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Monday, March 9, 2015

Göteborg and Good things

Wait a minute. Sorry, wrong culture. Hi there everybody! Special shoutout happy bday to my favorite sister-in-law Karli and congrats to cousin Emilee who got a call to serve in Peru! 

Turning torso building.  
Mån: We had an investigator show us around the streets of Malmö. We saw the turning torso- some really cool tall building where rich people live, we visited the Castle museum where there was some cool stuff, and then the Technology museum where there was a lot of interactive games and jazz. 
Technology Museum

On our way back to Lund we taught a guy on the street. We had a good lesson with a sister and committed her to read the Book of Mormon. Our member dinner was far away in an outlier city but they were super great people. We gave them a blessing at the end of our lesson and it felt good to be able to leave them with a great spirit.

Tis: Another great day. We taught a lady on the street about baptisms for the dead! She felt the spirit so strong and she said that it wasn't coincidence that we met! And then she just walked away!!!! WHAT??? haha, she said she'll talk next time we run into her.  Our mission was doing a special 24 hour fast so we just gave our member dinner family a message and went on our way. We hopped on a train and headed to Göteborg! Lots of missionaries=crazy ha! We were going there because of a zone conference/mission tour.

Gotenburg Conference - Brock right in front
Lunch at conferences is always a favorite time.
Ons: All day we were in the Utby chapel in Göteborg. We were privileged to hear from Elder and Sister Donaldson -area 70 from England. He was super cool and awesome. The main focus of the conference was talking about the Holy Ghost and relying on him with our teaches and everything we do in missionary work. He really is the key to success. As a missionary you feel the spirit more-yes, but being more obedient and asking for the spirit and praying for help brings even greater feelings of guidance from the spirit. It was a great conference! The trains were delayed coming home, so we couldn't do any proselyting today.

Tors: Wow, what a remarkable day! We taught some people on the street again and in homes and had some really good meetings. One contact surprised us by reading 7 chapters from the BoM!!! Her whole countenance has changed and she seems happier! Still, we are taking it one step at a time. She even prayed at the end for the first time in a long time!!! We taught N and it wasn't the best teach we've ever had but we closed off strong with solid testimony. 

Fre: We ran into some random people while out in the streets of Lund and had some really great gospel discussions with them. We really implemented a lot of what we learned from zone conference and tried to involve the spirit more by praying many many many times throughout the day. What do you know -we found 4 people who are interested in learning more! It was a great inspired finding day! It concluded with us teaching an old investigator (hadn't been taught for awhile) from Poland. She said she didn't want to be baptized but was willing to pray about it. We assured her that if she had an open mind and heart, God would answer her:)

Lör: We experienced how not to have an inspired finding day. It was weird. I mean, it went OK, but there was just such a difference. Plus my companion was feeling sick, so we ended the day very early. He slept while I did a lot of book work /calling people and eventually only getting 4 hours of sleep due to my insomnia ha. Oh well!

Sön: The weather has changed dramatically and the sun has been out and feels amazing! Well, none of our investigators could come to church for really good reasons. In reality, we had 5 1/2 days of proselyting, but we had the most success ever this week. We worked so hard and it is finally showing. It feels really good. I know I need to stay humble and give credit to God who has really helped us a lot this week and I am grateful.

Jag vet att jag är ingenting. Alla mina framgånger kommer från Gud. Han lever och besvarar våra böner. Jag älskar att vara en Guds tjänare. Jag har välsignats så väldigt mycket här på mission. Jag uppskatar allt som ni gör hemma. Jesus är Kristus. Den Helige Anden bevittnar om sanningen. Det är sant! Tack, älskar er!

Translation: I know I am nothing but for God. He lives and answers our prayers. I love being a servant of God. I have been blessed so much here on my mission. I appreciate all that you do at home. Jesus is the Christ . The Holy Ghost witnesses to the truth. It's true! 

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