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Monday, May 4, 2015

What Would Jesus Do?

Hello you wonderful people. Another week gone by without me realizing it. The weather has been terrible haha - just rainy and gloomy, and we had a hard time meeting with our investigators this week, but oh well. Let me tell ya what happened...

Lovin' my suit
Mån: Switch up: we did our 3 hours of proselyting time that we have every P-day then went to do service for the Blombergs (moving.) Later we went looking around and I found a sweet deal on another awesome swedish suit. So of course, I got it:) Now that's it. No more shopping....well, we'll see about that. I gave my comp a haircut. I am getting pretty good at cutting hair. I think I will go into Paul Mitchell hair school when I get back...;)

L-O-V-E "C'mon, you gotta take funny pics with other missionaries."
Me and Elder S
Tis: We tackled another big chunk of service with the B,s for several hours. It is nuts! There is so much to do and so little time!!!! But things will work out:) Anywho, the zone leaders came over on the ferry for a workover. We picked them up and had a blast together. I was with elder S and right off we taught 4 people on the street! It was awesome! It was really good to be with someone who has been out on a mission for a similar amount of time and reflect on how much it has blessed us. We took some funny pics with them -I mean c'mon. You gotta take funny pics with other missionaries. It's in the white handbook...or something. B and S cancelled on us (we never got to meet them this week so their baptism date will be pushed back).

Ons: We dropped off the zls at the ferry early in the morning and headed straight to the B's. This was moving day and there was sooooo much to do! We were there going hard for several hours trying to get everything done in time. Seriously it came down to the last possible second before they had to go and catch the boat. Whew!!!! We were so tired. We could hardly even concentrate later in our lesson with T. Luckily, Elder M (Senior couple) was there and took the lead. We went home and went straight to bed. Tired, no question about it.


After: Burning away winter.
Tors: Valborgs Afton! Now April 30th is a big deal here in Sweden. It is a celebration of literally burning out winter and welcoming in spring and summer. (In olden times this celebration was similar to witch hunting...) We had a normal day then at 5:00 we and the Maddens cooked up some raggmunk (potato pancakes with bacon and lingon berry) and headed over to the celebration. We were right on the sandbank and it was gorgeous! Then the fire went up and.....thats it. Nothing else ha. We went home and went to sleep:)

Fre: We taught another new member lesson with E. Then, guess what happened next! We got to help T move!!!! hahaha man so much moving! His didn't have nearly as much stuff as the B's but it was a lot heavier! I will say I gained some good muscles this week ha.

Lör: Our investigators haven't been available to meet with us so we need new people to find! And trust me, we are going hard every day to find. It will come. We started off on a new "inspired street" finding so hopefully that goes good. We ended the night with Stake Conference - not on the mainland, but by skype. Lots of good talks.

Sön: Stake conference was great! This is my 3rd stake conference in the Stockholm South Stake. I love hearing from President Karlsson -him telling his stories of Eskilstuna and the people that I found there. Gosh. It really just felt good to hear that they are doing so well. I also called some of the people later on and had a good chat with them. We found a new girl while out and about -M. We'll see what happens!

What would Jesus do?  Do it!
The theme of Stake conference was "Vad skulle Jesus Göra", what would Jesus do? The story of Nelson Mandela, being in prison for many years unjustly and then just walking out of that with no hate, no regret, no envy - Absolutely amazing. Someone else said something that made me think this, "To be the best that I can be. I can't do it on my own but with the help of Christ, I can become the best Brock -Elder Johnson- I was meant to be." With Christ's help, all things are possible. But now, I would like to challenge all of you to think about your own life and apply this principle of What would Jesus Do? AND THEN DO IT!!!!!!:) Let us be doers of the law and not hearers only.

Med var ende dag som jag är här, så erkänner jag hur mycket jag älskar min frälsare. Jesus har gjort så mycket så att jag kan få leva. Jag läste i Galatierbrevet 2:20 och den var fantastisk. Mitt liv, det som jag är och kan bli är tack vare Jesu Kristi nåd och barmhärtighet. Jag vet att han lever. Jag vet att jag kan få komma tillbaka till honom. Vad skullle Jesus göra? Älska och tjäna. Jag älskar er. Ha en underbar vecka!

With each day that I’m here I admit how much I love my Savior.  Jesus has done so much so that I may live. I read Galations 2: 20 and it was fantastic. My life, what I am and can become, is thanks to the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. I know I can get back to him. What would Jesus do? Love and serve. I love you guys. Have a wonderful week!

äldste Johnson

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