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Monday, April 27, 2015

All is Well

Cool rauk (rock) formations
Old Viking Cemetery
Greetings lifeforms! It's me, your favorite ____ (fill in your response)!:) Love hearing from all of you! Thanks for everything. Things have been pretty sunshiny and great this week! Let me tell ya...

"Hi Mom"

Mån: We decided to go on an adventure early in the morning. So we drove up to this huge viking graveyard forest place! it was pretty awesome! We then drove a little further to explore some cool Rauk (Swedish for "rock") formations. Then we walked along a gusty beach! Hi mom!:)

T A C K  ("Thanks")
Just trying to balance on a stone, haha
Tis: We picked up the District leader and his companion who came over for exchanges and went to this place called Högklint. (I was there last November when I came here on exchanges.) It was super fun with those guys. I got kind of artsy and we made a cool picture -tack (thanks) with our bodies! We then ate some grub and went out and talked to tons of people. My comp went with the Elder J and taught our two investigators -it went really good. Elder P and I had the car and did lots of swingbys. He is in the group before me (he goes home in a few weeks) so we had some great deep conversations about the mission and the "afterlife" haha.

Ons: I made us all waffles with some heavenly syrup! Man that was fantastic! (I dont know what it is, but baking and cooking are so much fun for me. It is a great stress reliever and just super great!) Anywho, we did lots of service with the B family. They are moving next week and need help -so great to have us missionaries there! Though we hardly made a dent into the cleaning ha. Later while the other two taught our lovely E, we taught G. She has been a little different lately. I am reminded of President Uchtdorf when he said " those who sit and wait until the church -or gospel- does something for them end up finding nothing. You gotta be anxiously engaged in helping and searching in order to get what you are looking for." We took the boys to the boat and said farewell and the headed off to teach S and had a great discussion about the scripture Mosiah 3:19 (put off the natural man and become a saint by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.) It was super solid. I always come away from our meetings with him super inspired.

"Yoohoo, Family?!" (think Frozen)
Tors: We spent most of the day with the H's! And we had a blast! We drove down with them to a place called Hemse to visit with their friends who they have been working on for years. They are super nice, just not to particularly interested in the gospel...yet. We'll see what happens. We then went to see an old investigator with them and had some good laughs. They are wonderful people and just die-hard missionaries 24/7. It is super good. At the family's house, I saw a quote that I loved! "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you." hahhah, awesome!

Fre: We have finally tackled the area book and have a good pattern we are following. We are getting to go by lots of people and also find many along the way. We seriously average teaching someone on the street to and from appointments several times a day. That's pretty nice. Not a lot will want to go further, but its getting closer and closer. We got to teach B and S and they expressed that they want to talk with their family back in Africa (I guess there is some distress going on there so the communication is pretty hard.) They are all on board for getting baptized and they basically taught us about tithing and fasting! I love it!

Lör: More service at the B's place in preparation for their big move. It was tons of fun, but very tiring ha. It is very hard to find projects to do service on in Sweden so this is one we can take care of. We did a lot of finding/tracting during the evening time. We are determined to find a family.

Sön: Church was super solid. No investigators came -darn. But it was still really good. The Bs participated in most of the program for their last Sunday. It was super spiritual and emotional. They have done so much for this branch in the time they have been here. They are all so gifted and talented too -its amazing. But the greatest thing is how connected they are as a family. It is truly inspiring. I want to be like Brother B. Not because he knows many languages fluently, not because he is amazing at singing and playing the piano, but because of the man of God he is. You can just feel it when you are in his presence. Yes, there is a ton of stress going on with the move and he could choose to be sour about it, but he's not. He does what he can and puts the rest into the Lord's hands. I want to be that. Truly amazing. We also participated in a special fast for the Maddens (missionary couple)-to see if they should move, and because sister m suffered a great fall and is badly bruised all over. We did lots of finding work and we are getting closer and closer to our family!!!!! I can sense it! Just keep going though:)

The song Come Come Ye Saints seems to truly ring out in my head this week. There may be things all around that are trying to tear at us, beat us, or make us give up. But we need not fear. All is well. All is well. Having the Bs move takes a huge chunk of our branch, but no worries. it will be ok. All is well. We just do what we can and leave the rest to the Lord. He will not fail us.

Jag är så glad att jag få vara här som missionär. Det är otroligt hur mycket jag forfarande lära mig varje dag. Jag älskar Herren. Jag älskar min mission. Jag ärligt är hur glad som helst! Han lever. Det är Hans verk! Detta är sant! Hoppas ni får ha en bra vecka! Älskar er

I'm so glad I get to be here as a missionary. It is unbelievable how much learn every day. I love the Lord. I love my mission. It honestly helps us be happy! He lives. It is His work ! This is true! Hope you have a great week! Love you,
Äldste Johnson

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