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Monday, August 4, 2014

Dearest everyone! Good luck to pops in Ireland on his golf trip and Ma and Stace in New York, hope it's awesome! I had my first full week here in Handen and we got a lot of good things done. Im still getting to know the area and people, but it will come with time. It's been hot but we got rain a couple of times.

Mån: We went with the other Handen elders to the mall nearby. We managed to teach 2 people on some swingbys and talking to people on the street.

A and his little bro
Tis: It seems like every area I come to there is a little organizational problem with the area books. Or maybe I am just OCD and like it a certain way. Yeah, its probably the latter one...We met up with a potential and turned her into an investigator! Afterwards, we met up with G with a YSA named A. We taught the Law of Chastity and honestly that lesson can be one of the most spiritual things you can teach a person. I love being able to talk to people about what a wonderful gift God has given to all of us to Procreate and multiply and replenish the earth. The spirit is always so strong whenever we teach G, it is fun to be apart of. Afterwards, we went home with A because his family was feeding us dinner! (He left on thursday for his mission.) He is a highly ranked judo wrestler and had some big opportunities to continue his career and make a lot of money but he chose to serve a mission. Man, what an example that is. I truly look up to him for that. 

Ons: We taught L and felt inspired to share the conference talk by Pres Eyring "A priceless Heritage of Hope". I honestly felt like that message was for me. Making AND KEEPING covenants is so important. Some times we think that once we are baptized, or once we go through the temple that it's done, there's nothing more I need to do. FALSE! Keeping our covenants is just as important as making them. It was powerful. We later met up with an investigator named S. He is very cool and is reading the BOM and loving it.

Tors: We had district meeting at home because our district is all those who live in our apartment ha! We then went out to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good pizza, but wasnt the same as in America.Tyvärr. We came back and ran into T. He really wants to make a clear honest decision and is really trying his hardest. We went over to the B's for dinner -their son J actually served in St. George like 2 years ago. We ate outside because the weather is perfect at around 6ish when the sun is going down. We were invaded by some bees and flys so we all took some swings at em and it was really funny ha. Bro B drove us to our next appointment with the windows rolled down. He told us that AC (air conditioning) is not nearly as good or cheap as kors dra (cross breeze ha) by having the windows down and letting the air come in through both sides hahaha.

Met up with G again. His prayers are fantastic to hear because he truly expresses his gratitude for the joy and peace that has come into his life in since hearing the gospel message. We then went tracting and the first door we actually taught on the doorstep. We then met up with Hägersten elders to go on exchanges. I went with Elder J to Hornstull. The buillding is doing some renovations so they closed all of the windows, and there is no AC or fans in the apartment. It was about 30 degrees celsius at night (86) -that is really hot for me! We had to chill on the roof for awhile to cool off before going to bed.

Fre: I had a good time talking with Elder J, getting to know him and seeing what I could do to help him and the area. I got to interview their baptism candidate and boy was that spiritual. She met missionaries briefly 6 years ago and then had no communication with them after that. Her mom was contacted by the missionaries so she told E who said she wanted to meet them again! From that point on, she was just ready. Later we helped a less active move. There is nothing crazier than helping people move. I'm just gonna leave it at that. 

Lör: We did service shoveling rocks, and other things, while I got to cut some wood with a power saw. 2 straight hours of buzzing, and my hands and forearms were dead! Whew! There is no better feeling than working hard like that. I feel like a man:) Elder A said I should become a lumberjack because I was so good at it. I actually have been thinking about it, I mean it has all of the best characteristics: beard, flannel shirts, beefy arms. What else do you need? The member took us out to Vega Bar, which is Sweden's first hamburger restaurant. We had the Sambal burger -the special there and it was fantastic! I definitely recommend it to anyone who comes to sweden.

We got cleaned up and met G again with M, who just recently returned from his mission. G is ready! We had dinner with N and sang some karaoke with her before meeting I -our new convert at the church. By the end of the day, I was ready for bed. I was so tired. But that felt so good to work that hard.

Sön: There was a crazy lightning storm during the night and I was awakened by this huge flash of light at 4.16 and half a second later this rippling boom that lasted 10 seconds and sounded like it was right outside our place. It sounded like the earth was ripping open, it was intense! But anywho, it was fast Sunday and we   had a good meeting. G talked with the bishop and is for sure ready to be baptized next week! We are stoked! In priesthood, our lesson happened to be on Eternal Marriage. Boy that was funny! 30 guys and only 3 of them actually married, plus 4 misisonaries:) Hahahaha it was awesome!

It was a good week for sure. I love fast Sundays. I think I never really understood them so much growing up, but now on my mission, I realize how vital and huge fast Sundays can be. I fasted for specific things and I feel like God has answered them. Not in the way I would have guessed, but in the way that I needed. I know God is real. I know that he cares about each and every one of us. Romans 8: the last 2 verses seem to be a perfect description of this. See what you think. I love this work. I love God and my savior Jesus Christ. This truly is the best thing in the world. I love you all, have a great week

Love Elder Johnson

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