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Monday, April 20, 2015

Everything will work out.

Heyo! Things are good this week! Or maybe it is my attitude -I dont know. Thanks everyone for the love and support and updates and prayers. It really is appreciated. 

St. George's Church 13th Century
Mån: We headed off to go do some exploring. There are so many things to explore here on Gotland! We went to the place called Galgberget -which means the Gallows! It was a ruin from a thousand years ago full of dead peoples bones! Crazy! Then we did some climbing around and taking some funny pictures. We finished the day by talking to some cool people on the street.

Tis: Sister Madden taught us a bit about indexing for Family History. It was hard at first, but I think I got the hang of it...maybe. We were able to visit some less active members. They are super nice and good people who don't have the desire to come back...yet. Agency -gotta respect it. We then visited two people and set a baptismal date with both of them! It is a goal for them and we are all excited for that! Man its so cool-we have 3 dates now! Pray that they happen.

Ons: We taught E the a new member lesson, going a little deeper by explaining simply (kind of interesting, eh?). We are really focusing on teaching for understanding by asking lots of questions with our people and having them teach us back. E is super solid. We taught our other guy about the sacrament. We take the sacrament (outward expression) to show our love and appreciation for the Savior (inner commitment). We showed the bible video of the Last supper. Boy, those things are great ways to invite the spirit. Hopefully it affected him. We drove out a long ways to have a member meal with the S's. They are great people.

Tors: Thursday afternoon routine now is eating lunch with the Herreys: pea soup and swedish pancakes:) They invited their friend and we had a good discussion and invited her to fully investigate and be baptized if she found out this was true. We then were able to visit with another investigator. He is on a spiritual journey to find truth, yet he is restricted because of the organization he is currently in. He is super nice and awesome. We know if he would just give this a full try his questions would be resolved.

Fre: We were walking around the wall of the city and started talking to a German woman. She gave us some great insight to the meaning of life and finding joy in the small unselfish moments -as well as talking to us about parenting. It made me super excited for that. She really wanted to meet and talk with us but she doesnt live here. We did our best guiding her to be able to get in contact with missionaries in Germany. Hopefully she will. She was awesome- just a great spirit about her! We had another new member lesson with E. I have taught the lessons many times and have come up with some great visual aids with the lessons and she really enjoyed the one we did this time. She is such an angel. She makes these little sticker cards that are super cute, so I wanted to buy some. I had 50 krowns and they cost 10 a piece. So i picked out 3 and asked her if I could get some change, and she said nope, and that I have to take 2 more and just give her the 50!!! hahaha that was so funny! My companion was dying! :)

Lör: Well, we finally got to teach F this week (she's been sick) and we had an awesome discussion about Alma 32 and the topic of Faith is Enough. The parable of the seed has come to be one of my favorite things to explain and teach. 4 things happen when we begin to exercise our faith and test something. Verse 28 will tell you. Then if you continue, you see that the seed will only grow if we nourish it. Just because it was a good seed, it doesnt mean that it will survive if you ignore it. You need to water it, take care of it, and help it along the way-just as you would with your own testimony until it begins to sprout and blossom and grow into a tree. I told her that my testimony isnt a full grown tree- I still have much room for growth and improvement and that I still need to nourish my seed. She seemed to catch onto that concept and realized she needs to be more diligent and more thorough in her investigating.

Sön: One investigator came to church but the other two people pulled a no show. Dont know why. This branch is giving me the opportunity to work on my singing- something I really want. We sang in church and I will be doing a solo sometime later. Cool stuff. We had a little fika/party for the B family as they are moving soon. The Maddens (missionary couple) made their famous pulled pork sandwiches - yum. The rest of the day was trying to contact previous investigators and having some great discussions along the way. Its awesome how deep my companion and I get into the talks we have. Its pretty awesome!

"Everything is going to work out."
Well, I kind of had a moment Saturday night where I could sense and feel some problems in the work and frustrations of people arise here and there, and some uneasiness (the Maddens are losing their apartment soon so they may be moved or take our place and we would then be moved), lots of stuff, etc. But I just felt so comforted that everything is going to work out. God knows whats going on and He is going to help us out -in His way and His timing. I thought of the sons of Mosiah just putting all of their faith in the Lord and leaving everything behind to serve Him. I feel like one of them. This is the single greatest work of all mankind! This is eternal life! All we have to do is follow the commandments and do our best every day. Everything is going to be ok when we put God first.

Jag vet att detta är sant. Gud älskar oss. Han känner oss personliga. Han vill oss väl. Hans verk är fullkomligt. Hans son är fullkomlig. Lita på dem. De kommer att välsigna oss. Det kan jag lova er. Älskar er. Ha en bra vecka

I know this is true. God loves us. He knows us personally. He wishes us well. His work is perfect. His son is perfect. Trust them. They will bless us. I can promise you. Love you. Have a nice week.
MVH, Äldste Johnson

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