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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Still sick, be solid like a brick

This is for my good friend Ler Ott. It's his street: Lerstenvagen

Well Hello everyone! It has been off and on rain this whole week and I have been sick all week with a sore throat. I still worked hard, it was difficult, but I made it. 
Mån: Our district went to Stockholm, not really anything in particular in mind to do. Last second we decided to go to ABBA- the Museum, and that was sooooooo much fun!!! Holy cow, I can't even explain to you how awesome that was. We took a lot of funny pictures and had a great time there. I even sung on stage with the fellow ABBA members (sort of). Lets just say, that I was singing "Dancing Queen" all week long because it was stuck in my mind.

Tis: I finally went to the apotek-drug store to pick up some medicine. That definitely helped me feel better but not by much. We met up with H to start up the New Member Lessons. It is amazing to know a guy like him who just gets it all so well. We came home early because I wasn't feeling good. It feels awful to be sick and you can't give God your all. But I know that resting up is vitally important to getting back to health and getting back to work.

Elder H in the middle is going home and we all served with him.
Ons: This was a great day! We had a special mission conference with Elder Teixeira of the 70, who is president over all of the european missions. The zone leaders were privileged to have a special meeting with him before the actual conference. He showed us some creative ways of contacting with a less of a chance of rejection. It was super cool. He also told us amazing stories and really got us pumped to do work. In the conference, he showed us a lot of things regarding to technology. He and the general authorities know their stuff with technology ha. He said that we will be getting i-pads! When? He doesn't know. But the thing he said was Are you going to be worthy to use them properly for the salvation of souls? Or are you just gonna take em as a toy and waste time on your mission. He talked about True Conversion. If something is holding you back you aren't truly converted to the cause. We missionaries need to leave EVERYTHING behind at home. Don't worry about anything else other than the work of the Lord. That was so powerful to me. I was just soaking it all in what he had to say. His wife talked about the biggest thing holding us back is not being obedient, not following ALL of the mission rules. Elder T said it's time to break the bonds and see this mission explode. There is no reason why we shouldn't be baptizing just as much as anywhere else. Wow, that was so strong! Oh just det, Elder L and I got to conduct that conference with 120 missionaries there! While I was sick! Ha:)

Tors: I was on exchanges with Elder A. We went hard on contacting that day and having lessons on the street. It was amazing! Not many were interested in what we had to say-we talked to 60 people. But we had a pleasant conversation with most of them. We taught a couple right there on the street. I believe that God was testing us to see if we are really dedicated to this work to talk to the next person and find those who are ready. To go above and beyond to find the elect. It was a great humbling moment for me. We had a member dinner with the K family, who remind me a lot of Nichole and Ryan. It was pretty awesome.

Fre: The temple is under renovation and deep cleaning right now so we got to clean the guest home right next to the temple but next week we will have the opportunity to actually clean the temple. We met H and talked about how once he receives the Priesthood he will become a home teacher and serve Jesus. We had a member dinner with this African family who are super nice. They were baptized into Handen ward 3 years ago, but recently moved but still have us over! They are awesome.

Lör: Happy 28 Year Anniversary Ma and Pops!! We had a little meeting with the YSA representatives and as we were on our way home for lunch, guess who we see! W!! We walked with her back to her apartment talking about everything. She is definitely happier. It was good for us to see her and talk with her. We then made our way to the family history center to help our friend L with his family tree. Actually we were there to support him while the pros took over. We went and taught a new investigator P from Congo who can speak french and Swedish. So dad, if you wanna hit me up with some good french sayings to impress him, that would be much appreciated:) He's very open to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about our message. Super good!

That brings us to dinner with SQ.  So crazy that we all met him in Palmyra last summer and here he is in Sweden. He is a wicked smart genius. He told me his stories when Brady was on his mission and reading peoples body language and pranking new missionaries ha. Needless to say, we laughed and were pretty mind blown the whole time. We took a pic and sent it to Brady who then gave it to mom. That was cool that it happened on their anniversary.

Sön: President and Sister Beckstrand spoke in our sacrament meeting in Swedish, the both of them! That was very impressive, considering it has been 30+ years for President and then just brand new Swedish from sister B. The spirit was so strong - it was great! President K was also there, so that was fun to talk with him again. I heard J went to church in Eskilstuna last week! Then afterwards we had dinner with the Ö family. They are super cool too. The dad started this company that is worldwide, yet he is the most down to earth guy. He loves to be involved with the work. We went back to the church because the Beckstrand's were having a fireside. They are going all over Sweden speaking and getting to know the country.

Well, another week has come and gone. It was hard while I was sick, still am a bit, but I definitely wanna be giving it my all. We were quite low on numbers this week, but want to go hard this next one. I'm excited to apply all that I learned from the conference with Elder T and become truly converted to this work. Be hard as a brick planted into this Gospel. I love this work. I love you all. Have a great week! 
Elder Johnson
So funny thing:  this poster says meaning of life.  We ask people all the time, "What is the meaning of life?"  ABBA.  Haha

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