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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hej Hej,

[I assume this is what he is talking about]
First and foremost, Happy Birthday last Tuesday to my brother Brady. He's not feeling 22 anymore (song reference ha). Anywho, it has been a great week here. It's been pretty cold but I survived. 

Mån: We did a lot of cleaning and bought our groceries and then headed up to Stockholm and met up with Södertälje ZL's to walk around a bit and check out some 2nd hand stores. I found a Zlatan Ibrahimovic Barcelona jersey, so that was a steal!!! 

Tis: Exchanges: I was in Vendelsö with Elder W. We biked through a rain storm the whole day, and that was pretty fun. He is a hard worker and boy was I pretty tired after that -Im used to just walking everywhere. I have learned that there needs to be a good balance of working hard and having fun at the same time. Some missionaries -I used to be like this too- try to separate the 2, but that doesn't work. We taught several lessons on the street. Some people were less than friendly, but hey, you just gotta love everyone right?

Two chefs in the kitchen
Ons: We updated during our open church time. We then went walking around talking to people. We were led to a guy named K. It was such a natural and comfortable setting just walking with him, talking about everything and then leading it all back into the gospel. He wants to meet again. Afterwards, my comp and I were just so amazed at how smooth it all was and how powerful the spirit was in that environment. You don't need to force the message to people, let it flow how and let the spirit work. We thought back to all of the decisions we made leading us to K: if we should turn here at a certain time, be in the area then, etc. It was cool to think that God knew exactly where we would meet up with him. It also made me think that God is constantly preparing people. He trusts us to make our own decisions, and based off of those, we find certain people. Had we chosen a different route to take, Im convinced that we would have also found someone very positive. God is always working in the hearts of people. It is amazing.  We also had baptismal interviews for Hägerstens candidates. They are super ready. I love doing those!

Get this book!
Before I continue I want to tell you about a book you should buy and read.  It is called Surviving Hitler by O. Hakan Palm who is a member here in Sweden. It is a true story about his parents. [Mom's note:  I saw this story on KSL TV awhile back.  The book is sold in Deseret Book stores.]

Tors: District meeting: Unity through prayer with our companions. When we have God and Christ as our center, our companionship will be united. I had many thoughts about unity throughout the week. I obviously used a soccer team for an analogy that every individual is important on the team. Everyone is needed. Everyone has a role to fulfill and help each other win. We met up with the Stake council to go on a visit to Hägersten. I was with President K from Eskilstuna so we had a good time catching up. He is the greatest man ever.

Fre: We attended the other district meeting from our zone to see how things are going with them, and it only built my testimony of unity that much more. I loved it!!! It is so cool how strong the spirit is there when you are searching for it, when you are being an agent as elder Bednar would say. We went to pizza hut afterwards and Elder S ate 16 slices ha! We went to M's right afterwards and she fed us-oh boy! But we had a good chat about things and how we could help her and her daughter. It will come. I know that.

Lör: Great, jam-packed day! We went out as a district to go contacting in Handen, to help the work go forward there. We taught M-who is now 24 days without smoking!!! That is so great! 21 days and you've made a habit, so he is beyond excited right now, and we have a day to go to the temple for his first time! We taught several people on the street who were really cool. Got some TUs out of it. We had a fun member dinner with the T family. 

Sön: We picked up F and walked to church with her!  The ward took care of her. I love this ward so much. One step at a time- ett steg i taget. We did some contacting to finish the night right.

Well, I shared my big insights already, so I would just like to end by saying I love you guys so much. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support you give me. Yesterday was fathers day here in Sweden and it got me thinking how great my father is. And even more so, my Heavenly Father. I am eternally grateful to Him for all that I have and for the opportunity I have to share this message of peace and everlasting happiness with His children. I love you, have a great week, MVH  
Elder Johnson

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