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Monday, October 27, 2014

Gratitude as a Saving Principle

It's getting cold and dark
Dear Fam and friends! First off, Happy Birthday mommy!!! Hope it was a good one!  I also want to congratulate my brother for passing the bar exam!! Nice work! It got pretty dang cold at one point-4 degrees celsius (39) with a wind current that made it feel like -1 degrees celsius!!! Holy cow! It's too early for that, especially since St. George is about 80 degrees in October!! haha, but I love it!

Mån: No sightseeing today. Just laundry, groceries and stuff. I got to jam with my uke for a while, so that felt good. We had dinner with the bishop and his family -the best. He really knows how to have missionary work as the center piece of the ward. I love it. We went to teach F and had a topic to teach but it just wasn't working. Finally, we let the spirit take over and we talked about baptism and that was it! We invited her to be baptized in November and she said yeah!! Amazing!

Tis: We met with this recently activated member who wants to serve a mission. We went to teach him but turns out, he brought a friend who isn't a member and we ended up teaching her! Awesome!! Next we taught M about the purpose of life and she seemed to get it. We totally spaced a member dinner. They called us and said, "Where are you?" We were so confused, but it all worked out. After dinner we sang songs to them as compensation, ha:)

Ons: We did a lot of updating our area book and contacting on the streets. It is a goal of ours to have the area book up to date, and have a constant flow of people to teach and receiving new investigators. We had dinner with the L's and did a role play of them inviting their friends to church. It was fun, simple, and easy, and it worked! 

Tors: We had a great district meeting. Every companionship has gotten a baptismal date within the last week. We are on fire!! We met up with our american friend. He has philosophical tangents about the book of Mormon. And at the end, man this was funny, it was like he was breaking up with us. Hahaha. It was super awkward and totally cliche: "let's all learn from this...it's not you, it's me...I need some time..."etc. Hahaha. Oh well, he said he'll continue to read the book of Mormon. We went to interview our district leader's baptism candidate. He was super ready and super awesome. His first day in church, he told some members he was always gonna come back because it was His church now. 

Fre: We taught M again with a member there this time, and it went great! The member bore a solid testimony of Christ and the Book of Mormon and the spirit was strong. M is moving forward, I think we just need to meet as often as possible.  PS, we had a member dinner 6/7 nights this week ha!

Lör: We taught E for about 2 hours. It is hard with the language barrier and his many questions. But the main thing is whether the book of Mormon is true or not, and how he is going to find that out. L is doing great so we set a new date for him to go to the temple in December!! Awesome! 

Sön: We were able to meet with H before church. We are trying so hard to meet with his mom and sister-please pray that we meet with them! We were a little disappointed because we worked super hard, and had lots of people commit to coming to church but no one came:( That was sad. But we then had a great member dinner and that made us feel better ha. we had quite a few cancels after church too, but its all good.

Last week Elder L and I invited our zone to go throughout the week only saying gratitude prayers, not asking for anything. It was very hard, but very rewarding. It opened up our eyes to see all of the little things that God has given to us. We were inspired from the Liahona Sep 2013 talk called My gratitude prayers. In it, it said Gratitude inspires humility, humility leads to faith, and faith brings miracles. Wow, how powerful is that! We saw many mighty miracles this week from the gratitude prayers. I loved it. I was able to pray in a whole new way and it felt really good. Another great talk is Gratitude as a Saving Principle from James E. Faust in 1990 may. God has given us so much, it is amazing. I love this work. I love Him. Hope you all try this out, and see the miracles that come from this! Love you all,

This pic is for of all my friends serving in the Philippines.
Love Elder Johnson

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