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Monday, March 24, 2014

I want to live on a street named this:  Dragon Shield Street

Dearest Family and friends!

Thanks for all of your letters, emails, updates, greetings, prayers, love and support. It means a lot to me, and I truly -don't know how but I do- feel the power of your prayers. They strengthen me. Prayer. It is such a wonderful gift that God has given us. I'll share my thoughts I had about prayer later on in the email.

It has been fairly decent weather lately, seeing more and more of the sun. We had a random snow storm on the day of transfers and the next day the snow was completely gone -tyvär (too bad). Any who, I went from one Elder S to another -that was pretty funny. I still have the 2 most stereotypical missionary names-Johnson and S -men det funkar (but it functions-works).

Mån: We met up with our district to play soccer but it was rather windy and cold. So what did we do instead? Go eat some Asian food of course!:) We also played some Scum for a while before heading back home to get ready for proselyting. We re-ran into some investigators on the street whom we had met before but somehow lost their numbers, that was great. We then met with Bro C and had dessert and deep doctrinal discussion. My favorites:)

Tis: We met with our friend at the church and went over Alma 32 (faith) with him. We have to take small steps with him, but he is improving! We had a going away party for Elder S at the K home and had some great dinner, dessert, and discussion with Pres K.

Goodbye Elder S.
Ons: I dropped off  my comp at the train station and the other Etuna elders came and picked me up so we were a tri-panionship for the day until my new comp came in. It was a lot of fun being with Elders S and B for a day, seeing their area and people that they work with. We met with a less active who is making his way back to church slowly but surely, an active woman (who we also taught some Swedish), and a new convert who comes to the church when we are there. 

Both Monday and Wednesday we taught English class at the Somalia-Swedish society. We are moving the English lessons to our church where it is safer and more can come. We met up with a sister in the ward who took us on her visiting teaching visit. It went a little long and I almost missed getting my new comp. I sprinted down the train station entrance and then back up to his line and luckily got to him in time! Elder S is from Alaska, is a really cool guy. We are very similar with interests, hobbies, music, movie quoting and getting work done. I'm very excited about this transfer!

District Meeting.  My new Elder S.
Tors: I held my very first district meeting (oh yeah, I was made District Leader this transfer). After getting to know each other I focused on the reason for being out on a mission and the expectations we each have. Each of these elders has a strong testimony of this gospel and it was powerful to see and feel it. I read through many of the prophecies about the Second Harvest from the prophets and apostles, and what President has said "we are a part of the 2nd harvest now! I told them it starts now, with you. You can choose to be apart of it and lay the foundations and start to harvest the ripe fruits, or you can just mozy on through your mission expecting little to happen." Be a part of it, full heartedly and miracles will happen. The spirit was strong, powerful. Next it was helping my comp learn our area and get him familiar with things before we headed out the door to do some swing-by's and lessons.

We got down to Strängnäs to meet with an investigator with the intent of setting up a baptismal date. We talked about the Atonement and that no matter what we've done, if we have faith in Jesus Christ we will be clean. We talked about how the Sacrament is like symbolically being baptized every week . We bore solemn testimony to her and gave the baptismal commitment and she accepted! However, she asked if we had a group of people waiting to be baptized (if only. if only:))- so we actually moved it up two weeks earlier (that's when the other Etunas investigators are being baptized!)!!!! I was so excited, I couldn't breathe!!! We mapped out a plan to meet her 3 times a week every week up until her baptism -because there are lots of things we still need to teach her and prepare her for this. She wants to involve her family in on this too!!! So excited for her!!! Talk about a great first day for Elder S, coming in and getting a baptismal date with one of the most prepared people ever! She gave an amazing prayer afterwards, and things just feel good. We called President right after to tell him about it, and I was just so happy-still am! I was freaking out a bit, because this has never happened to me before! It is nothing at all that I have done, all of God's preparation and the Spirit bearing testimony, I'm just here to help in any way! I'm so excited for her to be baptized and to make that first step through the gate on the path back to our Heavenly Father!

Fre: We met our friend again and talked about authority and Restoration and testified of our living day prophet. We taught another friend about the Plan of Salvation. He's still searching for the truth and praying about the book of Mormon -reading beyond what we assign him to read. He's so close, I can feel it coming soon! Sports night was a lot of fun. We had a good game of volleyball going on. I really just enjoyed being in a good environment playing games.

Lör: Z sent a text that he couldn't see us today so we called him and found his health is not good. We offered to help clean his place -he was very grateful for that. Hopefully that opens him up to our message just like Ammon serving King Lamoni. We met D at the church and showed him some family history. He was very excited about that and knows his mother and aunt are very interested in it! (he didn't come to church because of previous arrangements, but is still moving along). We met with a potential -R- he's interested to talk about religion but said he wasn't going to be converted when we gave him a BoM, but then said "well you never know, God works in mysterious ways." Yes He does...:) I had the other Elders go into our apartment to make a cake because it was Elder S's birthday, and we wanted to surprise him and have him feel loved. When we got home and walked through the door -I was recording the whole thing- both elders jump out and scared him! Hahahaha it was so funny! He had absolutely no idea what was going on!:) He loved it!

Sön: We went to church and our friend was there! We taught her about how even though society changes, Gods laws never do. She is seriously still looking into our church (we believe she already has her answer that it is right) but doesn't want to be shunned or ridiculed by people close to her. We told her the church is a family. Even though we are all not directly related, we are family. We care for each other and look out for one another -help people feel included. I think that really helped her as well as some personal stories I shared with her. We met M later on in the day, he's still struggling and my heart just aches for him. We met with A for a little bit and gave him a Book of Mormon in Lithuanian. He really wants to know answers to soul searching questions. We then finished out the day contacting (one really cool guy) and visiting Sister K for the Sacrament. Doing numbers as a District Leader for the first time was very interesting. I've realized I have a lot of responsibility. My companion is still very new to the language and the mission life, I have new paperwork and phone calls, and I am watching over my district as well. I'm very grateful that I have this chance to learn and grow and especially rely more and more on the Savior for help and guidance.

This is what I thought about Prayer today. Think about these two situations: 1) You come home from school, and you just had the very best day ever! You were first pick on the sports team, you were first in line for lunch, everything was going your way. You come home and of course you want to express to everyone how great your day was! 2) You come home from school, and things just weren't going your way today. You were last pick in sports, your lunch fell on your clothes, not good. You come home and all you want is someone to listen to you and help you feel better. In each situation you can guarantee that your parents are waiting there for you to tell them about your day. They share with you your joy for the best day ever, they mourn and comfort you when you had the worst day ever. The same goes for our Heavenly Father. He waits for us to come home -through prayer- and tell him all about our day; he is so happy when you are happy, and he is sad when you are sad. He helps you feel better as you talk it out to Him. If people understood that relationship between God -our Father, and us -His children, prayer would come instinctively. He is waiting to bless you and help you feel better. Just open up that line back home through prayer, and He will always hear you.

Thanks everyone, I love you all and this work. It is amazing! Hope all is well and that you have a great week!
This is what we consumed the last 6 weeks
Love Elder Johnson

ps today is my half birthday:) September 24-march 24. it makes sense ha

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