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Monday, December 1, 2014

Tjena Tjena, It was a weird schedule going 10 days without a pday. Sounds like Thanksgiving was a success back at home. It's not celebrated here, but we pulled some strings and made our own. I am excited though to be there next year for Thanksgiving with the family. I forgot to mention that transfers were last week and I will be staying here in Handen for Christmas!!

Warm Hands=Warm Hearts.  Thanks to the Utah ward who made these for us.
Lör: For pday we hung out with the Assistants and President and Sister Beckstrand in Stockholm looking at some Christmas lights. That was fun! I love them all. Sister B gave all of us missionaries mittens that she had her ward back home knit for us.  What an awesome gift.  

Sön: We taught C early in the morning and invited him to church. He made it to part of church not sacrament meeting, but hey at least he came right! F also came and is doing better and better each time. We had dinner with some members and then went to another dinner with some other members. We were pretty full afterwards. But I love that:)

Mån: We found out at last minute that we would have to take care of a missionary because his companion was going home and he wouldn't be getting his new companion until the next day. We picked him up and said goodbye to the departing missionaries -a lot of leaders and guys I look up to who aren't too much older than me on the mission. Crazy stuff. We then came back to the L family to bake bullar and have family home evening with them. I love them. We had loads of fun baking and I did the object lesson and totally blew everyones mind!!!

Tis: We took our extra missionary to get his companion and then got cancelled on back to back. That was rough. But we did finish the day by teaching F about prayer and scripture study.

Ons: We hosted the Visby elders because they were staying for tomorrows training. One was a greeny -Elder Jones who actually went to Pine View HS. So I took him and had lots of fun talking about mutual friends and whatnot. All 4 of us met with a member who just moved in from Bolivia who speaks English really well. He is our main man in helping us teach our Spanish people. He knows his stuff and is so cool. We had dinner with the O family-the area 70. He's super spiritual but way funny. It was hilarious seeing the greeny fall asleep because of jetlag.:)

Festive sweaters and socks for Thanksgiving
Tors: We had zone training and went over the "He is the Gift" initiative and #sharethegift! EVERYONE check out christmas.mormon.org and get started!!!! It is amazing. It's a worldwide event to help everyone remember the true meaning of christmas!!! It is awesome!! I have never felt the spirit so strong with anything, and it is a testimony to me that the Lord is hastening His work. We then had Thanksgiving lunch with our zone where everyone brought a little bit of food and we used chicken instead of turkey. It was super nice:) We contacted with the Visby Elders until they had to catch the ferry back home.

Fre: Finally alone in our area and able to get our stuff done that we need to ha. We taught M-he is now 6 weeks + without and for sure going to the temple! I'm so excited for him. We had 2 member dinners and with the last we moved some furniture. I cant tell you how many times I have helped people move furniture on my mission, Haha, but I love helping people.

Lör: We walked, talked, tracted, swungby, etc all day long teaching and preaching the good word and teaching several new people along the way. #sharethegift is amazing!!!
Brady skyping with a Cambodian woman in Sweden

Last week the sisters were teaching a Cambodian woman but with the language barrier they couldn't communicate.  I told them that my brother knew Cambodian so they skyped him and he got to talk and help teach this woman.  How crazy is that!  

Some guy asked me to watch his stuff
while he got coffee.
Sön: F brought her son and brother to church. They had to leave early, but it was great having them there. Sunday is always a bit stressful as a missionary. I wonder if I will be able to relax more when I am home haha. We ended the day with another member dinner and had some fun there.

So much happens every week. I love this work. It is amazing. Thanksgiving has caused me to reflect on many things that I am grateful for: all of you, my mission, my family, and more importantly my Savior. He is the reason for the season. He is the greatest gift ever given to us from our Loving Heavenly Father. He is the way, the truth, and the life. I am so humbled to bear his name and testify especially in this time of year about Him. I love you all, have a great week,

Love,  Elder Johnson  #sharethegift

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