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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Born of Goodly Parents

For my cousins 
For my uncle 

Heyyyyo! Thanks for all of the love and support. Love you all. Let me tell you that it's been one of "those" weeks. haha. We had lots of cancellations but what can you do? Plus the weather was bad all week...Who cares though, right? Not I.
Oresundsbro Bridge connects Denmark to Sweden
Mån: We went out to see the giant bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark together! It is called the Öresundsbro and it was amazing! Though, the weather was awful, we still had a fun time there. 

In a car for first (and only) time?
Tis: We had 3 blåsts this day. It was sad but we will try to get them later. We did get to teach one person and kind of out of the blue we semi set up a baptismal date! We were going to finalize it on Sunday but she was sick and couldn't make it. Rats! We spent the day with our zone leader because he was without a companion for 24 hours so we got to do some work with him and his car! Yess!!!! That was nice to actually have a car! Ha, I think I am going to go my whole mission without it. I guess it is a tender mercy of the Lord because I wanted to stay in shape the whole mission. So kudos there:) (oh btw, we are 2 weeks into the Insanity workout program)

Ons: We said goodbye to the missionaries transferring and going home, one of which was Elder Mangum, my pops. We used the car the whole day, only to get blåsted a few more times. That was a high adventure day!

Found this cool building
Tors: Well, I am now the new district leader here and I am so stoked! I absolutely love teaching/training -especially the gospel! We talked about practical matters like daily and nightly planning. I also tied in "knightly" planning and it worked really well! We then met with an American. I got a glimpse of how the stateside mission is: people from very religious backgrounds who arent afraid of discussing ha! I loved it. But too bad, he didn't want to read the BoM but we got him to pray and we will call him in a couple of weeks. We also had a dinner with a part member family (food was great) but then missed our next appointment because of train delays.  Luckily the sisters visited her for us.

Fre: We spent some time practicing a song we sang in sacrament meeting -Lead Kindly Light- my favorite hymn ever! Then we spent the rest of the day tracting and trying to find new people to teach. My comp and I had a deep discussion about how right now feels like a very dark and hard time -we are working so hard and not seeing anything. But something good will come of it. I know it!

Lör: We helped a member's nonmember friend clean his barn! We had tons of fun there -i feel like i should have grown up with a barn! It was awesome!

Sön: No investigators came so it was a church day where I could really do some deep thinking. I have lots of notes about the Atonement -too long to share here. Then we had a member dinner with an awesome single mom. She works super hard and she loves her kids. Its cool to see that though her circumstances are the best, she makes the most of it and they are happy. I love it.

The Priesthood lesson we had in church was fantastic. It was about Elder Callister's conference talk last October about Parenting. The talk begins with the story of Gifted Hands about Ben Carson. Thats an amazing story. But the focus was that of the mother. She was determined to teach her children the right way. Our teacher asked us if we had thought about just how much our parents have done for us. Sadly to say, i have not expressed it enough just how much my parents mean to me.

Tack så hemskt mycket, mamma och pappa. Ni är de bästa föräldrarna som nånsin finns! Jag älskar hur mycket ni har lärt mig om evangeliet och vår himmelske faders plan. Tack vare er, vet jag så väldigt mycket om kärlek och hur jag kan älskar andra. Jag vet att kyrkan är sann. Jag vet att ni vet det också. Tack för allt! Jag älskar er!!

Translation: Thank you so much , Mom and Dad . You guys are the best parents that ever was ! I love how much you have learned about the gospel and our Heavenly Father's plan. Thanks to you , I know so much about love and how to love others. I know the Church is true . I know that you know it too. Thanks for everything ! I love you !!

Hope you all have a great week!
Love elder Johnson

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