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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey Friends and Family!
What is up?? I still can't believe it is a new year! Just last year, my cheeks were puffed up from my wisdom teeth surgery and I was blabbering and saying who knows what! A lot of things have happened since then, crazy crazy stuff. Well the last time I wrote was on thursday but I'm back to a normal Monday P-day schedule again so thats good. Congrats to Pops for becoming the 1st counselor to the bishop! I know you will be strengthened and do a wonderful job. 
This is where we meet for church

Friday: We had district meeting up in Norrköping, because half of our district is up there and they actually have a church building. We went over the new key indicators for the new year.  We talked about how it is possible to reach all of these numbers and that we aren't failing if we don't get them, as long as we strive for them every week to do a little more to be a little bit better.

In Habakkuk 2:2-4 it says that we should write down our vision, our goal, anything, so it can be made plain upon the tables. Also, when we write things down on earth, we know that it is written down in heaven. So if we have a vision of helping someone in need, teaching someone, thinking about someone to invite we should write it down because that makes it easier for God and his angels to see what we have in mind and they will know how and where to guide us and help those people that we are trying to find. Its really awesome to think about that! We took some personal time to think about our vision for ourselves in our areas, and then get together with our companions and talk a little bit about it. It was a very spiritual experience for me just pouring out my soul to God to let him know that I am ready and willing to do all that he wants me to do here in Linköping.  

Later that day, the T's, or the mission moving couple, came down to check out a new apartment around here. They stopped by our place to give us a couple of things, well mainly me, because I haven't had a pillow-so I was using my blanket as a pillow- and no comforter. So they got me those, and now, I am much better. I dont have a legit bed, its just 3 mattresses stacked on top of each other, which is nice but no lumbar support, so my back is always sore in the morning. They are working on finding me a new bed. Anywho, they went to check out a new apartment which had 100 applicants looking to take it but the owner sold it to them right then and there because she felt good about us!!! That is so cool! The Lord is definitely working with us even with things like apartments! It's amazing!

Sunday: Fast sunday is always just the best! I love how much closer to the spirit I get when I'm physically hungry because then I get spiritually fed a huge feast! We had most of our members there today, which was about 20, so that was really awesome for us getting to meet everybody including the branch president. Sister S, who is from Texas and married a Swede, wanted me to translate for her. I was scared out of my mind because I have never done that before. Its hard enough translating what people are saying into my own head, but to do that and then speak it out to someone else, boy thats rough! After struggling for awhile, she finally told me that she was messing with me and she understood just fine! Hahaha man, that was intense! She loves messing with missionaries I guess, and she got me good on that one! But then afterwards, I decided to try it even to myself; translate for myself and speak it out loud, softly, but enough to where I could hear myself. This really has already helped me out a ton, so I'm going to keep doing it.

Sunday school was awesome because I understood all the deepness on what was being talked about with Moses talking face to face with God, and being called to save Israel. It was an awesome lesson! Then priesthood we talked about Joseph Fielding Smith's life -wow, what a great man! This was the first sunday since I've been here in Linköping where we have had all 3 meetings. We met with the branch council and talked about the vision we see with the branch with investigators, less actives, home teaching, and having personal member missionary plans. They are all on board with it and want to get started ASAP! It was awesome to see how fired up they were about all of these things and seeing our vision come to pass!

I read 3rd Nephi till the beginning of Ether. It would be so hard to be Mormon and Moroni to see and witness the destruction of their people. Its incredible how great their faith was and their testimony that they knew the Book of Mormon would come forth in our days to help us. It makes me realize again how true this book is! I love reading it and all of the amazing insights I get from it. Take some time out of your day and read! I promise that it will help you no matter what! I love you all and so grateful for all that you do, keep going forward in faith and inviting all to come unto christ, even if it is in just the way you are living, keep it up!
Yes, I can cook.

Äldste Johnson

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