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Monday, February 9, 2015

Meet the Missionaries

View from YSA center

Thanks everyone for the updates. (And concerns about school for me ha. No pressure.) Well, thank goodness I have a planner and I write in my journal nightly or else I wouldn't know what to tell you that I did this week. I know I worked hard, but I completely forget what we did, haha. 

Mån: So we took care of all the necessities then met up as a district to play LAZERTAG!!!! hahah that was soooo much fun! I totally dominated whilst there. It was super fun and not too pricy. 

Tis: We went out to Eslöv, with the right train ha, and met up with an investigator K. She had met the missionaries before and then had a death in the family and couldn't meet for awhile. We called her up and she said we could come by. Another close relative had just died, and she said us calling her- not knowing that, had to be a sign. She isn't a part of any church but is a spiritual person. Things are hopeful with her. We got cancelled a couple of times later on and then finished the night with a member dinner who lives really far away. Needless to say, we missed our bus and waited in the cold for a good hour until the next one came hahaha.

Ons: We met with J again and he was upset about stuff. But as we sat and talked with him and explained the BoM and bore testimony, you could see his countenance change and he left in a much better spirit than he came in with. We met one positive potential. He accepted the soft baptismal commitment but wanted to wait 2 weeks before we met again. Rats.
Zone Training
Tors: We had Specialized Zone Training where president and sister Beckstrand, along with the Assistants and zone leaders gave an awesome course. We went over the practicality of missionary work. That's what I've wanted forever! It will help all missionaries be on the same page. We went over apartments, missionary conduct, area books, planners, whiteboards, teaching records, progress records, weekly planning and so much great stuff!
MTC buddy, Elder Cushing
We have already implemented a lot of what we have learned and feel super great about it. One surprise is that we were able to watch "Meet the Mormons" as well!!! Gosh, that was so good! I cried like the whole time. I love how the work is going forward in unique ways to help others hear our glad message.

Fre: We did a ton of painting!!! We helped this member tape, paint, wait, paint, eat, paint, wait, and paint some more! It was lots of fun! Just saying for future purposes, you can hire me. I'm efficient. We did get out and work as well.

Lör: Just det, President Beckstrand got rid of our open church times. It just wasn't being used effectively. We met with a member who invited her friend to meet us but he friend didn't show, so we taught the member. She really needed a spiritual lifting and we were glad that we could be there with her. The spirit was super strong testifying to us that we were in the right place at the right time. It was an amazing manifestation from the spirit.

Elder Mangum, my pops, is going home
Sön: N unfortunately couldn't make it to church, though she still is making progress! Lots of people decided to drop us but I guess that just opens us up to find new people to teach. This week was slow but we are implementing new techniques and looking forward to see good results this week.

I've decided that from here on out I want to close my emails by bearing my testimony in Swedish. If you want me to translate it afterwards, I can. But this first one, Im just gonna leave it how it is.

Familj, vänner, vem som helst, jag vill att ni vet och förstår just hur viktigt min mission menar till mig. Jag har ändrats som en person, en medlem, en jesu kristi följare. Jag är otroligt tacksam för det. Jag vet att Gud lever. Jag vet att Kristus är min frälsare. Och jag vet att de användade Joseph Smith för att återställe sin kyrka här på jorden. Allt det här är sant. Jag ber er att pröva Guds godhet, för att jag vet han kommer att svara era böner. Tack.
Ha det så gött denna vecka. Älska er

Äldste Johnson

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