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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey family and friends! I need to make this snappy because I am being transferred!!

Tis: We met with some members and less actives who fed us and we got to know them. One of them, the wife is American and her family actually lives in St. George now!! Small world! They are way awesome! Our investigator cancelled on us because of school and then he had to go to a funeral-so I guess that's a good excuse ha:)

Ons: We missed a bus that goes to the outskirt area only 4 times in the day. We missed it twice, by exactly 30 seconds (remember that I HATE being late!) ...Needless to say, I was pretty upset, ha. We did some swing-by's and tried to find stuff to do-I ended up writing thank you notes to people. I have never felt so confused or lost for something to do after missing the bus twice like that. It was a very weird experience, but I did share my feelings with My Heavenly Father. He let me choose for myself what I should do. It was interesting, because He was putting a lot of trust in me to handle the situation on my own and it caused me to do some searching. I know God does this to us quite often to try us. He asks that we pray to Him for help and guidance so He can bless us. But it requires a lot of work on our part. We might have to go wandering in the darkness and make our own decisions before He will let us know if it is right or wrong. If it be wrong He will let us know, and if it is right, more likely than not He won't say anything to us until later. It shows a lot of trust He has in us to make our own choices and we trust that He will guide us back to the path if we go astray. 

Trying to stop nose bleed
Improvising to stop nose bleed
We later did our Branch Pres. ex-changes which went pretty good. I randomly got a bloody nose. I thought I was safe here in Sweden with a wet cold climate, but no, it just goes to show it can happen anywhere. I kind of laughed at the situation and had fun with it - hahaha. Oh well.

Tors:  I can't help but repeat that the best way for us missionaries to find people is through the members. We try to find people on our own and talk to EVERYONE!! To all you members, it really makes a huge difference.  We did swing-by's and then met up with a potential investigator at his church. He said he would come to our church if we came to his (which he didn't ha) -so we of course couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. I really enjoy seeing other peoples worship service to become better acquainted and understand other religions. It was a very interesting service -one I will not forget. Many churches are pretty similar to ours, but then there is one always something you see and you're like "ahhh, that's not right." I am just very grateful to know I have the knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that I am a member of His true church. I desperately want to share this message with everyone because they are so close to the truth. 

Fre: Not too much happened this day, sadly. We are near the end of our goal/plan of getting to meet all of the members on our list, so this week we have been dwindling with numbers. 

Lör: We got to meet up with L (the contact Dad gave me) and his family, they are sooooo awesome! We ended up just talking, getting to know everyone, clarifying and explaining what we missionaries do and all of that good stuff. His wife is Swedish, and came to the U of U to compete in cross country skiing, met her husband and got married. She would have been in the Salt Lake City Olympics if it weren't for blowing out her knee. We had a really good time together. L is still open to taking some things back to the states for me this summer and dropping them off to my family because his dad lives in St George. So I will be keeping in contact with him (and that's how the cheese slicers will come to you mom:)

So we were waiting all day to see what was going on with transfers because there were so many rumors going around. President called, and we found out that I am transferring to Eskilstuna- same zone but 2 hours north. I kind of felt it coming on even though I have only been here for one transfer. I get to serve with an Elder who is one group younger than me -my first comp that is younger than me! It'll be a good one. 

The Linköping branch
Sön: Fast Sunday! I bore my testimony for the last time here and the members were sad and told me they want me to come back before my mission is up, ha! They are so awesome; We had dinner with some members and got to walk across the frozen canal and kind of ice skate on our shoes haha. This time I didn't fall through the ice. Oh just det, the weather has been getting warmer and warmer:( so now we have perfect packing snow for snowballs.....4 missionaries......nuff said.

This transfer in Linköping is one I would never want to trade. I have grown a lot and struggled but it has been a good ride. I feel like a lot has been accomplished here in the short time and there is a good foundation to build from. I'm excited for a new adventure in Eskilstuna with Elder S.  Sometimes I still can't believe that I am actually serving a mission. I've grown up all my life waiting for and preparing myself for a mission, and now I am! I relish the fact that I am His servant in His blessed land of Sweden. No greater calling I can think of that would make my life more meaningful, and being able to tangibly wear my Saviors name on my heart everyday. I just can't even begin to describe the emotions and feelings I have for it. I love this gospel with all of my heart, and I am trying to give it my all and know that my efforts are not being wasted. I love my trials and tribulations that I go through, I love the opportunities to get torn down so I know how to continue to pick myself back up and be lifted up by His always outstretched hands. For when I am weak, than am I strong. I love you all and hope all is well, continue to be great and rely on the Savior for help.

Love Äldste Johnson

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