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Monday, January 13, 2014

It finally snowed!

Yes, it has finally snowed!!! I'm so happy about this! Its what I've been waiting for!! In just one day it dropped from 7 degrees celsius to -7 degrees celsius. Crazy!!! I love it though! I almost got frostbitten, but then I remembered I can be smarter than that so I put on some gloves and a beany, haha. 

I would like to thank all of those who have sent me christmas cards: Blake, Craig, Tony, Greg, Nichole, Wilkinsons, Flakes, Terrys, Andersens, Gunters, and the young women and men of the ward! You guys are all so awesome! I have all of the pictures and cards hanging above my desk! That means a lot, thanks so much!

Mom- I will definitely try to find more cheese slicers - I'm glad you liked it. I love those as well as the long shoe horns! Im planning on buying like 10 of those before I come home because they are the best!! I realize more and more everything you have taught me: being clean, cooking, respect, laundry, everything. I should have paid attention and done it more because now I realize how important all of those things are and I'm really OCD about them now, haha. So thanks for that:) Well I guess thats all I wanted to talk about, have a good week, love ya bye! Ha, Tricks (are for kids).

This week has been an improvement, not quite where I would like to be, but hey I'm working towards that. It doesn't just change overnight that we meet all our goals, it takes time and work to progress up to that point. That being said, it still was a pretty low number week, though that is not because we didnt work hard or put in the time. Thats the only sad thing about numbers is that it doesnt measure how much work you actually put into a week. But you and the Lord know, and thats all that matters, eller hur? Right? Right.
Perhaps I'll have a room like this someday (?)
Mån: Went to Ikea as a district and had a lot of fun going through the maze! You literally have to hit every single point in the store before you can go out, and it is a HUGE warehouse! So we had fun with it. We went through every room seriously contemplating and planning out our future lives and houses we wanted to have. It was the funniest thing ever! We were totally serious, testing certain couches, asking employees their opinions of cabinets, bathrooms, and discussing our future families. Awesome! We ate some kebab afterwards-I love kebab, but man it is a giant curse. It tastes soooo good, but then 2 hours later you immediately regret it (aka, you destroy the bathroom as well as your stomach hahahaha).
The package from the ward YW 
**A big thing we have done this week and probably do next week is get in contact with less actives, so we have been doing a lot of swingbys this week. Not a lot of people answered the door-so we left a note, but then others had portcodes-worst things ever! But thats where a lot of our time was spent this week.**

Tis: Met up with a contact who was busy during the holidays but is now available. They both study religion and are very interested in how people worship and why people worship. They have previously received the Book of Mormon. He says he feels something different when he reads it, than when he reads any other book-(Thats the spirit testifying of it's truth!) It was so awesome when he was talking about that, the spirit was very strong! They were supposed to come to church, but got sick, darn.

Ons: We did home teaching and I went with the Branch president- we got to know each other really well. He has a great long conversion story and how he got to Linköping. I love when people share their conversions, especially when its a long story, because thats how it really is. It doesn't just happen over night, usually, the Lord is mindful over his children and their development over a long time. Its amazing seeing the Lords hand over all. I love it!

Tors: District Meeting! I always feel the spirit so strong! I feel like it is always so personal and just exactly what I need, so Im greatful for my district leader(s) for that. Diligence was talked about a lot. This month has been perfectly set up for me to work on this attribute- continually doing good and working hard. D&C 58:26-28 says you shouldn't have to be commanded to do everything, take some responsibility and do good of your own free will even if no one else is doing it. Continue forward. Kämpa på! Fight On!

The Domkyrkan Cathedral - 2nd biggest in all of Sweden
Later that day, we contacted a referral from a member in Luleå that Äldste L knows. We knocked the wrong door and were confused for awhile, but then we found the right address. We knocked and the family invited us in! They are members of the Svenska Kyrkan church, but seriously were the best people I've ever met!! They had no idea who we were, but because we knew this family in Luleå, they had us in for dinner, talked about what we are doing as missionaries and getting to know each other, and touring their house, oh and offering to fix our bikes (i have still yet to ride a bike on a mission). This family is the best! They are so awesome and so talented in sports, music, art, everything! They are really outgoing fun people. I have never experienced anything like this! They are sooooo awesome! Yes they belong to another church, but we have started a really good relationship with them. They asked us how we continually believe that our church and our missionary work is the truth. We both bore our testimonies of it and the spirit was strong-SO COOL!

Fre: We met with an investigator who smelled strongly of smoke and that transfered to my clothes (I had to get them cleaned because I'm allergic to smoke). He has a strong testimony of Jesus but his other beliefs are interesting. Today marks 6 months on a mission!?! Wow, time goes by fast. I took some time to reflect on that and see what I can do better in the future months ahead of me. In honor of getting over the bump, we burned a tie. Dont worry, it wasnt any of my own.

Lör: I went on exchanges with Elder S. We hit up some swingbys and walked at least 10+ miles, or I guess you could say 15+kms the whole day. Wow! And in the snow!

Sön: I taught priesthood today in Swedish -very challenging. It was a great discussion on who God is from chapter 1 of Pres JF Smith's teachings. I had a good time studying and learning more about My Father in Heaven. God wants so much for us to be happy. He's given us our agency in hopes that we choose to follow his son back to Him for everlasting happiness. I think about now, me being on a mission, being separated from my earthly father, and how much I miss him and want to be with him. Then I think about thats how Heavenly father must feel about us, we are separated from Him on earth. And he wants us so bad to come back to him, and I feel the same way. I want to be with My Father in Heaven again. Its something very powerful that hit me. 

I had a really good heartfelt prayer with him this night. I was feeling stressed out, worthless, and that non of my swingby or efforts were counted for. It took a long time of me just opening up and telling Him all of the thoughts and concerns of my heart and how much I want to do to help him and his work. I can honestly say that I have come to know that there really is someone there who is listening to me, who is always there for
me with outstretched hands waiting to bless me if I but only ask, someone who can change how I feel in an instant, someone who knows me by name and wants what is best for me. I have a strong testimony that God lives. He lives and is there to bless me in times of need. He loved me so much that He sent His beloved Son Jesus Christ to come to earth and to sacrifice His life so that I might be able to return to Him. I love Him and am so grateful for him. I promise that when we truly humble ourselves, and pray to God in real relation to talking with our Father, he will bless us. He is waiting to. Don't cut off that line. I love you all and hope this week blesses you with all that you stand in need of. Go to the Father in prayer, and you will be helped.
Love, Äldste Johnson

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