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Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Me and Elder P at the harbor
Finally some snow!
Hello hello everyone, I need to catch up on the last two weeks.

Tis: Exchanges with the Västerhaninge elders. I was with Elder P and we went down to the harbor called Nynäshamn where we did some contacting and tracting. We came back for me to do a baptismal interview for the vendelsö missionarie's investigator. T is a swedish woman who started searching for the truth and found it here and is super ready. Gosh, she is cool! We taught some people on the streets with the He is the Gift and it was lots of fun. Visby elders spent the night with us.

From my MTC group
Sis Becktrand photo bombing
Ons: Christmas Zone Conference!!! The first and last part were very serious with talking about Sharing the Gift and the true meaning of Christmas. But the middle was funny! Each district performed a skit about christmas! Ours took the Charlie Brown Christmas special to a whole new level! It was amazing and so good! Then the departing missionaries -i.e. my trainer and the sisters from my MTC group- bore their testimonies. The spirit was so strong. Just listening to them made me realize how short of a time I really have. Crazy! 

Tors: A regular working hard day.

Fre: I found this talk that I absolutely love called "the 4th Missionary." It talks about the different levels of devoted service and it is incredible. I challenge everyone to look at it, even if you arent a missionary -its so good!!

The sisters who taught C
C's baptism
 Lör: We taught D-and he is doing super good. We 4 missionaries went to the L family to make some goodies for their neighbors and our investigators! it was tons of fun! We then attended both T's baptism in Vendelsö, and C's in Västerhaninge. We finished the day with not one but two members dinners.

Sön: We had 5 investigators in church! Incredible -H's mom came for her first time and loved it! She has lots of friends in church now! We then ate dinner with a family and afterwards went up to the city to watch the Ninni Bautista and family Christmas concert They are famous here and are members and it was fantastic. I got a CD and am going to send it to mom -she signed it for her. It was a good mix of english and swedish songs-I loved it!

Enjoying the festive city
Mån 22: We had 1/2 pday to take care of the necessities after which L and her family showed us around Stockholm and we had fun. We came home to teach a member's friend who is interested in the church. We helped a member move some furniture around and went to another members place for dinner and FHE. The P's. Gosh, they are so great! We played some family games and tried their massage chair out:)

Tis: So worked hard and got some lessons in and lots of contacts trying to show people the He is the Gift and help people remember the meaning of Christmas. It was super solid.

Ons: We played some soccer in the morning and the rest of the day we were with members! We were with 1 family from 2-6 where we watched Kalle Anka (the traditional Donald Duck Christmas show that EVERYONE watches) and played games, and then went to another family to do karaoke! The VH elders spent the night with us and we stayed up late talking and having a real good christmassy time:)

Tors: Christmas day! So good. I made french toast in the morning, complete with Peanut butter that I got for a present!! We got to watch Frozen! -that is so good! I love it!!! It is totally based on the Scandanavian culture! Elsa is sooooooo cute ha:) Then we got to skype home and that seriously was the best gift ever!
I got to meet baby Lia for the first time ever! I loved seeing my family and talking with them. I love em all. They are the best. We then went to our bishop's home for turkey dinner and games. We played a game called Dixit. Its pretty fun.

This is just an hundredth part of what really happened. It seriously has been the greatest christmas. The members have been so sweet to us. I had been stressing about not getting my package from home but then it came just in time. I experienced my first white christmas (with snow) and I got to go to two baptisms this week and that was awesome! I am truly grateful for all that happened. It was absolutely magical. And what's great is that the magic of christmas is Christ's love flowing in all of us. I am grateful for Him. For his birth, for his life, for his death. He is the only way, and I am forever grateful for that. I love Him. I love you all. Keep the season with Christ as the center and all will be wonderful!

With great love -med stor kärlek

Äldste Johnson

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