words don't do justice for what it has done for me in my life. I truly am grateful that God has entrusted me with his children in Sweden. I know it's hard, but there are people here just for me, that I need to help. I can't explain this feeling of desire to find those who I knew before this life who asked me to help them come to the knowledge of the truth once they were on earth. I am strengthened through my Savior, and know that God will guide me the whole way. My favorite hymn is 97 Lead Kindly Light and it says it perfectly: 'keep thou my feet, I do not ask to see the distance scene-one step enough for me.' I love you all and pray for you! Have a great week!

Äldste Johnson

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