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Monday, February 10, 2014


I successfully landed into the big tank-the tuna! Eskilstuna to be exact. It really isn't too big of a city, it's working up to 100,000 inhabitants. I already love it here a lot, though I'm not too sure where everything is yet, ha. Crazy thing, today marks exactly 7 months that I have been out on a mission! Holy cow! Slow down! Man, it's crazy how fast time flies when you're having fun serving the Lord.

Mån: We met up with the H family for my final visit with them. They are so awesome. They made us a nice steak dinner, made me a cake, and a painting/poem thing that is so amazing! It was really hard for me to say goodbye, as it was for them. They want to keep in contact, which I do too!, but they also said they want to
meet the family as well -they said that we are always welcome over there! Man, I hated leaving. That was hard. I know deep in my heart that one day they will be an eternal family. Later that night, we went to home evening where I learned how to knit from a member- I hope I still remember how to do it ha. I got started on a beanie, so hopefully it turns out ok!

Tis: Pretty much spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, and packing. Guess who stopped by? THE G'S!!!!!! (from Stockholm). Oh man, it was such a sweet reunion. They were passing through Linköping and wanted to stop by and say hi, as well as give me something that I left in Stockholm (anytime I pack up to go somewhere I forget 1 thing. That's it, just 1. It is the weirdest thing!). So they took me and Elder L out for some THAI food. J is already working on his mission papers and could be out by July! Hopefully he gets called to St. George and then we can have him over all the time!! That family, seriously is the best. Man, I have just met the best families ever! I want my family to be like that -where missionaries feel right at home, still do the work, but have a place and someone to look to for help, love, comfort, etc. That's my biggest desire in life.

Elders Smith and Johnson - easy to remember
Ons: We barely made it to the train station on time -there is so much unnecessary stress when it comes to travel, moving! ahh! haha. Nevertheless, I made it  and headed up to Eskilstuna alone. ...2 hours later I arrive and meet up with Elder Smith. Johnson and Smith. Hmmm, that doesn't sound too typical for missionary names...ha. He is from Sandy, Utah. He plays soccer; did ODP, club, highs chool -alta, etc. Needless to say, we have hit it off really well. He is one group younger than me, but is fearless. 

We immediately we went right to work. Rode our bikes, for my first time on my mission its a regular basis here, so Im stoked about that. I love riding bikes! We started by contacting everybody we pass by, which is interesting and fun, and thats how we get new people to teach. Seriously, I could not stop smiling the whole day here. Just everything was awesome! I don't even remember if we taught anyone, we have had a lot of people blåst us, but I couldn't even care, ha. We were both working hard together.

Tors: Our district contains some elders and sisters from my same mtc group! and one greeny who loves to quote movies!! finally!! Someone to quote with. Elder K is the DL and is a stud. I swear he could be an apostle, just the way he talks and his conviction when he bears his testimony. He used Elder Holland's talk from conference. Christ says " I need someone who will feed my sheep." Christ asks him 3 times, "peter, do you love me?" How are we showing Christ that we love him if we are not feeding his sheep? That's how we show our love to Him. When you see the eternal perspective of things, it makes it easier to contact people on the street because you want them to have the same joy and peace that we have.

Elder K said that sometime on our mission, there will come a time where the Atonement of Jesus Christ will become so personal and powerful that it will carry with you throughout the rest of your life into eternity. You will never forget it. That's why I take this time now to challenge all of those who are thinking about missions or not. Go on a mission. Even if you don't have a full testimony of the church, go. The atonement will become the greatest strength in your life. I know that it will mean so much to you personally as you go throughout your mission. It will stick with you throughout your life and in eternity. Go.

Later that day we headed to Strängnäs, an outlying city in our area, where we met up with E. It was the first teach with him and it went really well. He previously had a book of mormon given to him 10 years ago, he just lost it but found it when we met with him. He was very accepting and loved the restoration. Its so cool, being able to come into a new area and see something like this; see someone accept the invitation to find the truth. We met up with some members and less actives that we work with. One of the families we are helping prepare for the temple: He's American, shes swedish...they got married and got baptized later. Super cool story.

Fre: We got blåsted several times, and rode our bikes a lot- my rumpa (bum) hurts really bad ha. We had sports night, where our investigator B (who has a baptismal date) came. He is living here with a sibling for awhile. He absolutely loves the Book of Mormon and can already see a big difference in his life when he reads it!! He hasn't come to church yet, but he's super sick. He doesn't have papers here so he could leave soon, and if he were to get baptized and not stay here his life could be in danger back home. So hopefully he can stay and be saved, twice.
A much needed haircut
We had a great turnout for our sports night here which is put on by the branch members and anyone is invited. we had about 20 show up and we played some volleyball! It was pretty awesome, I blocked our Stake President who is 6'8"!!! I am not even joking even a little bit!:) That was legit.

Lör: So far I've been just going with the flow but I need to get familiarized with everything so I can share the load with my comp. We met up with member D, who has grown up in this branch and knows a lot about missionary work and all that good stuff. He fed us dinner and talked with us about how we can work smart, find the elect and strengthen the branch. He is the #1 fellow-shipper for the missionaries when they teach investigators so he knows lots of stuff. He's a really smart guy, and he likes talking deep doctrine with us as well ha. We also visited the Stake President and his family who live right next to us and they love to feed us! They have 3 young daughters: all are so cute, especially the youngest who loves the missionaries! I love it! SO many great people here, everywhere! I feel so blessed!

Sön: I shared my testimony and led the music in church. We only have 2 hours for church. The second hour I sat and talked with the member who is preparing his family to go to the temple. He has had some amazing spiritual experiences. Two investigators came to church. That was awesome.

Things are looking great here. We are doing a lot of finding, contacting, teaching, swingbys, you name it! I've really enjoyed it and I am excited for what the future brings! I'm not too worried about anything, just trying to be patient and have faith on the Lords timing. I am so grateful to be here and doing the Lord's work in His way. I love this work, and I am so happy! Only the true and living church could bring such happiness and peace to my soul. I love you all and hope you have a fantastisk alla hjärtans dag (all hearts day-valentines day)!
Med kärlek

Äldste Johnson

PS: I saw these two things in the mall.  Anyone want them for Christmas next year?

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