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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello hello everyone! It seems like yesterday, or maybe thursday that I wrote to you last! Oh, it was. Not a lot has happened, so I'll talk to you next week...haha not! Just kidding, it was a great couple of days here, let me tell ya about it...

Might bring this one-piecer home 
Tors: New Years Day. We took it pretty easy on this pday. We jammed out on the uke and guitar, did our emailing and chilled at the shopping centers until it was time to begin again. We taught some really cool people on the street -one family who believes in John the Baptist and a couple from Sri Lanka. Gosh, Im meeting all kinds of people from all over the world. I love it!

Fre: This was a good day. We did our regular stuff and actually got blåsted/cancelled several times throughout the day with some really positive people. That was pretty frustrating, but we didn't let that keep us down. We went out hard and ended up finding new people to teach. We got a visit in with F, who was busy over the holidays so that was good. We got the transfer phone call this night. I am for sure going down to Lund to whitewash and train. I'm stoked! However the Handen 2 area is dissolving into our area, so we got to merge a lot of things. It has been a bit stressful doing all that but so far so good.

M helped us out a ton on lessons
Lör: This day was absolutely incredible! Gosh, it was good. We taught D and out of the blue he said he was thinking about being baptized in March! That was so cool! The spirit was strong and was so amazing! That feels really good after working with him for so long. We met with a new investigator seems positive. We spent the next couple of hours with Sister B at the YSA center in Stockholm while President interviewed our zone. We had to make sure that all went smoothly. Sister B is absolutely hilarious. It was a good bonding session with her and so much fun. My interview with President was incredible. I gained a personal conviction that he is inspired. I had a similar experience last year with President Newell. He gave me great comfort and peace. I had a wake up call realizing that it is less than 6 months until I go home. I need to go hard now! It was super good. I loved it so much, I just wish I could have visited with him longer.

L is the man!
We came home and had 3 more lessons that were amazing. One street lesson. One member dinner with M who just went through the temple for her endowment for the first time and had a great discussion with her. Then we had a member come out with us on a teach to help translate spanish. The people blåsted us so the member just went hard contacting people on the street and calling her spanish friends who lived in the area. We got in with one and had a great spiritual experience!!! It was awesome!

Love, love, love the L family
Goodbye Stockholm- I'm going to Lund
Sön: We had our regular correlation meeting and ward council. Church was awesome. F had lots of YSAs take over with her so that was great. Then L and her daughter came and had a good time. I bore my testimony thanking the ward for how great they are, thanking my comp and thanking my savior. This ward is incredible and I will miss them sincerely. After dinner we went back out and did some swingbys and contacts. We had a good discussion of what we have done together these last 12 weeks and it has been remarkable!

I love Handen. I love what the future has in store for me. 2015 is going to be great. I would challenge you all to look on lds.org the mormon message called Look Not Behind Thee. It is powerful. Look forward to this year and have fun! I love this work, I love you all. Have a great week!  Love Elder Johnson

First apartment in Stockholm 16 months ago

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