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Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello family and friends!

What a great week it has been! Something random, I dislocated my pinky by playing..... nah just forget it. I was pulling an April Fools joke on you! The weather has been quite wonderful here -it's finally looking like spring! The sun was out shining bright most of the day long (nights are still chilly), I finally switched from my thick jacket to my thin rain jacket! Now it is time to pack up all of the winter clothes och spara dem för nästa vinter (and save them for next winter). We had a light drizzle rain yesterday, one of my favorite things ever. The smell brought back so many fond memories and moments of reminiscing.

Mån: We were having apartment checks this week so we spent a solid 3 hours of cleaning, deep style: I was on the floor getting the back corners, on the wall like spiderman making sure things were good. After it all, it looked nice, really nice. We met a less active and his investigating wife later on in the day. We got to know them and their situation -they are really cool. We had a little testimony meeting and the spirit was strong.  It was cool to see the strong desire she had to find the truth.

Tis: We met with M. who has been reading the Book of Mormon and we answer his questions and bore our testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know he felt the spirit. He accepted our challenges -but he didn't make it to church. We went to D's for dinner and she was very grateful because Elder S kept the kids occupied while I had a good chat with her and her husband. We reminisced about the good times, back when we were young and crazy and just growing up. Talking about the things we used to do, the stores and shops we used to go to, talked about favorite foods we missed from back home in the states -it was nice. We ended with a mormon message called Moments that Matter Most. It's about enjoying everything that is going around us now: kids playing on the swings, family going on a nice drive, spending quality time together with those you love. That's reminiscing. Stopping to realize all of the good that you have in your life right now: a job, a loving family, church, etc. It helps you through the day to see the bigger picture in life, to not stress about little things, to take time to enjoy the everyday moments that are happening now.

Ons: E met us at the church to do Family History. It took some time to find family and whatnot, but once it happened he had a big smile on his face and just loved it! I could see that the Spirit of Elijah had touched him. It's something I have yet to experience for myself, though I truly want to. It's hard to testify/teach someone family history if you haven't had your own personal experience with it -so that's what I'm looking for. Family History is reminiscing of the life and stories of those who have gone on before us. We see what they went through in their life and the courage and determination to keep pressing forward gives us hope that we can make it through our trials.

There is a guy we met with and it seriously felt that there was an evil spirit inside of him. It's sad to see that happen, but you just have to forget it all and move on. We met up with a street contact we had 2 days previously who is interested in talking with us. We will see how he progresses.

Tors: We had district meeting -honestly, it wasn't my best, but I will plan better next time. We talked about the Baptismal interview questions along with Extending the Baptismal Commitment. If people haven't been taught the significance of the questions they are not ready for baptism. If we do not extend commitments we are not asking people to repent/change, or come unto Christ. We met N about her preparation for baptism -things are looking good! We went over the Restoration and it seriously felt like she was teaching us! The spirit was strong. It didn't feel like we were speaking at all. The spirit is the teacher -we are just the instruments in allowing him to testify. We went over to give M a blessing. The branch president came with us and he asked me to give it. I don't remember what was said, but I do distinctly remember the feeling I had as I was speaking from the Spirit. I felt calm for him. That everything would be ok. God is watching out for him, and knows him personally. I am so grateful to be able to bear the Holy Priesthood of God and help other people feel the blessings that God is waiting to give.

Fre: We went down to Södertälje to have interviews with President. We may or may not have gotten on the wrong bus because of me...I will not say, haha, but we got there in time. I wasn't feeling like I needed to talk to President about anything in particular. But I guess there was, mainly still stuff about Elder Bailey death. It has been getting better but every so often it's just hard. But God makes it worth it. He knows what I'm going through and what I need, in this case to talk with President. I know he is inspired of God. We got to escort him to the train station- we felt pretty cool.

Helpful note to burglars.
We made it back in time for volleyball which was a lot of fun. Making relationships with the people on sports night and just having a good time, not caring if people are good players or not, has been really great for me.

Lör: We had a good visit with D and told him to pray to know if what we have said is true. Later we ate pizza with this potential  friend who seems awesome. He said if we were ever needed anything we could call him. He wants to come visit us in the states in the future. We talked and testified about what we do and the book of mormon. He is very interested in reading it, so let's see where that goes.

Sön: Talk about a crazy day! First it was daylight savings, so we lost an hour of sleep. We got a call from N (who was trying to come to church) who said the train didn't leave till after 11! I was so upset, I was not going to let this happen. I wasn't going to let her miss out on church! So I called the branch president, who usually goes to Strängnäs to pick up some members, and I asked him if he could pick her up along with her sister daughter. He came through. Whew! I am so happy and grateful for the branch president. He really helped us out big time with that! We showed N around and the members just went right to her :) I did the translating in church -still having a fun/hard time figuring that out. Oh, Prof D came to church as well!! He was so awesome! The other elders took him and taught him the Restoration with F, while we took M with us to teach N and go over her baptismal calendar for lessons. She loved it and is so excited!!!! We met later with A who takes in everything that we teach and wants to find out if it is true or not. We met M and later on B and talked about how they were doing as well as their plans of listening to general conference. We bore testimony of living prophets and apostles and how we can receive answers to prayers and questions through them. CHALLENGE: come to conference with a question and I promise you, you will receive an answer!!!

I thought back to growing up and watching conference. We were lucky enough to watch several sessions live in the Conference Center. I love the spirit that is there as soon as President Monson walks in and we all stand up in reverence. I remember the traditions that we have. After Priesthood session the boys would go out to Iceberg and get our massive shakes and save half of them for the next day. Then Sunday morning we would have waffles:) Mmmm. Thinking back to these great times, and planning ahead to the future of continuing those traditions, makes me pause and reflect on how much I have been blessed. I am grateful for my family who loves me and puts up with me. I'm grateful for the personal relationships that I have with them and know that they are doing well, though I am far away. I am grateful to grow up where General Conference is a priority. Listening to the Prophet of God means something, we listen and act on his council. I know that my prayers and questions have been answered several times through conference, and I know it can do the same to you. These are moments that I cherish and remember, watching conference as a family and having a good time. This is what I mean by reminiscing. I love you all and pray that you have a fantastic week! Love you all
My backpack is now officially Swedish
Elder Johnson  #4

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