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Monday, May 18, 2015

This is where I live.

Well hello! Wowee wow! First, let me just say CONGRATS TO MY BABY SISTER AND HER MISSION CALL TO SAMARA RUSSIA!!!! That is going to be so cool for Stacy! I'm beyond excited! And Happy birthday to my other baby girl- little Lia turned one! Crazy that I haven't seen her in person yet!
Visby Ruins
Mån: Since it was my comps last pday here we did sightseeing and getting things for him. We hit up the ruins in Visby, and that was so sick! Gosh, everyone needs to see that! 

We finally got to meet with F and she definitely knows what we have makes her happier. We also visited with another investigator M who really isnt investigating but he is super cool. Transfer travel is usually on Wednesday so we didn't really look at the fine print of the paper work but luckily elder m rang us at 9 pm to say that my comp was to leave the next morning at 7 am!!!! We ran to the church and got things he needed, came home and spent the night packing! It was about 1am that we got into bed! WHEW!  

Tis: We got up early in the morning and dropped of my comp.
Viking Gravestones
Gothem Kyrka
What does the fox say?
Then I was completely alone for 3 hours in my apartment. That was weird. I kept myself super busy with fixing the place up and updating. Then I went on a road trip with the M's to Gothem and ate at Mexican cantina that was to die for! Seriously, i have missed Mexican food. This stuff was legit! Plus we saw a fox on the way! We then picked up my new companion -Elder L (he is from Iowa and his brother actually served here on Gotland 3 years ago!) and immediately went and helped an old investigator move some things around. We came home after a downpour and let him unpack.

Steve Urkel lives on in Sweden
Ons: Pretty awesome day! We taught E and she was thrilled that she received a calling in church to be the greeter! We then had a 45 minute discussion with a young man on the street. It was incredible! After a lesson with S I had to explained that we can't keep having these long discussions about deep stuff and just argue about it. We are not called to do that. We help others come to Christ and prepare for baptism with the basic doctrines of the church. He was upset -we'll see what happens. THEN...we met with this new investigator J- a riktig (real) Gotlandish person! She is awesome! Elder T and i found her on the street last week and we met her and were just blown away! She was so open and positive and really wanted to see if this was for her. She had some friends who told her not to meet with us, but she wanted to see for herself and she loved it! Gosh, it was amazing how open and willing she is! I love it! 

We don't have what they want.
Tors: We had our skype district meeting with a few new faces. My mtc comp Elder H is my district leader so that is really fun for me! We ate some kebab then went back to work. We had a dinner appointment with a family (minus the dinner part....awkward haha) but I did get to practice my song I'm singing in church.

Fre: Most of the day we were down in a place called Stånga, with some members helping them with many different things. We are still sore from moving furniture and weeding...ha. We got lunch too -always nice. Oh and we taught like 5 people on the streets! WHAT??? we kept running into old investigators and they said they would be willing to meet again ha! Sweet! We got like 5 numbers that day, it was wild!

Let's work out?  OK
Lör: After a couple of blåsts we met with J again and it totally made up for it because.....we got a baptismal date with her!!!! YEAH! We taught the restoration and an hour went by sooooo fast -she was sad to leave! Gosh, it was amazing! Im so excited for her! We also stopped by E's to read from the book of mormon. (Oh just det, Friday, we were walking around the area and she saw us through her window. We waved to her and she waved back and was so happy! That melted my heart!:)

Sön: Sunday I sang a solo in church,  "More Holiness Give Me"-my debut as a solo artist (Im thinking about going global now....hahaha no, but it went better than i thought). After church all the members wanted to talk to me, all at the same time to schedule appointments, all for the same time and same day, and no one was budging. Gee whiz people! Let me breathe! hahaha, it all worked out in the end. We ate some grub with the H's and did some family history work.

Last transfer - work hard, have fun, no looking back!
Well, I officially started my last transfer and I feel really good. My comp and I are working super hard- though i am still so dang tired all the time. That's ok, I'll have time to rest when I'm dead ha;) I'm treating this transfer like any other one before -just work hard and have fun. That's really all there is to it.

Jag älskar att vara här. Det är ett stort privilget att vara en herrens tjänare. Jag älskar honom. Varje dag, känner jag mig att det här evangeliet är sant. Det finns så mycket bevis från den helige anden att jag kan inte förneka det! Gud lever. Vi har en sann guds levande profet idag. Sanningen finns på jorden! Guds verk är underbart.
I love being here. It is a huge privilege to be a servant of the Lord. I love him. I know more each day that this gospel is true. There is so much evidence from the Holy Spirit that I cannot deny it! God lives. We have a true living prophet of God today. Truth is on earth! God's work is wonderful.
Love ya all

Love elder Johnson

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