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Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Alla hjärtans dag -all hearts day

P-day in Ystad

Swedish version of England's Stonehenge
Hellooooo everyone!Thanks for the love, support, prayers, love and thoughts. You guys are great! First, to settle the question of what I am doing after my mission, I will tell you this: My mother had an inspiration, and of course -like a good son- I am following her idea and going to BYU to live with my brother Brady for one semester. Then after that, who knows? But now I don't have to worry about it. 
Mån: P-day consisted of going to this place called Ystad -which is about 1 hour outside of Malmö on the southern coast of Sweden. It's hard to get out there and hard to get back which meant we stayed most of the day. However we took lots of great pictures ha. We also took naps, wrote letters, etc. There is an area there called Ale's Stenar -ales stones. Which is the Swedish version of England's Stonehenge, and it was super cool to see.

Tis: A sister in our district is going home. She came in a group after me. That's so weird. It's getting more and more real that I will be going home soon. We met with our investigator who doesn't want to meet us any more. It was sad. It's always a heart-breaker when that happens because I know how much the Gospel will bless his life. But he has his agency. I just hope one day he will accept.

We've been meeting with members and teaching them our lessons so we can practice and they get a feel for missionary work. One family had an inactive daughter join us though she didn't participate at all. But something happened and we focused on her and it was a very spiritual experience. She has been "lost" for a long time and has grown to not believe anymore, but she wants to understand and try to find if it is true again. My comp was telling me it was hard for him to concentrate through it all because his language knowledge is still basic. But I felt, because he really cared about her -just like any other person we meet- that he was giving me strength to perceive what she needed through the spirit. It was a really cool thing to think about. Though he couldn't understand, his good spirit helped me find out what she needed to hear. It was awesome!

Ons: We taught a few more member families and they love it and we love it too! Though sometimes they go on some interesting tangents haha.  Good thing we have lesson outlines:) Later some kids invited themselves into the YSA center and were being really obnoxious so we had to show them out. It was really sad to see that they had 0 respect for our facility.

Tors: All of our plans for the day got cancelled last second. We went out to the farthest place in our area to do some member swingbys and got stuck for some time. Luckily we had O, a YSA, with us and we had lots of fun. Really, the whole day was cancellations, no one answering phones, doors; us on the street ha. It was rough, but we survived:)

Fre: We taught our investigator K who is doing super good. Her young son was very active but we took interest in him and showed we cared -we are besties now, ha, and that makes a big difference in the lives of our investigators. So we'll see how the next opportunity goes. 

Lör: We helped our WML clean his apartment and had lots of fun. Oh yeah, it was Valentines Day or alla hjärtans dag -all hearts day. Nothing too exciting. it was just weird seeing all of the couples...hahah i dont know why ha.

Karate Kid
Sön: Sunday is always the best. It is such a relief to make it to Sunday and just know that you worked hard during the week and the sacrament will help you begin again fresh and clean. We missionaries need it just as badly as anybody else. We make mistakes, but thanks to Christ, we can always begin again. None of our investigators showed up -well lots of them dropped us so it was a trying week, to say the least. We went through our ward list with a member and got lots of good info with that so my outlook is very open and positive for the coming week.

Jag ser mycket fram emot tills den här ankommande veckan. Jag vet att herren pröver vår tro för att testa oss. Jag vet att han kommer att välsigna oss och all de som följa hans bud. Vi har kommit till den 6:e vecka, halv väg, och det känns konstig hur fort tiden går. Men det ruller på! Jag älskar evangeliet och hur mycket det förbättra vår liv. Tack vare Herrens godhet, kommer vi att se massa underverk denna vecka! Jag älskar er! Ha en bra vecka!
mvh, Äldste Johnson

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