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Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear Fam and friends, seems everyone is on vacation.  A big shout-out to my friend Clay who just entered the field.   I will tell you about my week here in Handen -the hand...

Mån: For P-day we walked around Stockholm - my old stomping grounds. Lo and behold I found a good looking Swedish suit for a super good deal!! We hung out at the YSA center just like old times and. I met elder F (who lives near the Wilkinsons in St. George).  It would be fun to serve with him someday. We also bought our groceries for the week for 4 people -that was hard (we got a ton of food and still ran out at the end ha.) Later, we ended up teaching 3 people and getting one really positive investigator.

Tis: We had a lesson with H then made it up to Stockholm where President Beckstrand conducted his first interviews with us. I love President: He is very approachable and loving. I had to do my migration paperwork so I can stay here another year. Back home to meet B, a potential from a phone contact. He wanted to bring his girlfriend as well, why not? They met us right outside the temple -and if that wasn't just a wonderful picture I don't know what is. She found religion on her own and he has had no religious experience at all. However, as we talked and testified you could tell the spirit had touched them. We then met up with an old investigator P. He used to make bad choices but changed his life around because of the love he has for his son, and we testified to him that he can build from that love to even more happiness.

Ons: We were able to teach 4 people today. J- a teen reading the Book of Mormon. B- a GU, just wanted to bash with us. D- we aren't gonna go by him for awhile. I -a new convert with whom we watched the biography of Thomas S. Monson and I know wholeheartedly that he is a wonderful humble servant of God and is the true prophet of our day.

Tors: We traveled up to Täby for Mission Leadership Council. My first one ever! It was super good. We had to give a report and I was a little nervous but it went smoothly. I've noticed that a lot in my life -I get nervous for talks or speeches, I say a little prayer to calm my nerves and help me through it, and as soon as I open my mouth there is peace and things usually go good. The small things -the Lord is aware, and I am so grateful. President said that our mission is just on the edge of bursting into having lots of success and baptisms, but being more obedient is the key to bursting that chain. I got a new burst of energy to be more obedient, but go about it a different way. Rather than preach preach preach it, I will show it through love as the Savior would. It was really great to feel the spirit testify to me of that truth that if we are obedient, the Lord will bless us. We made it home to find some elders in our zone had pranked our apartment and messed everything up. I wasn't too happy at first but I laughed about it after a bit.We met up with G and went to play soccer with some YSAs -that was a lot of fun. 

Fre: We helped M with his family history. We went by E again and he said he didnt want to meet with us ever again. That was sad- It just came out of nowhere. We then met with the Västerhaninge elders to talk about how we can help the less active YSAs come back through firesides. We brainstormed and came up with a good plan that the YSAs can work towards.

On the way to dinner we were stopped by some members who were visiting from Bountiful, Utah! They knew Elder T who is here but no one else that I knew. They were here with a friend from Norway, C, who is a professional golfer and member as well! They bought our food and we had a good talk with them. C is actually going to be in St. George next month for a charity. She might get a hold of pops through email. How cool and how small the world is! Then we got to go through the temple. Boy was that just what I needed.

Lör: G passed him baptismal interview! It's so fun to be apart of his journey. The rest of the night we did some swingbys, tracting and contacting and had some pretty interesting things happen there. I'll tell you when I'm home. Maybe:)

Sön: Another great sabbath day. All of the members came up to G and congratulated him as his baptism is Monday and one invited him to dinner. I love this ward! I still don't really know anyone yet but hey are good to our investigators and that's what's most important. During Priesthood some guys bring in fruit salad so we all ate that during the lesson. The lesson was part 2 of 3 of eternal marriage. The comments that the elders quorum were making were hilarious. I have never laughed so hard in a long time. Most are not married but they are really trying for that marriage thing haha. I can't wait for next week with part 3. I guess eternal marriage will happen sometime, it's just super weird to discuss it when you are on a mission. We met with W. She has been on the fence between her old ways and the "Mormon ways". She feels stuck and alone and not sure which religion she needs to be with. I shared a very personal story with her about feeling alone which seemed to help. We challenged her to devote the next 24 hours to read the bom, pray as a christian, and see what happens. We had a good prayer with her before we left. Hopefully all goes well for her.

As I told you, I got to go to the temple this week. I haven't been in a year now and I have been needing it. Let me first just tell you all that if you live near the temple, please take advantage of it. Go. And go often. President B said that "Frequent Faithful temple attendance will bless you and your family as well as protect them". What an amazing promise that is! I have vowed that when I go home from my mission that I will go often. I need the temple. We all do. The temple is a big focus of our mission, that we get our investigators, less actives, members and us with the goal of the temple, there is no doubt that we will be blessed and converted. I fasted before going to the temple. I was looking for specific things for God. It didnt come. Why? I honestly dont know. But I do know that God answers our prayers according to our needs, not our wants. And he does that in the way we least expect it. I did get a very soft and gentle peaceful feeling and. I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was in the temple because it just felt so good to be there. I am so grateful that I can be worthy to go to his holy house and feel of his presence. Through the blessings of the temple we as families can be together forever. That knowledge is so priceless. I love my family. I love all of you. And when we see everyone around us as our brothers and sisters, it becomes easier for us to help one another along the path that leads us home to Father. I know this is His work. I am so grateful to be apart of it. Have a great week,

Med himmelske kärlek-with heavenly love
Äldste Johnson

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