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Monday, October 13, 2014

Leaves are dropping
Hej hej, Sounds like you all had a great week! Special shoutout to my cousin Jennifer with her homecoming talk. Thanks to all the Johnson family for the love and support they have given me and Jenn. Well, fall is here. The leaves are changing drastically and the mood is a little nostalgic here in Sweden as I ponder upon past years of the fall season. But this week was good. Let me tell you why...

Mån: We did some shopping around Stockholm and ate some kebab, of course. Later we had dinner with the Jonnsons (related? could be, way back). We went on splits to do some tracting. Elder W and I had a great conversation with 20 year old female. It was awesome -hopefully we see her again.

Tis: We swungby a former investigator to show that we still care and are willing to help them out, and to see if they are ready for our message. We then met with our new investigator F. We spent a huge time talking about our Heavenly Father. She has no basic background of who God is- but once someone discovers that truth, things become smooth. So pray that she will be able to discover that relationship.

The sisters and the Tolleys at MLC
Ons: Mission Leadership Council! Wow, that was great! I got to see a lot of familiar faces and be spiritually uplifted. We talked about being a more prayerful mission. I love how the Bible Dictionary says the so-called difficulties of prayer arise when we don't understand the true relationship of God as our Father and we as His children. Prayer is powerful. It shouldnt be just a checklist. It should be well thought out, a spiritual experience every time. We also talked about PUSH -pray until something happens. I'll let you interpret that wherever you will. Sister Beckstrand brought up some health stuff and then spoke about how once you master charity it becomes second nature, and you feel gods love for you as you love His children.

District meeting with Skype
Tors: We had district meeting again with skype (because we have visby (gotland) in our district). We later taught 4 lessons with some good people. G was someone we tracted into earlier so we brought a YSA with us to teach him. He is american and was super open and the spirit was strong. Then out of the blue he said he didnt want to meet again. But after some time we were able to schedule another meeting. To close the night, we taught a new move-in couple from Norway who live just right below us. They have been less active recently but want to come back -its perfect!

Fre: We taught a guy on the street who said "Freak Yeah, I'll take the Book of Mormon" (except he didn't say freak) hahaha that's the spirit:) It was funny. Later on, we met as a district to go out on a Blitz of contacting and informing people about the music fireside we've been planning. We found a long lost less-active who said he'd come! Wow! Cool.

Saying bye to W

Lör: We had a ward party Olympiad of doing games and activities and all sorts of things. We received our transfer calls and though my comp will be leaving, I will be receiving elder L, who is from my MTC group. I am beyond excited right now. It is going to be such a blast. I love this kid!!! Our zone is getting a lot of new people which will mix things up. We met with W and she told us she was moving back home for 8 months. I was sad at first, but this will be the best for her. She was excited to find out that she could keep her Book of Mormon!
Brother G, me, J, Elder M - one year later

Later on, we went to the YSA Center in Stockholm for J G's missionfarewell party -my favorite guy from my first area. He had a lot of his non-member friends there and it was a great opportunity for him to tell them what he is doing for 2 years and have us missionaries there to explain. It was awesome. A lot of them are super interested! 

Nice note with my burger: "Spread some love."
We stopped by Burger King on the way home and the cashier was super sweet and left me a nice message in my burger box:) "spread some love."

Sön: Church went great. Later we set up for our music night. It was titled "Han Lever" or He lives. We had a great turnout. Lots of YSAs, lots of Less Actives and even lots of non members came! It was super. The spirit was so strong, Oh I loved it!!! Lots of songs and testimonies of Christ, and boy was it amazing! I wish you all could have been there.
I couldn't help but just cry and cry during the fireside because I know that My Redeemer Lives. He sacrificed His life for me and for you. He suffered and died, and then rose again. And because He lives, so can we. If we but follow Him. Come unto Christ and partake of His goodness. He is the way the truth and the life. I know He is my savior. It is because of Him that I am where I am today- in Sweden serving a mission to represent Him and invite all of Gods children back to HIm. That means so much. I invite you all to come unto christ. I know He lives. I love Him. I am forever His. I love you all, have a great week

Love Elder Johnson

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