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Monday, March 2, 2015

Surprise Trip to Denmark!!!!

I'm such a child!
Remember fart means speed

Herrrrrrro. Thanks everyone for your love, prayers and support. I greatly appreciate it. Welp, we got hit by a nasty cold front but it was a good week. I could see the work take off and go forward. Let me tell ya!

Car trip selfie
Mån: For Pday the district played volleyball at the church. It was loads of fun! It brought me back to the times of my friends and I balling it up ha. Lots of things had to match up perfectly for us to get back into Lund for our appointments (lots of stress there.) We actually had to borrow a car from a memeber. Whew- saved us! We had a super solid FHE with a member family to wrap up the day. I love home evenings with members!!!:) We stayed the night with the other Lund elders because I had to leave early in the morning.

Welcome mat- NOT
Tis: Yup, I had to leave early in the morning to go to Stockholm for a Mission Leadership Training. It was a 5 hour train ride up, and 5 hour train ride back-in the same day!! Haha, at least I had my old comp Elder Smith with me. We talked about the good times in Eskilstuna! The MLT was good. It was my last time seeing a lot of people until June 25. Crazy! We talked about the importance of District Meetings and really being led by the spirit. So, basically what I had talked about at my last district meeting haha. It was super spiritual and I got a lot out of it.

Ons:  We got home super late Tues night with no plans for this day. Ouch. haha, but we worked hard the whole day -didnt really see any results- but felt good about our efforts and the spirit was strong with us the whole day.
Look: Sis Adamson -Stacy's friend

Tors: We had a surprise zone training about ours being a "Practicing Mission." That means that we are going to be practicing lots with our members to get them involved in the work, to work on our Swedish and teaching skills, and get lots of results! It's actually really cool. Im super stoked. I taught a little section about the teaching skill: Ask Inspired Questions. I used the example of the Savior in Matthew 16 when Christ is talking to his apostles about who he was. He asked a general question- they answered, he asked a personal question- they bore testimony. Powerful! We came back to our area and met this really cool girl on the street and talked with her for 30 minutes. Gosh, I love those moments! 

Fre: This day was incredible! It seriously was such a good feeling. We received a surprise lunch from the N's which was super nice. We then taught a less active whose been inactive for awhile, but wants to really try it out and see if it is true. We had a member, and really good friend to her, there with us. The spirit was so strong the whole time. The member shared her similar story of being inactive and finding the way back step by step. Then we bore testimony that we would do anything to help her find the answer she is looking for. It was awesome! Later on the member told us that after we left, her friend told her how much she loved the lesson. That is such a good feeling. Man, I love this work!!! We then met up with a couple who we had met at the grocery store, she is a member he is not. We taught the restoration being totally led by the spirit! I love that! We ended up giving him a baptismal date and he accepted! Gosh that is so cool!!!
Denmark Temple
Lör: We got to go with our ward to the temple in Copenhagen Denmark (Köpenhamn på svenska) because that's the temple district we are in! So I got to go out of my mission boundaries!!!! Hahaha dont worry i got my mission presidents approval! It was super sick going to Copenhagen and doing a session there. It will be my last time going to the temple before I go home. That was sad. But I had such a great time there! 

Afterwards we got to go see the famous original Kristus statue and the twelve apostles in the Church of  our Lady! Man that was incredible!!!!!!!!!! Lots of things had to line up for that to work out. God really blessed us. I am so grateful for that opportunity. It only takes 45 minutes from Lund to get there, so we were able to come back and get right back to work. So sick!
Christ and His Apostles by Bertel Thorvaldsen in Copenhagen Denmark

Sön: We were expecting several people at church but only one came but he loved it! He was hit by a lot of deep doctrine, but it all went smoothly. I translated for 2 straight hours, ha. We had a super delicious member dinner and finished the night by contacting people on the streets.

SO of course going to the temple was amazing in and of itself. But I knew it would be my last time going before I come home, so I made sure to make it special. I made it special by acting as an agent; instead of taking a question to the temple and receiving an answer, I went to the temple to take out a question that I could then study out and find answers through my work. I'm super excited for that and grateful for the opportunity.

Det är min bön att vi alla ta tillfället att åka till templet så ofta som möjligt. Jag är tacksam för templet och alla välsignelser som kommer från det. Jag vet att familjer är eviga och kan beseglas bara i templet. Jag vet att det här verket är sant. Jag vet att Gud lever. och att han älskar. Tack allihoppa! Ha en bra vecka!

Translation: It is my prayer that we all take the opportunity to go to the temple as often as possible . I am thankful for the temple, and all the blessings that come from it. I know that families are eternal and can be sealed only in the temple. I know this work is true . I know that God lives. and that he loves. Thanks allihoppa ! Have a great week!
mvh, Äldste Johnson

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