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Monday, February 24, 2014

This is a shout out picture to my friend Paco.

Howdy errbody!

Hope y'all had a great week! Thanks for all of the love and support and the updates and just everything -it really helps! The weather here has been absurd this week. In a matter of 5 days the weather went from sunny with snow melted, then cloudy and rainy, then snowed 10 cm, then cloudy and rainy, and now sunny with all of the snow melted again. CRAZY!! We have had a good week contacting and working hard, we got 17 lessons in on the week and sometimes in this area they've had only 3 lessons in the week! So things are progressing!

Mån: On pdays we now wake up and immediately run to the church to do our emailing, then run back. We play soccer as well, and its soooo much fun! AHH, i feel so good when I play. It really just takes all the stress away! I love it! We played a little 1 v 1 and I won 10-9:) Im still about the simple game, but I got away with some tricky sneaky stuff, and did some work ha. We also always clean on pdays to keep the place tidy. After pday was over, we did some less active swing bys and gave out cookies. With one of them -she has 2 jobs and is super busy but has a strong testimony- we were able to set up a meet for the next week! Cookies bring miracles:)

Tis: We met up with our investigator and walked with him to the church because we wanted him to see how great it is! We talked about his concerns. He has to go back to live with his brother in a couple of months so that doesn't help. He still hasn't come to church though he knows and has told us that he believes the book of mormon is true and that we have the only true church. Its been frustrating but we are continuing to work with him. We met up with some TU's-tänkbara undersökare (potential investigators) and gave out some copies of the book of mormon.

Ons: We went by a TU's music store and checked it out. We ended up buying harmonicas to be nice and because it was cool! We were able to teach him the plan of salvation, in which he was very intrigued and liked it! He wants to meet up again! (He definitely belongs to the viking clan:) ) We contacted a guy on the street and ended up teaching a lesson for 20 minutes. Its amazing that just walking up and talking to people about the gospel, you can find people who will talk to you and accept your message! We felt like we needed to swingby on an investigator. When we got in, he just broke down for a solid 5 minutes of crying. He was thinking about dying because no one cared about him. He told us if anybody else had knocked on the door, he wouldn't have answer. But he knew we cared about him and came at the time because God guided us. It was such a tender experience to be a part of, to be the means of God saving one of his children literally. Since then, he is doing a lot better. It really was just an amazing experience. I still can't believe it. How he first met missionaries was amazing. He was having similar things go on -very hard life, when he knelt down and cried "jesus help me." Not short after that, missionaries happened to knock on his door and offer the help of jesus. It was incredible!

Tors: We went on down to Katrineholm (this was the snow day) for district meeting. We made our own title of liberties for our companionship with a scripture. We decided to choose Alma 26:12 "in His strength, we can do all things!" Its helping us humble ourselves and realize that all we have and do comes from God. That if we get any success, it comes from Him. Through His help, we can accomplish a great work here. I then went on exchanges in Katrineholm with Elder J, a greeny. We taught some less actives and investigators and had a good time. It's a lot of fun going to areas that aren't mine and seeing how the work is going there. I shared some personal stories and just really connected with the people there. It was a lot of fun allowing Elder J the opportunity to take control of plans and lessons and see his testimony and courage grow. 

We met this awesome Persian family of recent converts and could see how much they loved the gospel with being members for only 2 months! We had some trouble with the trains and almost got stuck out in the middle of nowhere, which seems to happen a lot with me hmm, but we made it safe and sound back home.

Fre: Weekly planning session. Went to sports night. Not a lot of people showed up but we had a lot of fun reguardless. I shared Jacob 6:12 for the spiritual thought:) I love that one so much ha!

Lör: We headed out to Strängnäs for some swingbys and lessons. A lot of people blåsted us, so we did a lot of walking around. We did get a lot of returned appointments however, so that was good. We met up with a less active and her family and had some good cake. She is bundled up with all of this gospel knowledge and it all comes out when we meet with her, so we are spiritually fed to the extreme. Its pretty crazy and awesome all of the knowledge and thoughts she has about life and the gospel. We cleaned the church afterwards to finish up our hard, blåsty day.

Sön: No investigators came to church :( Our branch president had all of the missionaries over for dinner afterwards with his family. We had some chicken curry and chocolate cake that was oh so good:) That helped, ha. We then met up with B and met a lot of his friends, haha. Thats the best. When you meet with a group of African people there is almost always a guaranteed person there that likes the good word of God:) Such was the case. We tried a little bit of couscous and their special african peanut butter/broccoli sauce. 

We started teaching the 7 day stop smoking program the church offers to a new investigator. Its a 15 step course to cleanse the desire to smoke out of people and train the mind to not want it. It is very successful and is amazing! He soaked in everything in we were saying and is doing everything that we asked him and wants this so bad. It was really cool seeing him absorb it all and promise and commit to stopping. Im excited to see how it works!

I love you all and am so grateful for you. I love being a missionary and spreading the Good word of God to everyone:) I hope you all have a fantastic week, I know this is the work of God

Love Elder Johnson

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