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Monday, June 30, 2014

Carry on!

I loved  seeing the pictures of everyone having a good time at home and at Lake Powell. I am grateful for all of you taking the time out of your busy schedule to update me and give me support through your prayers. I really appreciate all that you guys do for me 5,000 miles away! You are amazing! This week was very rainy, and I havent seen the sun for awhile, but All is well in Zion regardless. 

Mån: On pday, we traveled down to Vingåker for a shopping spree at a store called Tiger of Sweden, and needless to say it was well worth it. We bought pants that are usually 900 krowns for 100 krowns each!! Great success!

Tis: We had a great thing happen while we went out contacting around the Centrum. We had a potential investigator in a portcoded place. Luckily we got in somehow -miracle 1. Then he wasn't home so we decided to tract the building. On the 3rd door -miracle 2. We got in with this lady her daughter. The daughter was the one who wanted us to come in! We talk about our purpose as missionaries in helping others come closer to Christ. The mom was was willing to let us come back to "teach her child good values" which was secretly hinting that she wanted to know more about what we had to say! Ha, that was pretty awesome! We then taught S the 15 step 7 day program to stop smoking and so far it is working on him! (today-it has been nearly 6 full days without a smoke!!!!).

Ons: We again met with the mom and daughter we found yesterday. Sadly the mom ended up being on the phone for the whole time but it was fun and cute teaching a little girl about God and Jesus ha:) For our meeting with K we wanted to start a seed of faith for him -literally- buy some seeds and have him nurture it and water it. But the stores didnt have anything!!! but he really loved Alma 32. He is opening up and trusting us more. We went to a Less active's place, where Elder A used his Spanish fluently. I understood most of what was being said, I just couldn't join in. Rats. Im gonna work on it though! Afterwards we did some service for the K's  -it felt good.

Farewell to President and Sister Newell
Tors: We had the Zone Conference "The Last of the Newells". It was very sad. They have done so much for the mission and for Sweden in these last 3 years -it is truly remarkable.  Even though their time is up, it doesn't mean we stop. We keep going. And thats what they said they are going to do when they go home -keep going. Yes the badge comes off, but the missionary work never ceases. We watched the updated version of Den Andra Skörden-the second harvest, and it gets me so pumped every time I watch it. So amazing. We got to hug both president and sister newell and get a picture with them. I really am going to miss President a lot. I know with all my heart that he is inspired of God and knows me personally. I love that man and am so grateful for his service here. He will be missed.

Fre: Exchanges. I got to know Elder B a lot better and I have a huge respect for him. He went to church by himself for 4 years and is the first in his family to serve a mission, and he is reactivate his family while he is out. What a great example. If you have a willing desire to serve the lord, there is nothing that can hold you back from being an amazing instrument in this work. We had dinner with A. She has only met with missionaries who have been born and raised in the church so Elder B was able to help her out a lot, and that was just what she needed. We made it to sports night but the numbers were few.

Just chillin in the elevator
Lör: Lots of cancellations so we did a lot of walking and not a lot of stuff happening. Everyone was indoors because it was raining. But what did we do? Carried on. We were able to get a new investigator with a Vietnamese woman. The language barrier is hard, but we sat down and gave her a BOM and she just went to town reading it! Haha that was pretty awesome! 

Sön: We had our branch conference and had 0 investigators but 40 members! There were visitors from the stake to talk to everyone, and it was really good. It's always frustrating when investigators dont come to church. We had a dinner afterwards and K was able to make it to that and meet S so that was really good. We ended up getting into a portcoded building where we tracted half of it and found 4 TUs!! Miracle! God was definitely mindful of us.
This week was rough haha. But what'd we do when the big rains came? We carried on! You can choose to be grumpy and frustrated or choose to sing a hymn in your head -there is sunshine in my soul today- and be happy to get to serve the lord. I took some time to go over my Patriarchal Blessing this week and it really seemed to help me out. It doesn't necessarily say this, but somehow this is what I got out of it this week "Carry On". Keep doing what you know you should be doing. Trust in the Lord, and good things will come. I know this to be true, though it may be hard to see and understand at times. Carry On brothers and sisters in this great work. For with Christ as our foundation, how can we Fail? It is impossible. I love this work. I know it's true. Have a great week everybody! Love ya

Med Kärlek

Äldste Johnson

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