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Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter and Conference!

Some local Easter festivities in the park
Hey you people! Things are gött here! Thanks for all of the love and updates and such. Happy Easter to one and all. Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful bonus weekend of conference and Easter to really remember our savior Jesus Christ. I’m in a new setting here in Gotland, it will be my last area of my mission.

Mån: (Still in Lund) Long day. I hate packing. It is so stressful. I cannot wait to dump a lot of stuff I have collected throughout my mission, ha. We went bowling with some YSAs and it was a blast! (125 -not bad, 2nd place.) We got ice cream, had FHE and just had a really good time.

Tis: Sad to have to say my final goodbyes to everyone. It is always so weird and so hard, because what do I say? "See you in...heaven...i guess" haha .  But it was heartbreaking. . The YSAs were so sick, they took us out to dinner and made us some cool gifts. R even got me a special present from work, it was so awesome. I love these people so much. I said goodbye to M last week and then B today. They are special people. I cant wait until they are married in the temple together.

On the Ferry - Off to Gotland Island
Ons: Basically all day was traveling. I took a train from Lund to Stockholm from 9.30 to 1.30. Then a train to Nynäshamn. and then a 3 hour boat. I had a pleasant conversation with my neighbor on the boat, though she wasnt interested. It was a miracle i got there all in one piece with all of my stuff. I am so glad that that was my last time moving before I go home. I pulled into Gotland at 8 pm to meet my new companion Elder T. The Maddens -sr couple were also there and helped us home.
New companion, Elder Treat
Tors: Unpacked and went right to work. I served as ZL over this area 6 months ago so i know a little bit about this island. We have a small branch which I see as a great opportunity and challenge. I’m still not sure why President and God decided that I needed to finish my mission here, but it doesn’t matter. There is a reason, and I have the opportunity to discover that!:) Not too many people on the island but my comp and I are ready to get things rolling. We really see eye to eye on a lot of things and just have a blast together. It is only the two of us on the island so its a good thing we like each other! We got to teach a mother and daughter from Ethiopia.

Fre: The elders before me had a baptism last week so we got to meet this wonderful sister- E. She has difficulty walking around, but visiting with her was amazing. It really hit me that Christ didn’t spend much time with the rich and the well dressed and well off, He spent his time with the sick and afflicted and those who were humble. E is such a person. Though her Gotlandish (Swedish dialect on Gotland) is hard to understand ha. She is awesome. F is another investigator we got to teach. She is a very thorough and studious investigator reading everything the church has to offer. We will help her to rely a little bit more on faith rather than on fact and knowledge. We were able to have the spirit really strong with her and set a baptismal date to work for in June! Wow, that was incredible!
Our little church meeting place

Lör: We are determined to find, teach, baptize and strengthen a family into the church -this branch is in need of one- So we are doing all we can to bring that to pass. The Maddens are super great- we are with them quite a bit. He is the branch president and they love teaching on lessons. We watched a part of conference with them and had a good barbecue pork sandwich dinner:)

Brady singing at Priesthood session

Sön: General Conference! SO awesome! I got to see my studly brother Brady as he sung in the choir during priesthood! We confirmed E at the church as we gathered to watch conference.
Cold day on the bikes
but we found someone to teach!
We had some in-between time so we went finding -in the cold windy rain, brr. We were on our bikes and both were impressed to stop and talk to this guy. Turns out he had investigated not too long ago and got into some anti stuff and stopped. He was really sincere as he said he needed to find himself and God again. We showed him an Easter message video and the spirit was strong. He 
isn't ready now, but I know we were led to him for a reason. Anyway, we also finished conference with the Maddens again. I have not yet seen the Sunday Afternoon session, but I look forward to that.

I cannot begin to express how much I loved conference. I came with 4 very specific questions and it seemed like every talk answered all 4 of them every time! It is incredible! I love the inspiration and the preparedness our leaders bring to conference. I love being able to feel the spirit so strong, especially when President Monson addresses us. There were so many great messages, so instead of writing you the things I liked, I would invite you to tell me what things you liked:) I flipped it on you, heh. It’s weird that this was my last conference on the mission. That is crazy. Next conference I will be home, hopefully at the conference center. I will quote one thing, "Nothing is impossible with God".

Jag vet att Kristus lever. Han uppstod från de döda. Han finns alltid. Han har betalt priset för oss. Han ber oss att lita på honom och använda försoningen. Allt görs bättre tack vare kristi försoning. Jag vet att hans kärlek är oändlig. Han lever. Idag. För evigt. Alltid. älskar er

Translation: I know that Christ lives. He rose from the dead. He is always there . He has paid the price for us. He asks us to trust him and use the Atonement. Everything is made better through the atonement of Christ. I know that His love is infinite . He lives. Today. For good. All The Time.

love you
Äldste Johnson

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