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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Don't just Say it, Show it!

Skansen Park
Hej Hej Allihopa! Well, not too many emails came my way -but no surprise because it's Saturday. We had a random pday today. Next week is thanksgiving and also a transfer week -so they moved up the transfer to monday, and pday to saturday -today. I hope you all have had a great week thus far. I have for sure. 

Glass blowing place

Mån: So that was last Pday (yeah we got 2 pdays in one week. But that also means no pday at all next week ha). We met up with the Södertälje Zls and went to Skansen in Stockholm. It is this giant park thing that is super sick!!! We only got to 1/8 of the park -but still it was so cool. We all piled up on this giant dala häst and took some funny videos:) It was a blast!
Let your light shine!


Tis: My comp and I had a little conflict. I learned that sometimes you don't need to talk about differences, just let God work things out for us. And that's what happened because we met a couple of people out on the streets and taught them. It was a super cool thing to witness Gods hand watching over us and helping us. After a member dinner that night we got blåsted, but the member who was gonna come on our teach, invited us over to teach him. That was super nice. Gosh, some members are just the best.

With Elder S- the Swede
Ons: We were on exchanges with the Västerhaninge elders: so I was with Elder S. We talked Swedish the whole time (we usually talk english between ourselves on exchanges but he is a swede, so that helps). We had a great day teaching a lot of new converts and helping them realize the importance of their priesthood and testimony, and to act accordingly. It was really powerful hearing their testimonies. It totally strengthened my own because they keep it simple. It is so much more powerful when we keep things simple and more heartfelt. I love it. We closed off the night with H and we totally were guided by the spirit on that lesson. We came in with one idea to teach but during we just knew we had to focus on something else. And because of that, we were able to really address his needs and help strengthen him.

Tors: We had MLC (leadership conference) and boy was that AMAZING!!!! President Beckstrand has received a directive from Salt Lake that is going to be worldwide during the month of December. With all of the missions and all the members all over, the brethren are launching HE IS THE GIFT initiative. And let me tell you, it is going to be the best thing ever!!! I am so excited. You will see it in the upcoming ensign and get to help participate. It is a huge invitation month to invite people to understand the true meaning of christmas-christ; God's greatest gift to us. There are videos, websites, pass along cards, activities, etc. that is going in to help this out. As well Time Square will show a huge banner of it; Youtube will have one whole day as the starting page with HE IS THE GIFT. Man, this looks incredible!!! I have never been more excited to do anything in all my life-I felt the spirit so strong about this project. It will be amazing. Please join in on it too!!
I found Santa's Reindeer!
It was fun seeing a lot of friends at the MLC. For some people it will be my last time seeing them because they are going home soon. Like the sisters in my MTC group- I probably won't see them again! Weird!!! We then came home and taught someone on the street with the approach of Christ is the gift- and it was amazing!!! Geez, this is going to be so cool!!!!

Fre: We had a really good day here. We attended 2 district meetings -and both about how we can align our will with the Savior's. We watched the latest mormon message about the refiners fire and that was so powerful. Check it out! As well, a question was posed that has rung through my head again and again. Why did I choose to serve a mission? AND Why am I still out here? I have heard these plenty of times before, and have assessed it several times -but it is a great reminder. We then kind of did crazy splits where my comp and another elder taught L while me and someone else contacted like crazy and got a lesson on the street. We talked with a guy from down south -Skåna. It's hilarious. I love the Skånish accent -it is the best haha! We were able to meet with D. Things are looking closer and closer for her. Im excited! We also met with F and had a fantastic lesson on the Word of Wisdom!! She said she wants to follow God so she is willing to give things up. Man, there has been such an apparent change in her -it has been incredible how the spirit has helped her. It is the greatest!!

I am super excited this week for Thanksgiving to express my love for My savior, My God, my family and friends and for everything that I have in my life. My challenge to you all is not only just say what you are grateful for but show how you are grateful by helping those in need. When we show others our love, we are showing our love to God. I like to think of the scripture in Mosiah 2:17 but replace service with love. "When ye love your fellow man, Ye love God."  The gospel is love. I know that to be true with all of my heart. I am so grateful for all of you. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and the opportunity I have to be in this wonderful land serving Him. I love you all, have a great week!

Love Elder Johnson

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