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Monday, June 15, 2015

Agency: Good and Bad

Hey all you wonderful people. I had a fun week. The weather is fantastic. I only wish it doesn't get hotter ha.

The Hs are so great!

Mån: We had a bit of a different pday. We spent most of the day proselyting. We went on a big adventure with the Hs visiting tons of different people doing such things as: singing in rest home for a member, working on getting a musical performance with some people as a way of variying our approach to find new investigators (though I will be gone for that), and eating some fika with some other members. Then we picked up the Västerhaninge elders at midnight for workovers. It was a long day but was rather fun.

Always time for ice cream for visitors

Tis: We got to show the VH elders around visby and went to Högklint. They loved it! We also got some good work done too! We taught about 8 street lessons together! We ate some good ol' kebab and of course the ice cream. It was really good time with these guys and we got a new view on the work here on Gotland. We got a couple of potential investigators (but none have answered since ha. Darn agency). We also got to visit with E for a little while. She loves meeting the new missionaries who come out here for workovers.

Lummelunda Caves
Ons: We took the VH boys to their boat early in the morning and replaced our pday free time to this day. So we actually went up to the Lummelunda caves- it was pretty cool. Though kind of short and expensive. However, there is an adventure hike there that gets you wet and you crawl in the cave. I'll have to do that when I'm not a missionary. We taught S after not meeting with him for about a month and ended up having a really good discussion. He has been taught everything, now it is just up to him to act and find out for himself. He's a really cool guy. We then ended up helping the Hs learn some technology hahaha. That was fun.

Tors: District meeting was on "inviting and helping" vs "inviting and hoping." The example of Peter in Acts 3:1-11 healing the palsy: He doesn't just invite him to stand, but he stretches forth his hand and helps him up. We invite people but we don't leave them helpless. They need help. And we are there for them. It's part of every member's baptismal commitment as well, to look after one another. That was followed by another great pea soup and pancake meal:) We had to re-evaluate our work to make sure have not just slipped into going thru the motions, but things are going in a good direction. The day ended by us teaching this woman at her house who we had stopped by several times but she finally had time for us. She was so awesome and needed the gospel! But apparently not now, darn agency ha. Though, i believe strongly that one day she and her family will find the truth.

Sporting the Harry Potter look.
Fre: Gotland is famous for their medieval festival which is at the beginning of August. However, for the first time ever, they had a special kickoff on friday. It was still cool to see the medeival stuff. They go hard here. I wanted to be a part of the show -it was awesome! Didn't get any pics, sorry. I got a cold and wasn't feeling good but managed to make it through the day. 

Lör: Again, we got double blåsted (darn agency. We meet these awesome people who feel the spirit and want to learn more, but then they tell someone about it and get negative feedback and end up ditching us and don't even tell us. They just don't show up. And to me, that is worse than saying "sorry I'm not interested.") But we spent time with E and that always makes me feel better ha! She is at the end of Alma -so cool! She is just doing wonderful in the gospel.

Sön: Last fast Sunday for me on the mission, so naturally I had to bear my testimony:) It felt super good. We had dinner with the Hs on their porch and it was glorious. Perfect weather, perfect food, perfect company. That's what heaven is going to be like:)

As stated in my title, Agency: Good and Bad. hahah it really is funny. But really though, agency can be the greatest thing in the whole world or it can really be so frustrating and discouraging. For the mission, when people reject feeling the Holy Ghost and blessing their lives, it is so sad! They know it will help them, but they are afraid and won't give it a chance. It's heartbreaking. But for those few, who accept and apply the gospel for themselves, and recognize that it is the greatest blessing in their lives, is undescribable. I guess i have a little bit of taste of what God goes through every day with me...;) It really does change one's perspective.

Jag är tacksam för handlingsfrihet som jag har; att Gud har givit det till mig. Jag är tacksam att jag får använda min handlingsfrihet på ett bra sätt, att tjäna Gud och hjälpa andra komma tillbaka till honom. Det är en stor välsignelse att vara en missionär. Det är otrolig att tiden kommer till slut här på missionsfältet. Men jag är så glad att jag är här i ett par dagar till. Det känns god. Jag vet att allt det här är sant. Gud är vår Fader. Jag ska prisa hans namn för evig.

I am thankful for the agency that I have; God has given it to me. I am grateful that I get to use my agency in a good way, to serve God and help others get back to him. It is a great blessing to be a missionary. It is incredible that the time will soon end here in the mission field. But I'm so glad I'm here for a few more days. It feels good. I know that all this is true. God is our Father. I will praise his name forever. Love you
Äldste Johnson

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  1. Thank you for sharing Brock's missionary experience with me. I have really enjoyed reading about each week's adventures and have especially enjoyed the beautiful pictures. I have watched his testimony grow through trials and disappointments. He has become a great leader and I'm sure that he will find continued success as he approaches the next chapter in his life. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Well done thou good and faithful servant!