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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Glad Mors Dag

Every pday we get ice cream!
Bula! that is fijian for hello! (At least that's what my bro said.) First I would like to wish all mothers around the world a very Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for all that you do for your children. It is appreciated so much.

Even in Sweden
Mån: I got me a nice haircut. We were out on the main street when 2 drunk guys stopped us and we sat and talked with them for 30 minutes. We got ourselves some ice cream and went to the email in the library and those 2 guys just showed up hahahaha. We ran into a sign that I know is big in the USA: May the fourth be with you, haha

Cinco de Mayo lunch (w/ mustaches)
Tis: We went over to the M's early in the morning to help them pack up and move. They found a place to stay for the month of May but are still searching for a place for the rest of the summer. It was Cinco De Mayo so we couldn't NOT  make tacos and guacamole!! Mustaches added a nice effect. We taught some people on the streets; been really trying to get some new people to teach.

Ons: We had an awesome contact with a woman J. She was super interested about a message that could strengthen her family. Im super excited to meet with her again and teach her about Gods plan of happiness:) We also met with T and talked about the Family proclamation. It was a great discussion but he trys to find a problem to anything we talk about - kind of frustrating. We did a practice lesson with a less active family. It was very real hearing their concerns come out through the role play of an investigator. Hopefully, good things will come from that.

I love split pea soup now!
Tors: We had our district meeting and had pea soup and swedish pancakes again:) I love that stuff. We got blåsted by a new investigator. Rats. We did some inspired knocking and were able to get a little fired up with this one guy. We invited him to find out for himself and said that he wouldn't be able to say it wasn't true by not trying. He didn't want to do it. We claim that our church is either true or not. Thats it. So if you test it, you will receive an answer that it is true or not. Its no more complicated than that. We did have something cool happen as well. We knocked this door and this high-schooler was actually in the middle of a school project about Mormons, ha. We got to answer a lot of his questions and help him with his project. Hopefully this helps him and that the project brings people to us!

Fre: We have been doing stellar work with teaching street lessons of late. We got some new people who we can meet again in a couple of weeks! We then spent the rest of the day with the H's visiting another one of their friends. It was fun but wasnt really an opportunity to talk about the Gospel because they also had some atheist visitors haha. Talk about awkward:) After dinner with the S's I got to practice singing in preparation for a sacrament meeting. I'm really excited to do this. I have wanted to improve my singing but I've wanted someone to ask me rather than invite myself. Luckily sister S did that.

Last box of Mac Cheese, empty
peanut butter jar in window (hint-hint)
Lör: Transfer calls came and my comp is leaving:(. I don't know much about my new companion but he is fairly new to the mission. I look forward to working hard with him and having a good ending to the mission. We taught several lessons on the street and ended with this girl A and she was ready to listen to us- it was incredible! Im excited to meet with her again!

Sön: I realized in church (none of our investigators came, darn): that my comp and I are the younguns in the branch. We seriously spend our time hanging out with elderly people 24/7. Its not a bad thing. It was just funny to realize that. I think it will be weird when I come home and not be surrounded by older people haha. I love these people here. They are great. Time to skype home! That was a blast! It was super fun to be able to talk with family face to face. I love them lots and I am excited to be with them again in 6 weeks. It feels good to have that last skype done with now so I can just focus these next 6 weeks completely on the work. I'm excited.

As I mentioned earlier, i want to say it again, thank you mothers everywhere. You are the greatest inspiration to mankind. Mothers have such a wonderful role in life in nurturing and raising children to do good and be good. I read Elder Hollands 1997 conference address called "Because she is a Mother". It is amazing. It really highlights how I feel about mothers. You mothers are the best. I love you all!

Jag är super tacksam att jag får vara här i sverige att tjäna min konung. Jag vet med allt mitt hjärta att detta verk är sant. Jag vet att Gud lever. Tack vara hans kärlek kan jag vara en bättra person. Jag älskar honom. Hoppas att ni får ha det så bra! mvh

I'm super grateful that I can be here in Sweden serving my Lord . I know with all my heart that this work is true. I know that God lives. Thanks to his love, I can improve and be a better person. I love him.  Hope you have a great time. Sincerely,
Äldste Johnson

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