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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey there family and friends! Well, the weather seems to be very bipolar. This week we got destroyed by a thunderstorm, and the next day it was sunny as can be. Så är det med livet. I'm struggling a bit knowing that the world cup is going on right now, haha. But Im doing my best (and I have a member who keeps me updated;)

Mån: I went to Gripsholms Slott -the castle, and boy was it amazing!!! Definitely worth the trip out there. Obviously I got some trinkets and souveniers, though doing a good job of not looking like a tourist... It was a lot of history and just a lot of cool stuff! I definitely want to show my family that. We came home to let elder smith pack up. We had dinner and FHE with the K's and yummy desserts!

I think I'll knock this door
 A "rune stone"?
Sun dial

What time is it?

Tis: We went around for Elder S to say goodbye to and teach for one last time. B has been filling in at a hair clipping place so we stopped by there to say bye.  Also taught S then ate dinner with D and S and had a great time with them. They are awesome. The other elders met us at our place for one last sleepover, because our apartment is right next to the train station so that makes things easier for transfers.

Ons: We picked up my new comp, Elder A (who loves to sing and lived in Mexico for 3 years of his life and knows Spanish really well) and for a while it was us three as a companionship. We had 2 really good lessons back to back, with us 3 teaching them and working really well together. We then visited a less active before picking up Elder C's new companion, Elder J #2. Hahaha, as if it wasn't enough to go from one Elder S to another, we now have to have 2 elder J's here at the same time! It is a really good joke! 

Tors: District meeting on contacting. We ate lunch at a place called American Pizza Today but it wasn't american. It was close, but there was a big difference. Tyvärr. We headed down to Strängnäs and as we were walking to the library to meet K we were hit by a huge thunderstorm out of nowhere! I havent been in a thunderstorm in a year, I really miss it. It was soo cool, and so much water! We didn't have jackets or an umbrella so we were soaked, head to toe! Ooops!:) We then met with S and then visited C and her family, who invited us to stay for salmon dinner. We couldnt decline. We then met with A to read the BoM outloud in Swedish together, trying to imitate the way she pronounces words. Elder A is really good at languages and imitating people because that s the best way to learn!

Fre: Weekly planning session and contacting then sports night where it was just us 4 missionaries and two more.

Lör: We had a great lesson with D and the spirit was strong and testifying of the truth. We went down to Strängnäs to meet a new guy. The first time we met he was not yet ready but this time he was. After saying a prayer he felt really calm and peaceful. We testified that that was the spirit. He was so excited and said he wants that feeling so much all the time!! We can help!:) We missed the train, so we did some contacting/tracting for a bit and got some return appointments set up.

Sön: Always a glorious day. I made some french toast for us in the morning, and it was goooood:) We made it to church and got things set up. None of our investigators came today, kind of sad. But we did have tons of members there so that was good. We met a less actives daughter who hasn't been baptized. She was really cool is willing to meet and try it out. 

Me and my duck friend
Well, it was fathers day yesterday. I kind of forgot about it because in Sweden it is in November. But I would like to take the time now to give my old man a tribute. I think of the Mormon message, Earthly Father Heavenly Father, and that's what reminds me of my dad. Growing up, kids don't fully comprehend where things come from or how things came to be: the food in the pantry, the clothes in the drawers, etc. They just expect it. Not realizing where it came from, the work of father and mother providing for the care of the children. And as a father, he has worked hard to provide me with a home where I could learn and grow in the gospel. Allowing me to apply myself to many different things, and not judging, but loving me through it all. I am grateful for my father for the wonderful Priesthood man that he is. Being the patriarch of the home. His example is what I want to follow when I have the sacred privilege of becoming a father and husband. I have seen him fulfill callings and responsibilities above and beyond the call. He is always so kind and friendly to everyone-because he knows everyone ha. I miss being at all of the BYU sporting events with him and knowing I could always count on him for a boost when times were rough. I could always hear him when I was playing my games, and I knew that he loved me and still does. Thanks for all that you do pops, I love you. You deserve a great day!

I love you all, this church is true. I'm so grateful to be apart of it. Let us do all that we can to build the Kingdom of God on the earth. Have a great week,


Äldste Johnson

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