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Monday, January 19, 2015

My new greenie companion Elder L
His first kebob!

Tjaba! I truly appreciate all of the love, support and prayers that are sent my way and across the world. I love you guys. We had a good, bad, then good week. Let me tell ya...

Mån: Pday is always good. After emailing at the YSA center in Lund we had a big lunch with the A family. They love to talk and gave us some real good advice. We then came back to Malmö where we did our laundry and grocery shopping and stuff.

Tis:  We have been doing a lot of research and studying up on our area as we are whitewashing and we are trying to figure things out. Its good and all to stay in and get all caught up on the area, but I want to be out talking to people and helping them come closer to Christ. Though when we did get out in our area it seemed like we were just walking around with our heads cut off ha.

Got caught in a 10 min snow storm
Ons: We had appointments and right when we got into Lund it started to rain outside. No big deal, this happens every day in Skåne. But from the time we stepped off of the bus to the time we reached the apartment -10 minutes -we got slaughtered by a huge snow storm that ended right when we got inside hahaha. It was hilarious.

We met with an old investigator and realized why he was an old investigator and not a progressing one, ha. Then we went to the center to teach another man.  He has had a really rough upbringing. He was introduced to the church by a friend, and he has come to church off and on for the past year and a half. He has read the book of Mormon once and is halfway through his second time. He reads every day because he knows how much better he feels when he does so. Now we are trying to help him see that that is because God is telling him it's true. And if that's true then you should be baptized, etc. Well, he could use some help. Please pray for him. The rest of the day we did exactly what we did the day before -run around the streets with our heads cut off. Whitewashing is a little frustrating, to say the least.

Tors: We had zone training and it was fun to see a lot of friends. I realized that I am one of the oldest missionaries in the mission and I dont really know many of the newer missionaries. It was weird. But it was good to get super pumped again about making goals and giving it your all. We then finished the day by teaching a man. He's ...interesting, but hey aren't we all? I wreaked of smoke coming out of his house, but he was really cool and said he'd be baptized if he knew our message was true.

A cool building here.
Fre: We had lunch with the senior missionaries here and had some amazing guacamole. Gee whiz, I want to know how to make good guac! We felt inspired to call the district leader to ask for some help with our area. He he felt inspired to suggest a place for us to go right then. So we did. And we ended up teaching some girls about the Plan of Salvation! We didnt get their number -too bad, but it was a very tender mercy of the Lord.

Lör: We finally put our heads together and have a general idea of the work here. I just got to say, missionaries who dont keep the area book up to date are really hurting the work. KEEP IT UP TO DATE!!!! Sorry. It needed to be said. We started on our journey and have had success with going around to different people. We were planning on meeting our investigator N with the bishop that night. Somehow our train did not want to stop in the right place. We ended up a lot farther away and out of our area. Sadly we had to cancel and then head home late haha. Gosh, it was crazy.

Mission family pic: dad, 2 sons, and 2 grandsons
Sön: Well, two investigators came to church and that was super cool! I did the translation from Swedish to English for those who needed it. I was surprised at how well my it went. And then again, I realize how much English I have lost ha. Like for example, praying in english is probably the hardest thing for me to do now. It's so weird. Anywho, us 6 missionaries decided to make our own lunch -biscuits and gravy and it was super delicious. I have grown to like a lot more food whilst being out on the mission. We finished the night going by members and investigators and getting feedback -not always positive stuff, but feedback nonetheless.

So, I decided to fast yesterday. I was really needing some guidance and inspiration. I also studied up on Fasting as my study topic and found some cool things. It is probably the easiest commandment we can keep that emits blessings immediately. But I remember in sacrament meeting, someone was talking about patience. And it hit me so hard. I have all of these really high goals for myself for finishing out my mission. I want to see them accomplished and work hard and see results now. Sadly, that's not how it works. It's all in the Lords timing and what He wants me to do with my time. It was very humbling for sure, but I am grateful for that. I have a strong testimony that His ways are higher than our ways. What He has planned out for me will be for my best interest. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have to serve Him who has made me whole. It truly is an honor to bear the name of Christ on my heart. I love you all, have a great week!

Med stor kärlek

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