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Monday, February 2, 2015

Again and Again

Home Sweet Home in Malmo

I sleep on top in the nest.
Hi everyone! Thanks for all the updates and jazz. I love hearing from you guys. I thought I'd show you some pics of our apartment here in Malmö.

Mån: I gave myself and my companion a haircut. Let me just say I am pretty good at that now. We hung out with the Malmö missionaries and we walked in the rain for about 40 minutes trying to find this one place but never found it haha. P-days go by so fast these days.

Tis: Our district leader loves to do object lessons and they are super good every time. I wish I was creative... At the end he gave us this challenge, "How will you show your faith this week?" That was pretty powerful for me because I have been fasting and praying to know what to do to help the work go forward in this area. I received an answer that night as I prayed -staying in Lund until 9 pm no matter what. Yeah it takes a long time to get home from there and we will probably be late, but I know we will be blessed for it. It was a cool revelation. Later in the day we helped some members load and unload wood.

The Lund missionaries
Ons: We had a fantastic day. Busy the whole time - one lesson to another, and it felt so great! We had 2 new investigators and 3 member presents that day. We then did a swingby to a less active and he was super positive! He has been wanting to come back to church for a while but just never knew how to go about it. He even told us that if we would have tried a couple of months ago he wouldn't have had time. Inspiration! He wants to come back and is willing to do whatever it takes. He would like his girlfriend to get involved but she isn't religious...yet! Our night ended with a talent show at our church. Lots of non-members came so that was super good.

Tors: I seriously have a testimony that if area books are up to date and that you have a whiteboard to see who you got to work with, things will pick up! We went to visit the town of Eslöv and got on the right train ha (remember last week we had some train issues.) We met some cool people along the way. We talked to this guy who used to be super atheist but then somehow found God and wants to give back to Him what he has been given. You could feel his sincerity. He knows that he can continue to receive knowledge and strengthen his testimony. We gave him a book of Mormon and he took it gladly! Gosh, those kind of contacts are the best and really boost your spirits!

Fre: We had lunch with a recently activated member. She asked us to fast with her for her husband to be willing to listen to us (we did that, so hopefully it works!) We then met up with N to go over the baptismal interview questions and she aced them! It was so cool! There is one thing she has to take care of but her determination and attitude is there! It was truly a remarkable feeling to be apart of that.

More Harry Potter evidence: Hedwig
Lör: We had a meeting with the YSA couple then went back out to Eslöv to finish our swingbys and set up return appointments. Ha, I love how much we do that:) We also found a new guy-S who was super cool. We gave him a BoM and hope to visit him again.

Sön: We taught a lesson to a member's friend and invited her to pray at the end -she did it. It was nice. For some reason though, in church I could not concentrate and especially translating haha. It was bad. But sacrament meeting is always so good. I love being able to feel the spirit during that meeting and know that I can begin again fresh. We did swingbys to finish the night and only got lost once this time:)

Well, I wish there was something big and grand that I could say right now but there isn't. It's just another week in the midst of the greatest work ever!!! Ha, that IS big and grand! I often find myself thinking how amazing it is to be a member of the true church of God. Do we take it for granted? We have a living day prophet! The heavens are not sealed. Though I am basically doing the same things every day as a missionary -again and again- still I am so grateful and blown away at how much I have learned and grown from this. I love this work. I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Johnson
My comp could be this guy's son, haha

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