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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning

Dear you people. It's me! Honestly, it is so hard to write emails as I am going to be home soon, so just know that it is taking a lot out of me to write you all;) The weather has been bipolar, but that's pretty normal for the island weather.
Jungfru Rauk - Virgin Rock

Tallest rauk formation in Sweden - 88 feet high
Mån: We went up to Likershamn village to this place called Jungfru Rauk- virgin rock. It is the largets rauk formation in Sweden rising 27 meters high (88 feet!) Cool story with the rock. 

The legend tells about a man named Likajr who placed his daughter, Öllegard, on the top of the rauk and challenged her boyfriend Helge, who was a slave, to climb up and get her. If he did, he would be allowed to marry her. Realizing that the young man was about to accomplish this task, carrying Öllegard on his back down the cliff, Likajr fired an arrow into Helge’s head. Both the boy and the girl crashed into the sea and were never seen again.

I hope I don't run into any dads like this. We had a fun time there and got back to work. We were able to meet with F and start back to basics very simple and easy. We'll see how it goes (though she cancelled on us later on in the week).

Viking slot castle
Tis: We had a surprise visit from President and Sister Beckstrand! They were visiting with some of their kids and grandkids! I'm sad we didn't take any pictures, but we took them to get ice cream, of course, and had a good visit. They were there for just a short time. I love them. They are so great! They were messing with me about how little time I have left haha. We then met up with a guy who has previously investigated the church. Sadly, he is just not ready spiritually to really test things out. He does not believe he will get an answer if he tries right now. Bummer, but at least he said he is going to work on it and hopefully we will hear from him in a few weeks.

Viking slot castle from the side
Ons: We spent a good portion of the day swinging by some old investigators to see if they were ready to start investigating again. Along the way, we taught a couple of street lessons to some cool people. (This week we taught many lessons on the street, but they don't really go anywhere because the people don't want to get an answer. They are satisfied with where they are at.) Reading the Book of Mormon with E is always a highlight of the week, she is blowing us away! t's super fun to see her cruise through it and have the desire to continue reading it again and again. I love her!

Looks real.  My kind of dog, ha.
Tors: We have gone through all the lists and done everything you can imagine but people are not interested. Its both funny and frustrating, but what can you do? Sitting back and complaining about it isn't going to get you anywhere (though at times it seems like the thing to do.) You just got to remember that this is the Lords work and He will fulfill his promises in His time. Just be patient:) Eating Pea soup and Swedish pancakes definitely helps you get back into a good spirit:) The H's are so good to us. We spent the evening with the S's so my companion could practice a song for church. We do spend quite a bit of time with the few members that we have here but I got the impression that it's ok. They absolutely love the  missionaries. They look forward to the time we come by and share some time and a message with them for 2 reasons: 1- most of the members here are older and they don't get to see strong active young adult church members so it helps them feel young again and strengthens them; and 2- because there is a special spirit with the calling that we have as missionaries and we bring that into their homes. The members of this little branch are so valiant.

Gothem Church
Fre: We spent friday in Stånga doing service. Service is great. It really helps you feel good. It's a soul cleanser. We came home and were out and about trying to find some more people and teaching on the streets. Nothing, ha.

Lör: We took a road trip with the Maddens up to Gothem to see the church there -it was beautiful- and to eat lunch at the best Mexican Cantina in all of Sweden!!! It is so good! Plus, we were able to give the owners a copy of the Book of Mormon. Seriously, anybody who comes to Gotland for vacation or whatever, you need to go to this Mexican Cantina!!

Really old Bible
Sön: Today was Swedish Mothers Day (Mors Dag). I dont think I had much time to really reflect about mothers a couple of weeks ago but I had a great personal study looking up scriptural references to some great mothers! One, that I found interesting comes from the Proverbs, 31st chapter - look it up. Just the regular bunch came to church and we had a good worship.
Tight fit!

Well folks, June is here- I come home this month. Some of you may be wondering "Is this the beginning of the End?" and others may be thinking "Is this the end of the beginning?" To answer both questions, I confidently say "yes". Hahaha. Whatever way you want to look at it. Either way, I feel good. I still love working hard every day serving my Master and inviting others to partake of His goodness. I do want to express my extreme appreciation to my mother for all of the things she has done for me; for her goodness, love and service. It may be 20 years down the road, but mom, know that I do love you and appreciate all that you have done for me to be where I am today.

Detta liv är tiden för människor att bereda sig till att möta Gud; ja, detta livs dag är dagen för människor att utföra sitt verk. (alma 34:32) Nu är det dags för oss att bereda att möte vår Gud. Jag vet att evangeliet är sant. Jesus är Kristus. Tack vare hans försoning, kan vi alla återvända till vår himmelske hem. Älskar er
This life is the time for people to prepare to meet God; Yes, this life today is the day for people to do their work. (Alma 34:32 ) I know the gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ . Thanks to His atonement we can all return to our heavenly home. Love you

Äldste Johnson

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