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Monday, November 3, 2014

All Saints Day

Movember ( mustache November) haha
Well Hello There Allihopa! Thank you for all the love and support you send to me, I truly appreciate it. This week was kind of chilly -it got down to -5 Celsius (23 F) one day, and we actually played soccer that morning ha!

Mån: We had a very awesome pday last week. We did our emailing, and headed to Port 73, where we do our grocery shopping -plus it is a huge shopping center. So we just chilled there. We spent time predicting each other's future- basically setting up a very detailed lengthy description of how we were going to meet our wives. Hahaha it was intense and super funny! We had a member dinner and then finished the day contacting.

Tis: Things are looking really positive with S while F is doing great preparing for a mission. We had a member dinner and we got into some deep doctrine discussions- haha those are always interesting.

Ons: Zone Conference! Wow, that was amazing. It took the whole day! Seriously, we didn't get to see the sun because we got there at 9 am- sun still not all the way up, and ended at 5pm with the sky pitch black. Thats still shocking to me haha. President's focus was on unity. He asked us to think about something that we can sacrifice right now, to give to the Lord, to show Him we want to be more united in this great cause. Sis B talked about warm hands- service brings warm hearts and unites us with the Lord. As well not getting discouraged when we dont see the fruit of our efforts (think Abinadi.) The assistants went over Companionship Study as a way to strengthen comp unity. It was super solid, and we learned lots from everything! I love it!

We later met up with G and D. It was so spiritual. I realize that the simpler you teach and testify of the gospel, the more powerful it is. We also participated in a less-active blitz with Västerhaninges ward. We went on exchanges with them to contact as many less actives as possible. My comp and I went out to Nynäshamn where we actually had a cool thing happen to us. We contacted this guy who seems really positive. We then got some kebab afterwards, even though it was pretty late, ha!

Using "the force" to stop the train
Tors: We did a lot of contacting and tracting and had some funny responses. Gosh, I love people sometimes haha. We later met up with F and S again. Keep in mind, this is in Swedish- she speaks broken Swedish, and G cant speak any Swedish, but I am communicating to them in my broken Spanish. Let's just say this would be absolute chaos if this wasn't the true church of God. And the language of the spirit is a lot more powerful:) We also taught a couple about the importance of the Book of Mormon. Powerful. They are gonna begin to read every day together!

Fre: We met up with a new investigator. And for some reason it was just the most awkward thing in the whole world. It was hilarious how weird it was, but in the end we were able to help him with English. 

Lör: Wow, let me tell you, Saturday was unbelievable!! One of the greatest days of my mission!! We had 5 really powerful lessons during the day and had a blast. We also held a Halloween party-Trunk or Treat- for the 3 wards that attend our church building and had a great turnout. Our investigator and her 2 daughters came and loved it! I was Harry Potter -it helped having the official tie and chocolate wand that mom sent from their trip to Harry Potter World. We were in charge of Pin the Tag on the Missionary! It was a blast. We went all out with it making sure the kids had a good time. 

Our whole zone went out to the nearby graveyard to see and take part of the Swedish holiday All Saints Day. So this is the traditional swedish holiday and not Halloween. This day people go to graveyards to respect and light candles on loved ones graves who have gone before them. It was a really powerful thing for me to see the Spirit of Elijah working in these people without them noticing. I was overcome with the spirit thinking about my own ancestors who have paved the way for me to get to where I am today.
All Saints day at the cemetary

Sön: D came to church and I translated for one of the lessons -it is always a good check on my Swedish to do that. Things are looking great as we go forward into this next week.

So I said earlier about the zone conference, of president asking us to give up something for the Lord. I thought long and hard about it for a couple of days and decided that I want to give up my Pride. I want to stop contending with people when I thing I am right. I want to be able to support others in their decisions, even when I have a different idea. Yes, of course I will still stand up for the truth, but I really just want to be more humble and submissive to the Lord. Every day, and every week I learn so much more of the goodness of God in my life and in the lives of those around. I can testify to you all with absolute clarity that this is the true church of God. This is His work. It feels so amazing to be a part of it. I love it. I love Him. I love you all, have a great week.

Äldste Johnson

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