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Monday, October 20, 2014

Couldn't have said it better.
Hello everyone! Wow, what a great and stressful week! Seriously, lots of good things happened and there was just a lot to do; I'm surprised that my head is still on straight:) Thank you all for the emails, prayers, love and support. It truly helps a lot.

Mån: For Pday we headed up to the YSA center and hung out with a bunch of missionaries. That night H made us dinner -it was so dang good! His sister was also there so we decided to teach her the Restoration. Christ tells us to be childlike -submissive, humble,etc. This sweet girl is the epitome of what Christ was talking about. We asked her to pray, she said she didn't know how to, we taught her, and she held the most sincere sweetest prayers ever. Man, that was powerful! That was fantastic!

Tis: We were finally able to watch the last session of general conference and that was amazing! I loved it all. We had a farewell lunch with some YSAs for Elders L and S leaving (transferring.) We then went about our normal day of teaching, finding and having a good time. We had a great member dinner to celebrate of Elder W's birthday. We had tons and tons of food, and tons and tons of dessert. It hurt to walk afterwards haha. 

Ons: We had to wake up early to get to T-central on time. I was there from 7.30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon helping missionaries as they were transferring and because my new comp was the last one to get in ha. I had lots of fun though seeing tons of missionaries and even the new greenies. We have 3 in our zone! I finally picked up elder L and it was a sweet reunion (he is from my mtc group.) 

On the Ferry
Gotland Island
We immediately came back and taught F. With her it sort of feels like things go in one ear and out the other. But we will work on that. We had to quickly pack up because we were going out to Gotland on exchanges with the Visby elders. Elder L served there awhile ago so it was fun for him. We took a 40 minute train ride south to Nynäshamn and then boarded the ferry that took 3.5 hours to arrive at the island. We didnt get to port until midnight. The elders picked us up and we went straight to bed.

Tors: We took some great pics on the coast and then got to work. I was with elder I on the outskirts while the other two covered the big city. We taught a couple of people and made them investigators. That was super cool. Its always fun going on exchanges with new missionaries because they have so much fire -its a good reboost. We ended the day with a bastu (sauna.)
City of Visby
Not that dangerous, really.
A little too much climbing because.....

...oh, oh- I ripped my pants but good.

Love me them kebabs!
Fre: We got up early to catch the ferry back to the mainland. We made it back time to meet up with our zone. The training was fantastic. We have 9 new people in the zone, and it just feels like a really good refresh. We talked about Prayer, and it was a discussion not us teaching -which was awesome. Everything that we wanted to be talked about was! It was amazing how strong the spirit was there! We also talked about becoming unified as a zone through prayer because President said that if we do not become a more prayerful mission, we are just gonna stay on the same level, never increase. We have already seen a great improvement and excitement with our missionaries. It feels good.

Lör: We taught several great lessons this day. C has been praying but doesn't feel a change, but feels good when he meets with us-so hopefully he makes the connection soon. We met with J and had a great philosophical discussion with him. We also showed him Patterns of Light from Elder Bednar and he loved it. We had dinner with M and as usual it is great! We were supposed to meet with D again, but she bailed ha. 

Sön: Sadly none of our investigators made it to church. We sang (in Swedish) Joseph Smiths First Prayer to the tune of Come thou Fount. Elder L did a little solo -he is super talented. We had dinner with the Ö's again - love them. We had their son who is going on a mission soon- help us teach the first vision and it was super powerful! Loved that! We then finished the day by swinging by to see T.

So, with regards to Prayer with our zone training. We decided to do a week of gratitude prayers. No prayers of asking for anything, just thanks! It's been a bit difficult but lots of fun trying to dig deeper and just thank God for the many wonderful blessings that He has blessed us with. I am grateful for all that He does for me and allowing me the sacred privilege of representing His son here in Sweden. I know this work is true. I know God hears prayers. Let Him hear yours. I love you all. Have a great week!

Love Elder Johnson

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