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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years!

 Hey everyone! It's a new year! Crazy right???? Well I hope you all had a great New Years party and all that jazz cuz mine was super fun. This week has been slow - the inbetween days of Christmas and New Years is pretty hard to work, but we did get some good things done. Let me tell ya...

Fre 26: Pday. We cleaned up everything from Christmas and then took it easy. For Swedes, the 26th- they call it annan dags jul- another day of Christmas- but it is basically another holiday. We had dinner with the Ö family-I love them! Oh just det, My Mtc group had a conference call to say goodbye to our sisters next week. That is super weird.

Lör: We went out and tried to be as effective as we could be. We had a nice member meal with a family from Skåne-down south-and I love their accent!!!

Sön: We didnt have any investigators in church because they were out of town, but it was kind of nice not to worry about if or when people would come -we could enjoy the Sacrament and really reflect on all that has happened in the week. Plus with the new year it was a good time of reflection. My companion gave a talk about resolutions. It's something we have talked a lot about. For so long I just remember writing a bunch of things I wanted to do in the year -never really making it personal or a SMART goal. And then we realized that we need to do it with Christ. Christ is the one who makes God's goal -immortality and eternal life of man -possible through His atonement. Why can't He make our goals possible. Plus, setting goals that He wants us to so that we can grow in the way He wants is always better than our own ideas. It was a very good talk/discussion. The rest of the day we were with members and contacting people on the streets.

Mån: We went it to the temple to see the big group going home. I gave Sister Kennedy Byrd- a couple of things to drop off at home. Go to her Homecoming next sunday!!! (That's Nikki's friend from high school.) We met up with E -a member, and his new friend C who is interested in the church. It's frustrating because he doesn't talk ever, so we don't know if he understands. But it seemed like it was a good lesson with him. I don't know ha.

Tis: We met up with the Assistants to go on exchanges. I was with Elder M -my father- down in Jordbro. We had a blast together, just like old times. It was a really cool day. We didn't have a lot planned, in fact just a bunch of knocking and swing bys. But we taught some guy at his doorstep and talked with 45 people on the street. We had 2 random people from the street we ended up talking with for an hour each. One, we just offered to help this lady carry her heavy suitcase for her. We dropped her suitcase off at home and then went to the church to show her around. She liked it a lot and we are meeting with her again! The other was another guy who has had a lot of problems in life recently. He took us in and he wanted to know what God wanted him to do now! So we told him to watch a conference talk from a living day prophet! Totally random stuff this day but God was willing to bless us for working hard. We also met with H and he is doing really good. He is thinking about a mission, but for now he is focusing on school!

Ons: New Years EVE!!! We worked hard during the day until we had to stop proselyting at 5pm. We also worked on our personal resolutions for the year and then made our way to the Ö's house. They invited us over for new years! Gosh, they are so awesome. So it was 5 of them and then us 4 missionaries. We played lots of games, told stories, and then watched the fireworks go off! This was the first year in a long long long time where I didnt' run around outside screaming! hahaha I am going to do that next year though for sure:) There were lots of fireworks. It was awesome. We were allowed to stay out that late if we had members who could drive us home -which we did. When I got home, I crashed hard and slept great.

Well, with this new year of 2015, a lot of things are going through my mind right now. I am going to be finishing my mission in 6 months (my release date is June 25) and I am going to begin college. I also found out that I am transferring next week down south to Lund, where I will be whitewashing and training! Lots and lots of things just going on. But, I have never been more excited to take on a new year. Like I said earlier, I have made resolutions and goals with the help of Christ. I have big goals for these last 6 months of my mission -I am going to go all out. It is going to be great:) I remember my farewell talk was Enduring to the End. Well, this is the beginning of the end of my mission. Now is the time. I love it. I looked back on 2014 and saw just how much I have grown. Just how much the mission has changed me for the better. Yet i know there is still time to learn and grow. And I'm excited:) This is it:) I love you all, I love this work. Have a great New Year!

Med stor kärlek

Äldste Johnson

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