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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey y'all!
Lost his earmuffs
Sounds like everyone has been having a crazy awesome week! Well it has continued to snow for a good week and a half here, so I have been loving that! But I lost my earmuffs somewhere so my ears have been cold. . The work has been about the same as last week, though we are putting a lot of effort into it. 

Monday, we just took it easy on Pday after buying 800 krowns worth of food for the week!
Walking in a blizzard
Tuesday, we got cancelled a couple of times But we got things updated, planned and ready for home teaching. Elder L and I made a trip out to Mantorp We walked all the way in a blizzard, and all the way back -though stopping in an adjacent store that was opened to rest and grab a quick snack. We met a teen at the train stop who we ended up talking too for a long time. He was not too interested in the gospel, but loves sports. The train actually got cancelled for the whole night so we thought we were stuck out there forever, we had already been waiting an hour in an outside station. Luckily, a bus came to our rescue a half an hour later, and we made it back home safe and sound.

Wednesday, we spent the day looking all over town for maps of the little outskirt areas where we have less actives and investigators that we could swingby. They had NONE! We did our home teaching splits. We met with a less active who is pretty much home bound. She is very nice, has a strong testimony, but can't afford to get to church because she lives 40 minutes away and she has a wheelchair. It's sad that we can't really help her, but we are thinking about bringing the sacrament to her. Everyone deserves to take the sacrament.

Thursday, We had our zone training up in Södertälje. We have the biggest zone in the whole mission, and we were packed into a small hot building ha. It was pretty fun. It was about the Atonement. That Christ did a hard work in going through so much pain and suffering for us. He did it because he loves us so much. It made me want to go out and work even harder.

A little wet after going through the ice
We met up with a less active who absolutely loves animals! The place was crazy with animals, but it was really cool!  She loves missionaries and said we can come over whenever we want. 
I tried to test the ice water by the path and fell in a bit. Woops.

This is where I went in

Friday, I finished the book of Mormon after 3 months and had a really cool experience. Now I have read and prayed about the bom plenty of times, but I wanted to continue to test it. I prayed whole heartedly for a very long time, (almost an hour) about if it was true. I felt an overwhelming sensation throughout my whole body that was testifying to me that it is true. It has been true, is true, and forever will be true. It was a really cool experience to say the least. The only way people can know if it is true is to try it. Its as simple as that. So thats what we do-invite all to try it, to come closer to christ. The honest seeker, when trying it out, will 100% guarantee know that it is true.

So, here's a crazy story - my dad gave me a referral. Crazy, right? Yes! My dad, in St. George, Utah, met with a guy who has a son who lives 20 minutes away from where I live!!! Insane! Dad sent me his phone number so I called him up and spent a good hour talking with him about his family, how he came to Sweden (he grew up in salt lake but doesnt know too much about mormons or missionaries...hmmm) and just things like that. He is really cool and said his door is always open whenever I am in the area. We are planning to go meet him in person this week! Way to do member missionary work dad!

Walking our bikes on this path to get them fixed
Saturday, We met up with the a nonmember family who are fixing our bikes! We ended up eating, playing games, playing the piano (I fixed their guitar by ear!) and just strengthening our relationship with them. They are very open and ask us anything they want to know about us, they think family history work is super cool and that we do baptisms for the dead in the temple! They are just awesome! We keep the gospel in mind when we are there and we just continue to have a good time and build our relationship.
President Newell came down to do interviews with us -this was my first interview since I had that 2 minute one right off the plane. It felt really good. He knows me, and we were on a very personal level as we talked. I know he is an inspired man called of God.

Sunday -yesterday! We made a big breakfast together before heading to church. We had a good meeting, I love the sacrament! Its great to look back on the previous week and see what we can change in the upcoming week! I am so thankful for the chance to renew my baptismal covenants and be clean again. We had a really good meeting with the branch presidency and are planning on doing activities to strengthen the branch and bring less actives back. Also, we want to come up with a date in the future for this branch to become a ward. It probably be after my time here, but I want to lay the great foundation of getting there! It would be so great if we could do that, truly see the Lord's Kingdom in Linköping grow and expand.
Outskirts of Linköping
We had a member dinner and got to have a really cool talk with the Relief Society president, who is also responsible for young women, and primary (though we have none so far)-talk about busy schedule! She talked with us and helped us be smart with all of our plans. Sometimes missionaries run around with all of these really good goals and plans, but aren't too realistic with the setting and background of the area. So that was really good for us. She is an amazing person and we need to help her out!

Well y'all, its time to close. If you are going through a hard time, don't give up. Please don't. If you can only see one step ahead of you, take it, and look ahead to the next step. Though you may not see completely, go forward with faith that the Lord will guide and help you. I love Him and this work. I hope you all have a fantastic week and try to help someone come closer to Christ. I love you
Äldste Johnson

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